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  1. I understand and track was terrible then too. I put a smiley face thingy at the end of my comment. Doesn't that mean anything... : )
  2. Only five steps. Couldn't be any easier... :) ps - Track is the last place I go. Never have been a fan.
  3. How do you compare last season to this season when it's not completed? Explain that please...
  4. Labriola and Massa are both good wrestlers. I'm more disappointed in his loss to Whitlake last NCAA than any loss this year. We knew this was going to be another, "trying" season for the Buckeyes. Hopefully we have some surprises come tourney time...
  5. Yes. He's also up a weight and still a 'low end' AA. What were you looking for from him?
  6. If they aren't mainstream teams that get posted, I just go to the their websites. That's simple enough.
  7. Looks like majority rule. (surprises me in this crowd). With that said, there are some posters we should look at banning or at the least quarantining for ten days at a time.
  8. I hear ya. But if they went in for an broken ankle or a chest pains and ended up being admitted then tested positive for COVID , that's different than if they went in because they were feeling horrible and ended being admitted because of COVID. Maybe we're saying like things in a different way...
  9. LOL. Similiar here. We had a small, block practice room with a bigger shower room attached with ten shower heads that had the hottest water in the county. We could turn the entire place into a steam room. Did I mention the mold...
  10. Covelli is a beauty venue. No question about it. St. John Arena was antiquated, but it was glorious.
  11. From the comments and translations offered from folks on the Iran thread, it doesn't say what we think it says. I have no idea about the accuracy, but I seem to trust the guys that said it.
  12. The un-vaccinated can participate. I posted a few of France's mandates/requirements on the other thread. It's also on the UWW/Deglane site.
  13. 4-0 against Bo. Three in the same season. One of those you mentioned.
  14. Would the situations changing be the reasoning behind changing what was said a year prior?
  15. Not interested in an argument. If, a "bunch" is incorrect than so is, "no one."
  16. Isn't that the scientific method that folks bellyache about? Not being argumentative or ironic. ;)
  17. Agreed. There are a bunch of dummies who insist it's a conspiracy and not only that, but that it is a global conspiracy to boot...
  18. I suggested, 'Lone Star' awhile back but was corrected that he wasn't from Texas, which I would imagine everyone who follows wrestling would probably know...but alas, here we are. LOL. The Rifle Man will work. How about, 'Agent Orange.'
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