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  1. I was mixed up between BC and BU......
  2. Georgia Tech had a team until the early 1980s. Wake Forest had a team for a few years in the early 1960s. BC dropped in 2014. Most of the growth in wrestling is, at small private colleges that are enrollment driven at the NAIA and Div 3 levels.
  3. "Never throw a half nelson from from your knees."
  4. Brown University has pretty good alumni support.
  5. Okay, but that Snyder guy won't amount to anything on the senior level.
  6. Lloyd Keaser. NCAA 3 and 4, World Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist.
  7. Last I heard it was Cliff Keen producing the UA labeled wrestling gear.
  8. None of them have amounted to anything at the world level......
  9. Women's tennis adds a lot of opportunities for athletes from the US. This is but one example. https://usajaguars.com/sports/womens-tennis/roster
  10. Matt Furey wrestled for Edinboro.
  11. Actually it was still College Division in 1972. Div 2 and 3 separated in 1974.
  12. Based in my research I don't think a team from Vermont has won an NCAA wrestling team championship either.
  13. Remember that, before 1971, the NCAA tournament was essentially an "open" tournament. Schools could send who they wanted or, in some cases, didn't send wrestlers to the tournament because it cost them money. There were no qualifiers. Those started with a district concept in 1971 before moving to using conferences, a couple of regions, and the College Division (later Div 2 and 3) as qualifiers.
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