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  1. He would have gone 152, but didn't pass the hydration testing.
  2. Oh it's a Mongolian thing. I was trying to get a Swedish woman to do that and it didn't work. Dammit.
  3. As long as they don't practice with someone who is infected, don't breathe hard in an enclosed space, wear a mask while wrestling. don't have direct skin-to-skin contact........yeah, wrestling is certainly the least likely sport to cause transmission of the virus. There's a difference between a 15 minute exposure during lunch, versus a wrestling practice. "There is no magic number when it comes to distance or duration," says Emily Gurley, an epidemiologist and contact-tracing expert at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health."
  4. https://www.pennstatewrestlingclub.org/history/index.php?view=wrestlerstats&wrestler=532
  5. Heard about that possibility a couple of years ago. WCU is part of the NC Promise program, so costs are a LOT lower than other state schools. https://www.wcu.edu/apply/undergraduate-admissions/costs-and-aid/ncpromise-faq.aspx
  6. How about the Russian version. If you step out of bounds you'll be shot. Apparently that keeps the wrestlers in the middle of the mat.
  7. He's in there, right next to Cary Kolat.
  8. I finished 3rd in the Afton Quadrangular Meet three years in a row, back when it was a Tri Meet.
  9. When he got on top he'd break down his opponent, throw a half, and put his weight behind it. Also worth remembering that there weren't full wrestle-backs in 1984. If you lost and the person who beat you didn't reach the semis, you were done.
  10. If there is a 15% cut campus wide that would mean less grass to cut. Unless they cut parking or buildings.
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