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  1. Do think that's an upset?
  2. Foie Gras? Perhaps he's being force fed and can't make weight...
  3. I though they said that VT would be the eighth match of the tri?
  4. Hence why folks use the term, 'pitch count.'
  5. I don't believe we'll ever see him again. Injuries have followed him. Not sure who else to put in there...Ben Smith maybe CSU
  6. Wrestle offs don't mean a whole lot in CBUS. D'Emilio has wrestled 17 matches this season. Reeves has wrestled 17 matches at 49(mostly opens) I'm pretty certain Decatur had a surgery of some sort.
  7. "No Guts, No Glory."
  8. Of course. More top end scorers for sure. Up and down season for Lehigh. Loss to Campbell, Hammered PITT, seven pt loss to PSU, beats Cornell.
  9. I understand that, but there was still over a minute left I believe. Couldn't there have been a pin by the kid that was down 14 in the time that was left? Was it a mistake or is that a rule that I'm not aware of?
  10. It was mentioned a couple of times on the broadcast that Hoffman weighed in at 198. I still believe Jordan will be the 97 and Orndorff at HVY. Decatur has only wrestled one match this season. D'Emilio has 41 locked down and Decatur isn't making 33.
  11. Good list. I tried to fill in where I could... 125 Dylan Shawver Rutgers 133 Lucas Byrd # 6 Illinois 141 Matt Kazimir #14 Columbia / Alan Hart Mizz 149 Tariq Wilson #3 NC St/ Bryce Andonian #6 Va Tech 157 David Carr #1 Iowa St 165 Alex Marinelli #1 Iowa/Carson Kharchla #7 Ohio St 174 Andrew McNally # 17 Wisconsin 184 Kaleb Romero #7 Ohio St 197 Ben Darmstadt. INJ. 285 Gary Traub #10 Oregon St / Matt Stencil CMU
  12. I don't disagree. The funny part of this, is that you're bothered by it. The girl, not Cassar.
  13. Maybe the Brother believed it, but I don't believe the wrestler believed it.
  14. Take it easy, I can share him...
  15. I already thought we went back months? Had to be a mistake didn't it? Strange that the coaches let it happen if so. If not, it's a strange rule.
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