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  1. Along with two World Golds, a Silver and a Bronze. There are very few US wrestlers that have had that great of a career, and Snyder has many years left.
  2. They can only enter so many heavyweights.....
  3. So nearly every other match they put wrestler A on the shot clock in the first period. Then wrestler B in the second, or not at all. Yeah right, that's on the wrestlers.
  4. Maroulis vs Kawai semifinal. Final was 2-1 will all the points from being on the shot clock. The referee decided the match.
  5. Snyder finishes the shots, he wins. He gave up 4 points on defensive tilts. There is little separating them.
  6. So you're good with giving up two more weight classes in Men's Freestyle and Greco in the Olympics.
  7. Let us guess, you're another high school super star. Or simply an *******.
  8. Personally I love the breakfasts in Europe. Not omelette and American cholesterol loading. But brötchen, eggs, cheese and meats are great!
  9. They are pretty reasonable. Somewhere around $150/night and that includes an admission ticket to the tournament and breakfast.
  10. Any idea what the USA team hotel will be for the Worlds? I freaked for a moment at the costs, until I realized it WASN'T in Euros!!
  11. If I'm reading the UWW schedule correctly, which is always a problem, it looks like freestyle will occur first in October? In other words, what are the dates for the UWW World Championships in freestyle? I made the mistake of attending the whole damn thing in Nur Sultan: Greco, Women's and Freestyle.
  12. A study recommended WCU add wrestling. A member of their Board of Governors (or whatever) is a wrestling person. https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/September/09/Will-Western-Carolina-add-mens-and-womens-wrestling Then there's the North Carolina Promise program. $500/semester for in-state tuition goes a lot further than $7500 at App State. Also App State isn't fully funded for scholarships. So
  13. Stanford is the most successful college athletics program in the country, winning 25 consecutive NACDA Directors' Cups. Yeah, they can win in wrestling too.
  14. There is talk about Western Carolina University adding wrestling.
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