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  1. Tier three doesn't get to move up just because tier two is empty. It's a void... : )
  2. I would really love to see Malik AA next season. Although, If 33 is an option then that whole class of killer can RS. @nhs67,Just looked at the other thread, I see this has already been bantered about.
  3. Ryan didn't ask me what I thought, but OSU isn't top three next season and I still believe Bouzakis wrestles.
  4. @ShakaAloha Check. Got it.
  5. Just a bad memory and a slow watch...
  6. I believe it's acknowledged the same way many contact sports are, wrestling included. It happens and folks are aware of it. I'm not stirring the pot here, just not sure what there is to say?
  7. I was under the impression that many folks here weren't in favor of some other entity regulating what they do or don't do with their bodies?
  8. Two more hours to separate the wheat from the chaff...
  9. Isn't there, 'paperwork' to be finalized?
  10. There's not much comparison.
  11. He's been in the portal for some weeks...
  12. He was twice undefeated champ. I just forgot to take one out.
  13. You have to use the undefeated National champion. C'mon Vak...
  14. If they were an undefeated national champ in different weights you can use them twice.
  15. If Cael beats 97 Nickal you don't think he beats 84 Nickal?
  16. Everyone so far takes Robles. I was most curious about that one and Askren / Ruth. I've got Askren over Ruth in the final.
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