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  1. No. Karch, Smith, Romero, Jordan, Orndorff is their best lineup. Jordan can't make 74.
  2. I believe it was always going to be Kharch, Smith, Romero, Jordan, Orndorff. Romero>Jordan>Hoffman.
  3. I thought that must be something new or I've just never seen it happen. Smith had eleven TD's... I believe this will be the beginning of Jordan at 97.
  4. Real nice win for Lehigh. Let's go Buckeyes!
  5. Hildebrandt did look good, but the Maryland kid is 0-9 and has only scored 14 pts. Maryland is woeful...
  6. You still get that here...
  7. PSU/Maryland and Indiana/Rutgers now on BTN+.
  8. Snyder is one of the most beloved freestyle wrestlers in the world. I would bet the farm that more people outside the US would watch this if they are able.
  9. Six f u c k ing paragraphs BAC about some people's opinions on wrestlers. WTF...
  10. He didn't. Not last night when someone else posted or today...
  11. It's like we don't exist in the same world as these people...
  12. Deglane is coming up Jan 20. Yariguin Jan. 26. Pellicone first week of Feb.
  13. Sure because US has a big Freestyle following...
  14. Can you just pull that microfiche tape out and maybe get a pic with your 110 automatic, then run it down to 1hr film developer. You're gonna need AKHUNTERS address and a stamp so you can mail him the negative. I would hope that would be enough confirmation.
  15. What's the outlook for two months from now...
  16. I feel like this has been discussed... ; - )
  17. Earned bachelor's degree in labor and employment relations from Rutgers in 2021.
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