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  1. 74 Robb wins 10-0. 86 Wilson wins 7-0. 61 Cannon wins 10-0. 65 Realbuto (Ita) is eliminated. 79 Marsh is eliminated. Wilson loses 7-4. Bonacorrsi loses 12-6. Cassioppi gets the fall after being up 13-8 in the closing seconds.
  2. Do you mean the story from yesterday about the suspensions?
  3. I'm pretty sure they have and this is where we are...
  4. I'd say we have a couple more months...
  5. @ionel, Right on time. "Get On It."
  6. I thought Suriano was going to CBUS...
  7. You didn't even mention the ad. +1
  8. I searched him on Rokfin. The most recent Bassett reference is from four days ago... Willie may talked about it on matscouts, but I haven't listened.
  9. I have no idea. Just a thought...
  10. Time after time. Year after year.
  11. Sasso would be a senior in 23. If the 22 class redshirts, Sasso would get 23 with the 22 RS class. All in for the win!
  12. I see it, this way. Kharch Smith Romero Jordan Orndorff
  13. Is this necessary every year?
  14. and I think he beats Sammy
  15. I don't think it's like that. Romero is injured from what I've heard/read, which is why there wasn't a wrestle off. I believe Smith is the guy at 74, even if Romero can beat him. I think Romero can wrestle at 84 and that Rocky can wrestle at 97 and is better than Hoffman. What do I know? I still think Suriano shows up and wrestles 33...
  16. DO NOT tell the guys on the Iran thread!
  17. Someone suggested shirting the 22 recruits and Paddy and bring them back for Sasso's Sr. year...
  18. 57kg- Pat Glory (Princeton) 61kg- Chris Cannon (Northwestern) 65kg- Dom Demas (Oklahoma) 70kg- Brock Mauller (Missouri) 74kg- Peyton Robb (Nebraska) 79kg- Jake Marsh (Princeton) 86kg- Myles Wilson (Iowa) 92kg- Nino Bonaccorsi (Pitt) 97kg- Jay Aiello (Virginia) 125kg- Tony Cassioppi (Iowa)
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