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  1. "The Ironman champ and Beast of the East runner-up is one of the top juniors in the country. He is 34th on the Class of 2019 big board, one of eight from Ohio.."
  2. I feel the same way about CBUS. There is a lot to do with a huge variety of eats, from authentic 'all American' to vegan. Diverse culturally, with great arts, music, bar scenes and easily navigable. But to be fair, folks aren't coming to CBUS or the Twin Cities for holiday or vacation getaways, so there really isn't any reason for folks not to be ignorant about those locations. Although if I knew anything I'd be rich.
  3. I've seen people on here call, 'Title IX'...'Title XI.' We should be careful with the Roman numerals.
  4. Cut Bob some slack. He can't spell, 'pineapple' either.
  5. 1.) "Fencing is a NCAA sanctioned sport." 2.) Title XI doesn't exist? Strike two. :)
  6. Why is it hard to believe that these cats might just be tired?
  7. There can't be an answer to your question.
  8. Don't ask me. I'm not certain like you are. Is it common opponents? Tournament results?
  9. It is what it is? Remember the times when the US didn't win the Pan Am's?
  10. Agreed. But four minutes on the mat and a championship is still impressive.
  11. Agreed on the competition, but you can only wrestle who is there and you still have to get the results. DT Named Outstanding Wrestler.
  12. Four or so minutes on the mat. Total!
  13. FinalsRodriguez for a 10-0 tech.Colon first period tech.
  14. Maybe they're just tired? Imagine how much wrestling they've done in their short lives.
  15. "USA men's freestyle team went 22-0 this session, outscoring its opponents, 183-22."
  16. Thanks for the updates Gio. Is there a link to view?
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