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  1. Hey, one out of two! Congrats. But you never wrestled at the Div 1 level, so you're an expert nevertheless. For the record, I've done both. The whole point of my post is that Veterans aren't likely to wrestle for a program that places limits on their life.
  2. Yet you post some bull**** statistic of 90,000 students. Either you're too dense to understand the context or just a sealion. Guessing you are neither a Veteran nor someone who wrestled in college. The irony being that Liberty doesn't have an actual wrestling program, club program aside. Their on-line data is, um, less than transparent. But hey, Falwell and Pool Boy U and all.
  3. Nope, still a good guess. About half of that number (90k) are in their graduate programs and 79,167 of the total are enrolled exclusively in on-line courses. They list about 50,000 undergraduates enrolled, but campus housing has a maximum of 8,300. I would then presume that most of those using VA benefits are in Liberty's distance learning undergraduate and graduate programs, many of them still on active duty. Or are family members using a parent's VA Education Benefits.
  4. Guessing Liberty doesn't have many Veterans attending using their VA Education Benefits. But they've always been off the deep end.
  5. Some random additions to the thread. I understood part of the reason for making it Div 1 only was academic reasons. Some of called it the Carlton Haselrig Rule. The Divisions were much looser in the 1960s and earlier. You'd see some teams competed in College Division and NAIA. The NCAA tournament before 1971 was essentially an "open" tournament. When the NCAA started providing money for the championships they moved to create qualifiers. There were stories of wrestlers hitch-hiking to the NCAAs and sleeping on the floor of motel rooms because their schools wouldn't pay for them to go. Not mentioned in the thread was the gradual move toward the current full wrestlebacks. Also the increase in numbers of "all americans" from 4, to 6, and then in 1979 to 8. It used to be "follow the leader" of sorts. So a number 1 seed would lose first round, the guy that beat him lost second round, and the number 1 seed was done. I think it was the late-1980s that full wrestlebacks started.
  6. But remember the good old days at Davidson. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/crime/article215640785.html
  7. Better than Alabama over the past 50 years.
  8. In all fairness, he was storming the beach at Normandy to capture Mt. Suribachi during the time he was supposed to be at Wheeling.
  9. There were University and College Divisions. College Division split in Div 2 and 3 in 1974.
  10. The NCAA was essentially and open tournament then. If a school wanted, or could afford, to send wrestlers to the NCAAs, they could. Actual qualifiers didn't start until 1970, with a one year experiment with regionals. Stories of guys winning their conference, but their school wouldn't pay to sent them to the NCAAs, so they hitch hiked and slept on motel floors.
  11. I think some of those were in their 7th year.
  12. Maryland hosted the NCAAs 5 times: 1960, 1972. 1978, 1987, 1990
  13. Along with two World Golds, a Silver and a Bronze. There are very few US wrestlers that have had that great of a career, and Snyder has many years left.
  14. They can only enter so many heavyweights.....
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