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  1. The sour grapes mentality towards flo trying something new is exactly why people have a hard time becoming wrestling fans if they didn’t compete as wrestlers. Disparaging grappling for not having lots of fans while being a fan of a niche sport like wrestling is laughably hypocritical. Like it or not, hundreds of THOUSANDS of adults pay good money to train in grappling gyms across the United States-the same cannot be said for wrestling. Just because you yourself are unaware of of crossover between the fan bases for the two sports does not mean it does not exist. As a wrestler who has joined the BJJ community I can tell you that most grapplers have the upmost respect for wrestlers, and often express the wish that they had been exposed to wrestling in their youth. To see the reverse mentality from wrestling fans makes me sad-we should be applauding flo for doing something that could bring new sets of enthusiastic eyes to wrestling. As fans we often talk about doing whatever it takes to grow the sport, then sabotage any possibility of this happening by being hostile to outsiders who may be curious. Have an open mind
  2. I hadn’t considered this before but the more I think about it the more I like it. Would allow us to solve that whole “world champ on the bench problem” we have at 86/97 kg
  3. 57: Fix 65: Yianni 74: JB 86: Taylor* 97: Cox* 125: Gable *I think cox wins whichever weight he decides to go to. If J’Den drops to 86 he bumps Taylor off the team and Snyder goes at 97. I think it’s more likely he’s at 97 though, I seem to recall Cox saying 86 was a tough cut with the old weigh in rules, which makes me doubt he could make it with day of weigh ins
  4. Yea well if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle
  5. How many people in this thread would support dropping Greco from the olympics if it meant all men’s and women’s freestyle weights would be included in the olympics?
  6. After Yianni torched the field at the open earlier this year I was convinced he was our best shot to medal at 65 in years, I wanted him to make the team more than anybody else this year. I still think he might match up better with the field globally at 65, and am still picking him to win the spot for 2020. But for Yianni fans to act like USA wrestling lost out by Zain making the team is ludicrous. Zain going through the whole ordeal of winning, then the arbitration process, alleged injury deal, and then winning the wrestle off in the first match against a guy as good as Yianni proves Zain to be a contender himself. I hate to borrow an expression from basketball but... ball don’t lie. I can ALMOST (not quite though) understand people not wanting to support Downey as our rep, but to see people not want to get behind Retherford is just obscene
  7. Man, ringer could wind up being one of our best to never make a team. Tough break for the guy
  8. I really want Dieringer to win cause he has an entertaining style of wrestling and I genuinely believe he’s good enough to win a world championship at this weight, (and maybe even medal at 86) But there’s that whole thing about Dake and fantasy matchups that tells me deep down he’s gonna wind up taking it, probably in three tight matches. Afterwards everyone will talk about how close Ringer was, and how he’s gonna be a threat at the trials for 86 in 2020. I just hope we see quality wrestling free of officiating screw ups/other chicanery, either one of these guys can bring home gold for the US
  9. I know this isn’t the college forum, but I don’t want to make a new thread-gotta think this is a plus for an already improving UNC team, especially returning 3rd placer at 149 Austin O’Connor if he can get some drill time with JO
  10. Gonna listen to the full interview later on at work, but honestly I really don’t get all the hand wringing about Spencer not wrestling freestyle. I understand that he’s a talent with a very legit crack at making our current lineup, but it seems to me that a lot of posters here have forgotten Spencer is entitled to his own personal goals, not just our desire as fans to bring home a medal at 57 kg. Lee can’t even drink legally yet, and will be 25 by the time 2024 rolls around. Barring severe injury/other acts of god, his window to compete on the senior level will be open for years to come. At the same time, maybe Spencer has the goal of being a four timer? Not to mention his chances to be on a national champion TEAM are already halfway over. Plus the kid has wrestled about as much as humanly possible over the last five six years, and battled health concerns these past few seasons. Brands and co get a bad rep on these forums for being old school guys who are set in their ways of trying to grind through EVERYTHING, but I see them rather smartly playing the long game with Spencer by building time off into what would otherwise be essentially year round training cycles between free and folk
  11. Forgot about Woods, he was very tough as a redshirt this past season. My brain isn’t exactly up to date on what new faces will be a factor this year, I’m sure my predictions will change quite a bit by the seasons start and midpoint.
  12. 125: Lee 133: I’ve heard Fix and Micic will take an oly shirt, and I think we might see gross at 141 so I’ll go with suriano. Gross wins if he’s here 141: Gross wins if he goes here instead of 133, Nick Lee is my pick if Gross can still make 133 149: Sasso 157: Hidlay 165: Lewis 174: Hall 184: Zahid 197: Darmstadt 285: Cassar
  13. Pulling hard for Ringer, but picking against Dake just really doesn’t seem to work
  14. Anyone else feel like green could benefit from moving up? I think the new weigh in rules have made so that 70 kg is no longer his ideal weight. He’s a lanky guy with a filled out frame, and I’ve seen him joke about tough cuts on social media before. We saw him absolutely deplete himself making 65 under the old rules in 2016, any chance we see the opposite and green challenges at 74 for 2020? (For the record I doubt it as JB has been his long time mentor/training partner, but it would make an already interesting WTT bracket even deeper)
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