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  1. This position is fine because it was against DeSanto. If this had happened to Lee, it would have been news...
  2. @Fletcher Is Taco Bastard the illegitimate son of Mrs. Bell?
  3. Agreed. Maybe Navy as well...
  4. A person can be daft. An idea can be daft. Not sure if a place can be daft? But the effort wasn't...
  5. I think I was in last year. Does that make me the champ...
  6. Just found out that Yianni is going to Deglane Jan. 20th.
  7. @1032004Well that answers my question from a couple days ago, so thank you.
  8. I want to believe you're being funny, but I'm having reservations...
  9. Someone on here told me Nickal was from Colorado...
  10. My friends in Texas didn't even know they had wrestling. :D
  11. I saw another poster who couldn't EDIT their post either...
  12. I have it on good authority that folks come here for arguments and drama.
  13. Folks hate that part for some reason.. You may be finished with COVID but it may not be finished with you.
  14. What did all those liability waivers protect you from?
  15. He's done. Ben is one of my favorite wrestlers. Good kid.
  16. This post took longer than I thought.
  17. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/25397
  18. I always enjoyed their sports page...
  19. “You cannot say ‘no’ to the people you love, not often. That’s the secret. And then when you do, it has to sound like a ‘yes’. Or you have to make them say ‘no.’ You have to take time and trouble.”
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