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  1. Blame Ragu. He started this. Bajrang puts it on JO
  2. If Yianni gets taken down...his knee may not survive Bajrang turns from the top. Asian Games Then there's this? Budapest World Championships
  3. She was 'something.' If she's finished, She'll be missed. Helen beat, 'the legend.'
  4. I believe the, "concussion stuff" was pretty serious. Even if she never wrestles again, she was great for USA wrestling and she was great for Women's wrestling.
  5. Who, "two months ago" thought Moore would beat Nickal? Anyone? " he is even money with a world champ" "Are you on dope?"
  6. Understood. For some reason I just thought NATO would wrestle unless he wasn't able/fit?
  7. It's not always important to, "correct" people, but sometimes it's necessary.
  8. Wonder if NATO was/got hurt regarding Gilman? He forfeited his last two matched I believe?
  9. I'm certainly happy he's at tOSU. Now to get Malik on a, " Cowboy bulk job." LOL
  10. You mean that post wasn't about the basketball team?
  11. No idea if this is still current and don't feel much like researching any more than I have. http://ivyserver.princeton.edu/ivy/compliance/5thyear/index5thyear.php
  12. All I see is, not allowed a standard redshirt.
  13. I have to disagree with this. Sarcasm and a perfectly "pointed", point.
  14. "The Ironman champ and Beast of the East runner-up is one of the top juniors in the country. He is 34th on the Class of 2019 big board, one of eight from Ohio.."
  15. I feel the same way about CBUS. There is a lot to do with a huge variety of eats, from authentic 'all American' to vegan. Diverse culturally, with great arts, music, bar scenes and easily navigable. But to be fair, folks aren't coming to CBUS or the Twin Cities for holiday or vacation getaways, so there really isn't any reason for folks not to be ignorant about those locations. Although if I knew anything I'd be rich.
  16. I've seen people on here call, 'Title IX'...'Title XI.' We should be careful with the Roman numerals.
  17. Cut Bob some slack. He can't spell, 'pineapple' either.
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