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  1. I’m just here to listen more about alien technology. Stuff is fascinating.
  2. Well I have had an actual conversation with him, and he straight up said he would like to move up to 184. So yes, the idea of moving up from 174 is very much a reality, and I would say a probability at this point.
  3. LOL Ok Joe Rogan is the #1 Podcaster in the country, because the other podcast shows ahead of him are not hosted daily by one person. They are podcast "shows" that document a specific story, and they will not hold the top spot after their series is over. Joe Rogan Experience is the #1 continuous podcast in the world. You do not know what you are talking about. I personally think you are just a prude, and you cant comprehend what goes on during his podcasts. You must not like the fact that he smokes weed and advocates for natural drugs. I cant come up with any other reason to think a show is trash, when it brings on the brightest minds in the world, the top athletes in the world, top politicians and political commentators in the industry. No other show brings that variety of talent to the table. Also, what was Chael wrong on?
  4. Your opinion of Chael and Joe Rogan is your own. A lot of people respect Joe Rogan and his opinion. He is the #1 podcaster in the world for a reason. Chael has his shady side and nobody can deny that, but when he is right, he is right. The truth can come from anywhere, and he is right on almost everything he said in this video.
  5. I don't think anyone is being fickle with Snyder. The guy has taken some sketchy losses in the past to really solid guys, but not even world medalists. He has overwhelmed people physically for pretty much his whole career, and in college, his strength and athleticism carried him over the much larger but much less athletic opponents. Cox is a better athlete honestly, and I think right now, he is probably pretty close to Snyder's skill set. I think it is more likely that Cox beats Snyder for the Olympic team, than we ever seeing Snyder beat Sad again.
  6. Best I’ve wrestled was Dustin Schlatter. Wrestled from youth through high school probably 12 times. Never beat him, but I faired better than the majority. My biggest ass whipping was Mike Poeta. Went from “maybe I can pull this off” to “Maybe I should re-evaluate my wrestling” reallll quick that match.
  7. Yianni and Dake are both similar, in that they may not have the dominant scores in some of their matches like Taylor and Zain, but even in the close matches you never feel the outcome is in doubt. A 5-2 win for Dake or Yianni can have the same dominance as a 12-2 win for another top wrestler. They are always in great position and methodically pick their spots. I used to say Taylor was better than Dake regardless of their head to head, because I watched Taylor tech and pin his way through everybody not named Dake, and Dake was constantly wrestling tighter scored bouts in comparison. The older I got, the more I realized that Dake was never in danger, and his dominance came in different forms. Yianni is the same way. I think Yianni is the best technical wrestler in the entire NCAA right now.
  8. No. No it isnt. Cannot compare old timer wrestling to today. When I watch Gable vs Owings, I can't believe what I am watching. Yianni would major Gable at the very least.
  9. After reading people on here loving on Suriano, and then reading the other thread bashing a guy like Cenzo, I’m completely confused. Suriano is one of the weirdest and most unlikable dudes In college wrestling imo. He ranks right there with Tyler Berger and Bo Nickel. If he’s even invited to parties, he’s probably about as lame as Ashnault’s crowd pumping attempt post NC match.
  10. Cenzo also has two wins in the NCAA finals against a 2x champ and 4x finalist. So I’m not sure why his lack of Big Ten titles seems to be such a sour point to people, especially considering he avenged both his losses to IMar and made the finals again this year. I don’t see how someone who rises to the occasion over and over and over again, can be so hated. He may wrestle close matches, but he rarely stalls. You are also never gonna find a more exciting wrestler in such low scoring bouts. Hitting throws and going for broke no matter the stakes. He’s a funny dude too. There is just so much to like about him, and so much to dislike about other 2 and 3 time champs that are in similar ranks as he is. I for one, was rooting for him to win 4 titles. Not a PSU guy either.
  11. I love McKenna, but he got away with a break in the second period. I think most people also know Yianni is the better wrestler as well. I have no issue with the outcome.
  12. Suriano is so cringe, I can’t stand this guy. Flo just busted in their pants. It’s like an Oscar speech every time this guy wins a match.
  13. Martin wrestling like he couldn’t lose F***** around. Deserved to lose.
  14. Hidlay outwrestled Nolf. As much as I love a good upset, I hope Nolf embarrasses Berger. Dude is a fruitcake.
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