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  1. 4 Olympic Medals (2-Gold, 1-Silver, 1-Bronze) 9 World Championship Medals (3-Gold, 3-Silver, 3-Bronze) 4 Pan-American Medals (3-Gold, 1-Silver) 12 World Cup Medals (7-Gold, 5-Silver) NCAA title (2 Runner-Up finishes)
  2. In Romero's case he was a three sport star athlete that only wrestled 'in-season.' Four months and done. No freestyle. No Summer wrestling. No early-season tournaments. He didn't become a full time wrestler until he went to OSU. I don't see it, but I hear ya and when they start, I hope they all AA.
  3. I think that post was regarding Kevon Davenport? It's possible I, "bashed" : ) but I do understand the frustration. Moore comes to mind as someone who got, "coached up." But I hear what you're saying. I hope Rocky gets to wrestle and AA's somewhere. He's been a fine Buckeye. OSU finishes for the last five years. Here's where I get bashed... 2022 - 13th 2021 - 9th 2020 - no tournament, OSU ranked 6th in final poll. Top 3 projected finish.(by me) 2019 - 2nd 2018 - 2nd 2017 - 2nd
  4. Rocky Jordan 3x D-II Ohio state champion, 4x finalist. 80-0 record his Junior and Senior HS seasons. HS record, 174-8. Iron Man champion.
  5. Just looking at the rankings of the finalist, I would say that it's still a pretty good tourney. 106: #2 Beric Jordan (Graham) over #7 Nate Desmond (Bethlehem Catholic) (SV-1 6-4) 113: #8 Marcus Blaze (Perrysburg) over #2 Luke Lilledahl (Wyoming Seminary) (TB-1 3-2) 120: #2 Mark-Anthony McGowan (Blair Academy) over #8 Ben Davino (St. Charles East) (Dec 5-2) 126: #5 Vincent Robinson (Homewood-Flossmoor ) over #4 Kannon Webster (Washington Community) (Dec 5-3) 132: #2 Nasir Bailey (Rich Township) over #10 Mac Church (Waynesburg Central) (Fall 6:28) 138: #8 Tyler Kasak (Bethlehem Catholic) over #4 PJ Duke (Minisink Valley) 4-1 (Inj. 4:00) 144: LaDarion Lockett (Stillwater) over Kyle Dutton (Liberty) (Dec 6-4) 150: #4 Daniel Cardenas (Pomona) over #5 Richard Fedalen (McDonogh School) (MD 10-1) 157: #7 Angelo Ferrari (Stillwater) over #17 Logan Ours (Beaver Local) (TB-1 6-5) 165: #3 Rocco Welsh (Waynesburg Central) over Lorenzo Norman (Blair Academy) (Dec 1-0) 175: #11 Brody Conley (Tiffin Columbian) over #5 James Rowley (Crescent Valley) (Dec 4-2) 190: #1 Dylan Fishback (Aurora) over #4 Rylan Rogers (Coeur D'Alene) (Dec 3-1) 215: #2 TJ Stewart (Blair Academy) over #9 Logan Shephard (Massillon Perry) (Dec 7-3) 285: #1 Nicholas Feldman (Malvern Prep) over #6 Kolby Franklin (Wyoming Seminary) (MD 15-6)
  6. We did a few of those in the early eighties. Always a blast. I still have my pin collection from those years. I can remember trying to trade Levi's for those badass baby blue Adidas wrestling shoes. It didn't occur to me at the time that grown men couldn't wear a twelve yr old's Levi's. LOL. The Levi's were a hot commodity though. Good memory @fadzaev2.
  7. If DeSanto can get in nine times, so is Lee and he finishes more than half of whatever number I make up.
  8. Agreed. That's makes it, 'super speculation.'
  9. That depends on Katie. Sometimes it factors sometimes it don't...
  10. It's a bit pick and choose. Docks KS for not focusing on College because he was two World and an Olympic title? Then docks CS for not focusing on International? LOL...
  11. Suriano, Desanto and Steveson?
  12. He's just a knucklehead. That doesn't make me root against him though.
  13. You're right and I don't disagree with anything you mentioned. I shouldn't have even commented. Bad take.
  14. Not sure why he's considered news honestly? Minus the highlight reels above...
  15. Nothing new here. I've posted as have others, more than once.
  16. The fact that we are so, "outraged" when it does happen leads me to believe that it doesn't happen that often. We all know the, 'big' ones that didn't get called though...
  17. Of course I noticed it MSU. Wasn't the point of me not mentioning it and then posting what I did fall right in line with what you posted... C'mon Brother! I'm with ya here.
  18. I ENJOY that you LOOK for an ARGUMENT even when there ISN'T one... Regards, Mphillips
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