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  1. Bwahahahahaha... How long have you been holding onto this gem?
  2. I would say it went in a direction all believed were a possibility. I'm not sure it snuck up on anyone...
  3. Mphillips


    He's the, 'pro-Akren.'
  4. Agreed. I've seen more wrestling because of FLO. The streams have improved, but those first couple years were frustrating. Part of the masterplan...
  5. Edmond Ruth makes commitment to the Illini.
  6. I think he's looked better every time I've seen him wrestle, but he looks small.
  7. The most impressive statement in the entire post...
  8. "The plan" isn't beholden to anyone. It didn't work and now it moves in another direction. It requires no ones approval or objection. Nor does it require your understanding.
  9. You could have shortened this to just, "Man drama."
  10. Transfers to Iowa. :- )
  11. Christian Pyles may have just pulled a Michael Corleone and had all of his main rivals knocked off in one fell swoop...
  12. That would explain the sunglasses during the broadcast'.
  13. I get it hammer. But this cat knows. I'm asking because I'm curious what he knows.
  14. I get the acl knowledge you posses from personal experience, but what is it that you, "know"?
  15. "They" being Iowa/Brands told Spencer Lee to, " do it right and get both fixed or just go"? That's how you believe the situation was/is being handled?
  16. Where does it look like that?
  17. FR last year but it didn't count so FR again this year. No?
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