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  1. If DT couldn’t beat out Cox off the heels of beating Yazdani by tech at the World Cup, I don’t think Bo has the stuff to get it done yet either. I expect Bo to look good, and him winning one in the best of three is not impossible, but Cox has ice in his veins. This is going to develop into an incredible rivalry, both guys are still improving rapidly. It’s a great time to be an American wrestling fan! Many of our number twos are also starting to look like medal threats
  2. Underhook

    Green has won his last match...

    I can’t help but wonder how much of an effect the new weigh in rules are having on Green. I remember him making jokes about tough cutting weight on social media a few times in the lead up to worlds last year. This is obviously all speculation, and it’s possible he’s at his ideal weight right now, but I bet we see Green make some noise up at 74 kg after JB retires in 2020
  3. Saw on USA wrestling twitter that Tomasello was disqualified against Gilman after being down 9-0. Anyone watching see what NATO did to get DQ’d?
  4. Underhook

    Lucas Byrd to Illinois

    Just saw a post from flo saying Byrd has officially committed to Illinois. Looks like the rich (penn state) won’t be getting quite as richer in the lightweights. Good get for Illinois too. Bit of a down year for them this year so it’s good to see them still landing top recruits.
  5. Underhook

    Is Mekhi Lewis a 2020 threat?

    I could be wrong as I did not watch his first round match, but I don’t think Lewis gave up a takedown the entire NCAA tournament. Obviously senior competition is a different level, but Lewis’ defense is definitely his most impressive attribute and seems to be a readily transferable skill to freestyle. He isn’t a leg passer who relies on rolling across his back like a lot of other elite defensive guys at the college level-he relies on rock solid position, handfighting, and stone hips like elite international guys. Hopefully we see him in some freestyle competition this summer to get a better measuring stick of where he is exactly on our ladder. His results (and potential for more in the future) already speak for themselves, but team USA is also absolutely stacked around his weight, and freestyle seems to favor guys with high level experience over raw talent
  6. Underhook

    Would Marinneli be a Champ at PSU

    Marinelli is just fine where he is. The idea he’d be somehow winning more at PSU is just silly. He wrestles like the guys under Gable used to, Iowa is as good a place as any. Winning nationals is just really really hard, especially at 165. This weight class has been loaded the last few years
  7. Underhook

    Olympic Redshirt or The Kyle Snyder Route

    Steveson might not have senior level accolades (yet), but he is a junior world champ, which is no small achievement on the international circuit. I don’t see really any flaws with him and Minnesota taking this approach, seems like a “best of both worlds” for both sides. Gable gets to prioritize his freestyle chops in prep for 2020, Minnesota still gets big points at ncaa’s/big tens/ the Iowa/psu/other marquee dual.
  8. Underhook

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Gonser of Campbell wrestling tough against Tariq Wilson-Gonser had a cradle locked twice but couldn’t turn Wilson on his way to a 2nd period ride out. As I type Wilson scores a TD to start the third and go up 4-0
  9. Underhook

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Lee almost puts himself in trouble on bottom a couple times in the second period, but ultimately cruises to a 18-0 tech. Nearly had the fall more than once. Spencer looks good, but might wanna take Neutral if he sees Picc in the semis
  10. Underhook

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Heinselman with a BEAUTIFUL inside trip for two, goes to cut Arujau, Vito scores reversal and backs off the sloppy cut and wins 12-2
  11. Underhook

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    Smith coasts through the third period on the strength of three second period td’s and rn-takes it 10-5. The quick turn around against Marinelli is gonna tell us a lot
  12. The only real drawback I’ve found to watching wrestling stoned is when you and your buddy catch yourself going down a 20 minute rabbit hole debating whether the Russian or the underhook is a more effective offensive tie up, and you wind up missing some of the action. Now as far as actually wrestling goes, that’s a different story ;)
  13. Underhook

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    It’s hard not to be a fan of the product PSU puts on the mat, but honestly I really wanted to see Conel go anywhere but PSU. He could’ve been the transfer that takes some teams from top 5 to title contender. Was also looking forward to seeing if Michael Beard lives up to any of the lofty expectations PSU fans have for him. Don’t want this to be seen as bashing Conel though-Can’t fault a guy for wanting to be in a room where he can work with Sanderson, Varner, Taylor, and co.
  14. Underhook

    3 point take down?

    This seems to be the best solution to me, as it incentivizes both guys to work for that 3 point first takedown, and the guy who doesn’t get it knows he needs to get two to make up for it. Seems to me like it would encourage action throughout the bout as opposed to only opening up in the third period after both guys trade escapes
  15. Nolf Nickal Martin Ashnault Picc Yianni Steveson Zahid Marinelli Suriano
  16. Underhook

    Marinelli's draw

    This is about the worst case scenario for okie state. Joe Gets the pigtail AND Marinelli before the wrestle backs even start, ouch. Can’t help but wonder if John Smith wishes he had stuck with his 2x AA senior who had seeding criteria and wasn’t still getting acclimated to the weight. Then again, Smith likely knows a bit more than I do, and Joe pulling the upset would really give the tournament the kind of first round craziness we’re due for. This season has largely followed the script so far (for the record I’m still picking Marinelli)
  17. Underhook

    133 seeding?

