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  1. TFBJR, +1 That's some funny stuff, in a very sad way. Any other time two 'books' in section 130 would be like *GOLD*
  2. 9) The acne guy. This guy is covered in acne from his forehead to his waist and has a 4 o'clock shadow because he can't shave the minefield which is his face. (Similar to, 'The walking skin infection.') All colors and sizes of acne. You never wanted to tie up with this guy. You had nightmares about going, forehead to forehead with him. Sometimes he would go shirtless and you didn't want to be laying your ear or your chin on his back in the top/bottom position. *Shivers just remembering.*
  3. The kid didn't want a hug? What's the problem? I do agree though. "Bigger problems in the world" indeed.
  4. I just want to see Darmstadt wrestle again.
  5. You could see the ref count one and I counted a solid two?
  6. +1 I laughed way more than I should have at that.
  7. No one planning on wrestling that tourney must not have had the luxury either?
  8. Demas was scouted the whole second half of the season? He wasn't an unknown going into the NCAA Tourney.
  9. It's the way of the world now. Folks are looking for a reason to be offended.
  10. Oh that's the reason? I was reporting what Stoll said. I'm familiar with the actual outcome. LOL.
  11. "I believe he was dismissed from Iowa after a DUI and eluding police." You believe you knew this nugget, but didn't know Stoll shot himself? Come on...
  12. If only he shot himself in the leg he would have been okay.
  13. Same here. He's fun to watch, a solid wrestler and a local CBUS kid.
  14. He should have just ripped off his clothes.
  15. Or perhaps wrestlers of all ages could just be taught the correct way to 'tighten' up the straps?
  16. I, 'misspoke'. Apologies. It's Colins club. 'CP Wrestling Club'.
  17. He has a 'training club' here in CBUS. It's Colin's club. My bad.
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