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  1. Sparky

    Anybody Going to World's?

    First, thanks for the link you provided. I was thinking about ordering them that way but I'll wait to see what USA Wrestling comes up with.
  2. Sparky

    Can Wrestlers profit from websites?

    No $h!+!!
  3. Sparky

    Anybody Going to World's?

    China has issued a travel advisory for the US..... Is USA Wrestling planning to have tickets, or are we on our own?
  4. Sparky

    History Question

    1981-82 went to 3-2-2 1966-67 went to 2-3-3
  5. Because the real reason for college isn't to participate in athletics. Kind of why it generally follows right after high school, unless you serve in the military or a religious mission.
  6. Sparky

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Just go to mat side weigh ins. Eliminates all the other stuff like times and certifications that have been adjusted forever. Step on the scale, show you made weight, then step on the mat and wrestle. Use a big digital display so everyone can see it. If you're cutting too much weight you won't be able to perform.
  7. Sparky

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    Charlotte. Major airport and arena. North Carolina has the second most Division 1 wrestling programs after PA.
  8. Sparky

    Wrestling Legend's Kids in College

    Rex Peery - 3X NCAA Champ Son - Hugh Peery- 3X NCAA Champ Son - Ed Peery - 3X NCAA Champ
  9. Sparky

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Looks like they pay zero. Rutgers dropped fencing over a decade ago.
  10. Sparky

    Who will Maryland hire?

    Perhaps they are paying what they can afford? They have a group of coaches who won national championships but pretty much suck at football and basketball. They won't break the bank on a wrestling coach for a team that finished last in the conference and then have to increase everybody else's salaries. Rutgers doesn't have that problem with on national championship in 1949 in fencing. This was posted earlier: Reese (W. Lacrosse) was either a player or coach for 11 or their 13 (5 as the head coach) - $178,500.00 Cirovski (Men's Soccer) has won 3 titles - 2005, 2008, and 2018 - $210,120.00 Meharg ( Field Hockey) has won 7 national titles - $175,404.00
  11. Sparky

    LIU (formerly LIU Post) to EIWA

    Do they have a probationary period before they can compete in Div 1?
  12. Guam I got nothing.
  13. Sparky

    How big was Gable's war chest?

    I'd guess a 44 short.
  14. Sparky

    Who will Maryland hire?

    This is from two months ago. Probably too old to be on the docket still. Enrollment isn't going up. https://www.wesa.fm/post/pa-public-universities-treading-water-declining-enrollment-higher-average-tuition
  15. Sparky

    Who will Maryland hire?

    If Lock Haven and Clarion are combined, which wrestling coach do they keep? https://herosports.com/news/d2-ncaa-largest-conference-pennsylvania-state-athletic-conference-danger