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  1. If there is a 15% cut campus wide that would mean less grass to cut. Unless they cut parking or buildings.
  2. Is he related to Wes Wesley?
  3. Look as Kansas. About the same number of schools but 6 classifications.
  4. ODU has a men's tennis team where none of the athletes are from the United States.
  5. But ODU has: a men's sailing team a men's golf team where half the team are not from the US. a men's tennis team where NONE of the athletes are from the US
  6. Sparky


    Coppin State doesn't have football and are very female dominant in enrollment.
  7. Fitch beat everyone she wrestled and won a state championship. If she stays at 106 she will probably win again next year. She did have dual wins during the year over kids from larger schools. It was at Class A (smallest schools) in North Carolina. Class A only has two regionals, compared to four for the other three classifications. There are only about 47 Class A schools in NC with wrestling. There were a total of 25 wrestlers at 106 lbs in the two Class A regions combined. Class A has an 8 person bracket at states, all the other classification have 16. North Carolina has had a state sanctioned women's state invitational the past two years and is probably on the verge of having women competing at the same time as the men at the state championships.
  8. http://www.ncaapublications.com/productdownloads/WR20.pdf
  9. Pretty sure there are enough that they don't have to share.
  10. I was mixed up between BC and BU......
  11. Georgia Tech had a team until the early 1980s. Wake Forest had a team for a few years in the early 1960s. BC dropped in 2014. Most of the growth in wrestling is, at small private colleges that are enrollment driven at the NAIA and Div 3 levels.
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