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  1. Is this a post because someone said, 'f@#k?' I know it's slow around here but christ this is a non story.
  2. Let's not go over board. It's always dead this time of year.
  3. One of Funky Askren's kids.
  4. Hasn't updated and the match went off with about 1:30 left. Even when I tried to rewind...POOF it's gone.
  5. I believe people even scoffed at your conservative time per match...
  6. I thought him and Feldman sit until the final.
  7. Young seems to be handling him...
  8. Not positive. He did wrestle seniors...
  9. Sure... but he's no Benji Peak.
  10. Involved with that singlet five times through three matches...
  11. The way you described this, coupled with my dating history.... Traumatized Please DO NOT elaborate any further.
  12. Interesting that there isn't EMS on site...
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