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  1. Underhook

    Who Wins the best two of three?

    Pulling hard for Ringer, but picking against Dake just really doesn’t seem to work
  2. Underhook

    Yasar Dogu

    Anyone else feel like green could benefit from moving up? I think the new weigh in rules have made so that 70 kg is no longer his ideal weight. He’s a lanky guy with a filled out frame, and I’ve seen him joke about tough cuts on social media before. We saw him absolutely deplete himself making 65 under the old rules in 2016, any chance we see the opposite and green challenges at 74 for 2020? (For the record I doubt it as JB has been his long time mentor/training partner, but it would make an already interesting WTT bracket even deeper)
  3. Underhook

    2019/2020 NCAA Rule Proposals

    Wrestlers don’t like wearing headgear, and I personally know a few guys who got cauliflower ear despite wearing it religiously. Most D1 guys have it by the time they walk into the practice room already. Making it optional seems like a win for all parties-fewer matches tarnished by a headgear grab, guys who want to wear it can continue to do so, while guys who are bothered by it will be free to not wear it. Seems to me the only people concerned about getting rid of headgear are mothers of wrestlers and the same over the hill fans who would bring back horsehair mats, leggings, and practicing in rubber suits if they could.
  4. Underhook

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Wasn’t replying to you specifically, just giving my $0.02 on the overall discussion in the thread as a whole. I agree there’s really no excuse for Iowa’s entire lineup to be sitting out this freestyle season, Especially someone like Cass who was great at the open. I just think I see some potential similarity in their current strategy and what PSU did a couple years ago. Ultimately, Brands does know a thing or two more about wrestling than I do, so while it’s disappointing for me as a fan, I’ll reserve judgement until after the 2020 season
  5. Underhook

    Did Iowa decide to ignore Freestyle?

    Lee is 20, and has been wrestling basically year round in the toughest tournaments possible since probably age 12, if not younger (this is an educated guess I’m not pretending to be that familiar with his training cycle) and has had health issues the last few seasons. He’s someone I think could strongly benefit from some time off. Why rush his senior level debut when he still might not be 100% and let everyone in the world get a look at him before 2020? Seems a bit high risk low reward to me. As for the rest of Iowa, I’m disappointed we aren’t seeing guys like Cass, Warner, heck even Desanto doing no freestyle. But 2020 is supposed to be THE year for Iowa, and I seem to recall NLWC basically taking a freestyle season off a year or two ago in order to get ready for the NCAA grind that would be followed by the 2019/2020 worlds. All things considered, as a fan I’m disappointed we aren’t seeing some of Iowa’s best freestyle prospects: at the same time I see Brands and co trying to train and compete a little smarter, keep their guys healthy, and adapt methods that are a little more modern than the old school Iowa mentality of wrestling as hard as possible at all times. 2020 will be the judge
  6. Underhook

    Who's the best wrestler you've ever wrestled?

    Scrapped with Cael at a PSU camp once. It went about how you’d expect it to go
  7. If DT couldn’t beat out Cox off the heels of beating Yazdani by tech at the World Cup, I don’t think Bo has the stuff to get it done yet either. I expect Bo to look good, and him winning one in the best of three is not impossible, but Cox has ice in his veins. This is going to develop into an incredible rivalry, both guys are still improving rapidly. It’s a great time to be an American wrestling fan! Many of our number twos are also starting to look like medal threats
  8. Underhook

    Green has won his last match...

    I can’t help but wonder how much of an effect the new weigh in rules are having on Green. I remember him making jokes about tough cutting weight on social media a few times in the lead up to worlds last year. This is obviously all speculation, and it’s possible he’s at his ideal weight right now, but I bet we see Green make some noise up at 74 kg after JB retires in 2020
  9. Saw on USA wrestling twitter that Tomasello was disqualified against Gilman after being down 9-0. Anyone watching see what NATO did to get DQ’d?
  10. Underhook

    Lucas Byrd to Illinois

    Just saw a post from flo saying Byrd has officially committed to Illinois. Looks like the rich (penn state) won’t be getting quite as richer in the lightweights. Good get for Illinois too. Bit of a down year for them this year so it’s good to see them still landing top recruits.
  11. Underhook

    Is Mekhi Lewis a 2020 threat?

    I could be wrong as I did not watch his first round match, but I don’t think Lewis gave up a takedown the entire NCAA tournament. Obviously senior competition is a different level, but Lewis’ defense is definitely his most impressive attribute and seems to be a readily transferable skill to freestyle. He isn’t a leg passer who relies on rolling across his back like a lot of other elite defensive guys at the college level-he relies on rock solid position, handfighting, and stone hips like elite international guys. Hopefully we see him in some freestyle competition this summer to get a better measuring stick of where he is exactly on our ladder. His results (and potential for more in the future) already speak for themselves, but team USA is also absolutely stacked around his weight, and freestyle seems to favor guys with high level experience over raw talent
  12. Underhook

    Would Marinneli be a Champ at PSU

    Marinelli is just fine where he is. The idea he’d be somehow winning more at PSU is just silly. He wrestles like the guys under Gable used to, Iowa is as good a place as any. Winning nationals is just really really hard, especially at 165. This weight class has been loaded the last few years
  13. Underhook

    Olympic Redshirt or The Kyle Snyder Route

    Steveson might not have senior level accolades (yet), but he is a junior world champ, which is no small achievement on the international circuit. I don’t see really any flaws with him and Minnesota taking this approach, seems like a “best of both worlds” for both sides. Gable gets to prioritize his freestyle chops in prep for 2020, Minnesota still gets big points at ncaa’s/big tens/ the Iowa/psu/other marquee dual.
  14. Underhook

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Gonser of Campbell wrestling tough against Tariq Wilson-Gonser had a cradle locked twice but couldn’t turn Wilson on his way to a 2nd period ride out. As I type Wilson scores a TD to start the third and go up 4-0