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  1. Thanks. I'm in CBUS as well. I'll look for him.
  2. We are thrilled to add Broderick Harris (2003-2014) and his family to our program as honorary members of this historic recruiting class. Broderick was an intelligent young man with a passion for wrestling and a drive for excellence #GoBucks
  3. Thur. Nov. 11th Chadron State at Nebraska 7:00 PM BTN+ Nebraska-Kearney at Nebraska 8:00 PM BTN+ Missouri at North Dakota State 8:00 PM Check NDSU website Fri. Nov. 12th Pittsburgh at Buffalo 7:00 PM ESPN+ Virginia at Maryland 7:00 PM BTN+
  4. He doesn't need anyone. Call him, 'Lone Star.'
  5. Didn't work out great last time. Lets Go Bucks!
  6. I thought TR had Jesus on, 'lockdown?'
  7. Wasn't the question answered by the person who asked it in the first post?
  8. "The rich get rich, the poor get children."
  9. So you expected more then? To be fair, neither were especially impressive...
  10. Purdue's HWT, Michael Woulfe
  11. It doesn't even look, "comfortable" on paper...
  12. St. Paris Graham isn't a private or parochial school. The other school is St. Edward and neither of them wrestle at, 'states.' We've learned to live with it.
  13. Cannon loses 10-0 in the 1st. I thought he looked good in the tourney overall.
  14. Cannon will wrestle for a bronze.
  15. When you look at Ben...intimidation doesn't come to mind.
  16. You believe that in life too or just wrestling?
  17. Mostly Ohio guys, Buckeyes and Bobcats. Wimer DII Champ(Findlay)with a nice win over Odom from Ill. Kevon Freeman loses. Ech gets a 4-1 over C. Brooks. D'Emilio loses to OU(OK variety) 5-4 RT. Reeves loses to Cheloni(NIU) 6-4. Alec Hagan OU(OH variety) with a TF. Hepner wins 4-0 with over two minutes of RT. Wimer loses 5-4. Wilcox loses to Lovett. Yinger 15-4over Isbrandt with over four and a half minutes RT. Schierl gets a fall. Bentancourt wins 3-2 in Frosh/soph division. Flerage loses 6-4 frosh/soph div. Freeman loses MFF. Liardi loses 4-0 frosh/soph div Stein wins 2-1 over Wilton MSU Gonzales wins 4-2 frosh/soph div.
  18. 74 Robb loses 6-4 in last 10 seconds. 61 Cannon wins 9-5.
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