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  1. Too busy getting tickets punched to advance their career to worry about adding sports.
  2. My WAG, excluding Ivy League, Service Academies: American App State Binghamton Bloomsburg Bucknell Buffalo Campbell The Citadel Clarion Cleveland State Davidson Drexel Duke F&M Gardner Webb George Mason Hofstra Lock Haven Northern Illinois Rider Sacred Heart VMI No clue about Cal State (Bakersfield, Fresno) Cal Poly, Utah Valley, NDSU, Northern Colorado, Northern Illinois, Presbyterian, Long Island, Arkansas LR.
  3. When Marianne Williamson drops out of the democratic presidential field she might find a job as spiritual adviser for a wrestling program.
  4. Yeah, compression shirts/compression or fight shorts have been legal in HS and MS for a few years now. Like you I don't see the connection with the NCAA rules....
  5. The Midwest tended to wrestle bare-chested. The coasts tended to wear tops.
  6. Brand new would be 2019! Sorry, I'm being a smart arse....
  7. Director of Quality Assurance.
  8. First, thanks for the link you provided. I was thinking about ordering them that way but I'll wait to see what USA Wrestling comes up with.
  9. China has issued a travel advisory for the US..... Is USA Wrestling planning to have tickets, or are we on our own?
  10. 1981-82 went to 3-2-2 1966-67 went to 2-3-3
  11. Because the real reason for college isn't to participate in athletics. Kind of why it generally follows right after high school, unless you serve in the military or a religious mission.
  12. Just go to mat side weigh ins. Eliminates all the other stuff like times and certifications that have been adjusted forever. Step on the scale, show you made weight, then step on the mat and wrestle. Use a big digital display so everyone can see it. If you're cutting too much weight you won't be able to perform.
  13. Charlotte. Major airport and arena. North Carolina has the second most Division 1 wrestling programs after PA.
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