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  1. A study recommended WCU add wrestling. A member of their Board of Governors (or whatever) is a wrestling person. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/September/09/Will-Western-Carolina-add-mens-and-womens-wrestling Then there's the North Carolina Promise program. $500/semester for in-state tuition goes a lot further than $7500 at App State. Also App State isn't fully funded for scholarships. So
  2. Stanford is the most successful college athletics program in the country, winning 25 consecutive NACDA Directors' Cups. Yeah, they can win in wrestling too.
  3. There is talk about Western Carolina University adding wrestling.
  4. At least we still have the Doobie Brothers.
  5. There aren't many places someone can move to DC, FROM and claim they are moving to a lower cost of living area. Palo Alto is one of them!
  6. Similar academic profile? Not even close. Then factor in the high cost at AU and the much smaller endowment. If AU actually has 9.9 then they have been horribly underperforming. Because of their endowment, scholarships at Stanford aren't a big consideration when they can provide full scholarships to families making less than about $120.000/year if the student-athlete can meet their admission standards. Sort of like Cornell's saying that 9.9 scholarships are for suckers.
  7. https://www.news-gazette.com/sports/illini-sports/heffernan-rates-extension/article_a4576d31-6a2e-5a69-859f-064f2cd29a49.html#:~:text=Illinois announced on Thursday morning,the 2022-23 school year.
  8. Waiting for ecotmorphic mutants and we miss the first match.
  9. Maybe $20k if you want to attend all of the NCAA championships (basketball, wrestling, lacrosse, soccer, swimming.....}
  10. Navy used to be a consistent top 10 to 20 program under Ed Perry. The service academies are among the best wrestling coaching jobs around. Someone might make more money elsewhere, but having "unlimited" scholarships for recruits who are motivated athletically and academically is a huge plus. They academies aren't for everyone, but the opportunity to get a top tier education, with guaranteed jobs and a very involved alumni network are hard to beat. The academies, along with the Ivies and other select schools like Stanford (hopefully), Northwestern, Duke, and others, are terrific opportunities in preparing for long term success. It isn't all about wrestling....
  11. Yeah, I was wrestling then and distinctly remember the weight allowances. This is from the 1980 NCAA Guide, which would have covered the 1981 championships. You only had to make scratch weight two times all year. SECTION 6. a. Dual meets and tournaments. For all dual meets and tournaments, three pounds [I .4kg] allowance shall be given over the regular weight during November and December, two pounds [0.9kg] during January and one pound [0.5kg] during February, not including qualifying tournaments. All qualifying tournaments shall be wrestled at scratch weight. No additional weight is permitted nor should it be requested. Members of both teams will be allowed one additional pound [0.5kg] per day when one team is wrestling on two or three successive days, excluding Sundays (maximum of two pounds [0.9kg]. Meets held on Saturday and Monday are considered to be on successive days
  12. Also, 118 would actually have been 121 by NCAA tournament time. Then the 1 pound allowance each day, so Mills would have had to made 123 the night before.
  13. They could weigh in the night before (Firday), so adding a lot of weight wasn't that unusual. Especially almost 24 hours later.
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