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  1. Underhook

    OSU wrestling

    It’s a shame we won’t see an okie state-Penn state dual this year. The teams match up well and there are several swing matches that could go either way with huge implications for the team score. Here’s my attempt at predicting what said dual would look like: 125: Picc tech. Schnupp. Picc has been lights out this year and I think he has a great chance at being in the finals this year. Schnupp keeping this to a major or regular decision would be huge for PSU. 5-0 okie state 133: Fix dec. RBY. This matchup of the stud freshmen is the first “swing” bout of the dual, but I like Fix here. RBY winning certainly wouldn’t shock me, but I think Fix has shown a more complete offensive and defensive skill set at this point in the season. I see this as a one takedown match where Fix wins a key scramble or is able to score late in a period to seal the win. An RBY win would dump the 133 rankings on there head and seriously hurt OSU’s chances in this hypothetical dual 8-0 cowboys 141: Lee dec. Brock. Both these guys can score points in a hurry, and the only result I don’t see as a legit possibility are either guy winning by tech. Brock’s inconsistency at 141 leads me to pick Lee relatively confidently, but Brock’s ability to take guys from their feet to their back makes me cautious in counting him out, especially against a guy like Lee who goes for broke the whole seven minutes. 8-3 pokes 149: Gfeller dec. Berge/Verk. Gfeller is a certified stud, and Berge and Verkleeren are both missing a “signature win” to set them apart from the pack this season. I think Gfeller wins comfortably, and has a solid chance to get OSU some crucial bonus. I can’t help but think back to him decking Nick Lee as a redshirt last year 11-3 OSU 157: Nolf tech. Sheets. Do I really have to explain this one? Nolf will be hunting for the pin, but I think Smitty will do a good job prepping sheets to stay off his back to keep the dual close as possible. 11-8 okie state 165: Cenzo dec. Smith/Rogers. Huge bout here. An okie state win could set them up to win, but Cenzo is a guy I won’t bet against. I think he has the skill and poise to take a controlled decision from either cowboy AA. However, Smith has looked good this year, and Rogers upper body arsenal gives him the means to change the entire match if Joseph gets sloppy in the ties. 11-11 174: Hall dec. Smith/Smith. I just don’t see either guy possessing the finishing or scrambling ability to win the takedown battle against Hall. This is not a knock on Joe or Jacobs, more a statement about how elite Hall’s defense is. I would love to be proven wrong and see 174 thrown into total chaos. 14-11 Nittany Lions 184: This is the toughest weight to offer a prediction for given the number of unknowns. Would Shak go? Can Geer beat a less than 100% Rasheed? I like Geer against the PSU backup and a less than healthy shak. However, I think Rasheed cruises here if he’s healthy. For predictions sake, I’ll take Geer by decision over PSU’s backup. 14-14 197: Nickal wbf. Weigel. In prior years I think there would be no way Weigel gets pinned in this important of a match-but after watching Nickal deck Moore and seeing Preston look less than stellar against Air Force, I think Bo comes up huge when PSU needs him most. He is at his best in the big matches, and a pin here could essentially ice the dual for PSU. Weigel keeping this to a major or regular decision would put Okie state in a great spot-forcing this dual to come down to heavyweight favors them on paper. 20-14 PSU 285: White dec. Cassar. Another huge (pun always intended) swing match. White has been the only one to slow down Cassar’s neutral offense this year. Being a bumped up 197 himself, White matches up very well with Cassar technically and physically. He holds a size advantage, but does not sacrifice speed like most other heavyweights. This prediction could very easily get flipped by one Cassar double leg, and Anthony will likely have to beat White in either the semis or finals if he wants to be a national champ this year. This brings the final score to 20-17 PSU. On paper okie state can turn this one into a real nail biter, and put themselves in great position to pull the upset by winning the matches they’re supposed to, minimizing bonus against PSU’s studs, scoring their own bonus, and/or pulling one very possible upset. PSU could just as easily make this an ugly night for the cowboys if they win the swing matches and Nolf/Nickal do what they have been known to do to good wrestlers. After watching them railroad Ohio state, this is not an unreasonable prediction either. Just my $0.02 on the most exciting dual we won’t be seeing this season
  2. Right you are! I suppose this is what I get for checking box scores instead of watching the actual dual
  3. I don’t think the Jensen loss is a sign to abandon ship on Stoll just yet. Jensen also recently knocked off returning AA Hemida of Maryland. Stoll has over a month til tournament time to improve his health/conditioning/confidence, and none of the other guys in the national title conversation want him in their quarterfinal.
  4. Underhook

    You have one month to develop a go-to TD

    Gotta be the knee pull. Relatively easy to develop on both sides, wide variety of set ups and finishes. Relatively low risk
  5. Underhook

    Headgear 2019-20

    Most wrestlers avoid wearing their headgear in practice, where most of the cauliflower ear comes from. So mandating it in competition is likely doing very little to actually prevent “deformed ears”. Most wrestlers at the college level that I’ve met are proud of their cauliflower ears, and I’m proud of mine. They’re symbolic of the hours of hard work on the mat. I don’t think this culture among wrestlers will ever change. The United States seems to be the only country that requires its high level wrestlers wear headgear, why not get with the times? Leave the option for those who want to wear it and give guys a choice about their ears. It would certainly cut back on the occasional big match that’s marred by equipment failures, without really affecting if guys get cauliflower ear or not. I always say head gear wasn’t developed for wrestlers, it was developed for their mothers
  6. Underhook

    College kids going into coaching

    For what it’s worth, there is a strong interest in going into teaching/coaching among former high school wrestlers who do not compete at the college level. I will graduate from the university Steve Martin coaches at in the fall as a licensed teacher, and am already in my third year coaching. Several of my peers who are former wrestlers have expressed interest in a similar path, and have taken the same steps. In fact Mr. Martins 165 is in several of my teacher prep classes. Just my two cents