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  1. So you’re saying coaches are like my ex wife?
  2. If I were Gabe and Max Dean, I'd have gotten the hell out of there too...
  3. Jammies Gophers should have done this with the T-shirts instead of forcing all those poor kids to wear them...
  4. Yeah, I'd like that for sure! As for HR, I deserve what I get over there. I love the content they put out...I just need to learn to read and not post. A handful grate on my nerves and I just cant help myself. Alot of great fans post on that board no doubt. I'm sure you cant tell but I have nothing but respect for the Hawkeye fanbase. With our sport being so niche, I need to slow my roll on the trolling and become more a part of the brotherhood. I'll learn eventually. Lol
  5. No on B10. Still have a few prospects in getting a ticket for Nationals. You?
  6. Damn Chillin'...are you a pr*ck on every board? lol
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