    Craziest thing about this weight class is there’s only two seniors in the top 14 or so: Lizak and Erneste. All these guys will be back next year along with Gross.
  18. Underhook

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    Fair point. Perhaps my ire should be more directed at the Michigan staff-and it’s not like I have inside knowledge to Micic’s health, there could be a variety of issues I’m not aware of. Still a bad look on the surface
  19. Underhook

    Big Ten Session 2 Thread

    Wow. I’ve been a Micic fan for a while and have been pulling for him to win it all this year. No more. I still think he’ll place high but I will now actively be rooting against him. Ducking has no place in our sport, especially at this level
  20. Underhook

    Way too early WTT picks

    Very fair assessment-Gilman has managed to look like both the next big thing and a total dud within the last 12 months or so. I’m definitely a Gilman fan so maybe it just seems to me like a whole lot of Gilman haters get on their high horse whenever he loses
  21. Underhook

    Way too early WTT picks

    57: Gilman until proven otherwise. He didn’t look great this past weekend, but I think Gilman gets a bad rep on this board cause his personality rubs people the wrong way 61: Colon. Part of me really wants to pick Fix/Garret to break through here, but Colon has been rock solid against world level competition the last twelve months. Give me the returning medalist 65: I like Oliver to finally get over the hump and make the team, though it seems to me Molinaro, Zain, and Steiber could all take it if they have a good tournament 70: I like Nolf here-His senior level experience is lacking, but Green just hasn’t been the same since the new weigh in rules were introduced. I think the cut is getting to be too much for him and Nolf overwhelms him with his pace 74: JB seemed reinvigorated this past weekend. Even if Dake drops I think Burroughs owns this weight for at least another year 79: Dake if he stays up, although if he drops I Like Ringer to run away with it. He’s been steadily improving, and my gut tells me he outhorses Hall and Valencia this time around 86: Taylor. After watching him torch the world last year, I don’t think anyone touches him domestically. 92: Cox reigns supreme. I could see someone like Moore, Nickal, or even a really improved Macchiavello putting Cox in a real nail biter of a match, but J’den seems to excel in those kinds of bouts 97: Snyder, next topic 125: Gwiz, although this is probably the pick im least confident in after 65. I think Gwiz has established himself as a guy who is consistently in the running for bronze or even silver with a good draw, there just seems to be a bit of separation between him and the top guys still. However, with Steveson waiting in the wings, Gwiz will need to be his best self to make the team. Gable strikes me as having a trajectory much like Snyder, and it wouldn’t shock me at all to see him medal at worlds on the heels of a true freshman ncaa title. Overall I think this is a very good team for the United States. I think we have better than even odds to at least make the finals from 74 up to heavy, and I’d give our lighter guys an even chance to medal at every weight except 65 and 70. 65 kg medals have eluded the US for years now, and I dont see green or Nolf being able to pull out a medal this year
  22. Underhook

    YanniD vs McKenna

    Perhaps not, but Carr has the motor and the skills to give any of the other four a run for their money. I would withhold judgement until after B1G’s-Carr didn’t see McKenna or Lee when Illinois faced tOSU and PSU. Has he matched up with Yianni or Eierman this year?
  23. Underhook

    YanniD vs McKenna

    141 is the most underrated weight this year-lots of parity between the top five or so guys. If you told me McKenna, Yianni, Lee, Eierman, and Carr were going to wrestle a round robin on pay per view, I’d consider it appointment viewing
  24. Underhook

    OSU wrestling

    It’s a shame we won’t see an okie state-Penn state dual this year. The teams match up well and there are several swing matches that could go either way with huge implications for the team score. Here’s my attempt at predicting what said dual would look like: 125: Picc tech. Schnupp. Picc has been lights out this year and I think he has a great chance at being in the finals this year. Schnupp keeping this to a major or regular decision would be huge for PSU. 5-0 okie state 133: Fix dec. RBY. This matchup of the stud freshmen is the first “swing” bout of the dual, but I like Fix here. RBY winning certainly wouldn’t shock me, but I think Fix has shown a more complete offensive and defensive skill set at this point in the season. I see this as a one takedown match where Fix wins a key scramble or is able to score late in a period to seal the win. An RBY win would dump the 133 rankings on there head and seriously hurt OSU’s chances in this hypothetical dual 8-0 cowboys 141: Lee dec. Brock. Both these guys can score points in a hurry, and the only result I don’t see as a legit possibility are either guy winning by tech. Brock’s inconsistency at 141 leads me to pick Lee relatively confidently, but Brock’s ability to take guys from their feet to their back makes me cautious in counting him out, especially against a guy like Lee who goes for broke the whole seven minutes. 8-3 pokes 149: Gfeller dec. Berge/Verk. Gfeller is a certified stud, and Berge and Verkleeren are both missing a “signature win” to set them apart from the pack this season. I think Gfeller wins comfortably, and has a solid chance to get OSU some crucial bonus. I can’t help but think back to him decking Nick Lee as a redshirt last year 11-3 OSU 157: Nolf tech. Sheets. Do I really have to explain this one? Nolf will be hunting for the pin, but I think Smitty will do a good job prepping sheets to stay off his back to keep the dual close as possible. 11-8 okie state 165: Cenzo dec. Smith/Rogers. Huge bout here. An okie state win could set them up to win, but Cenzo is a guy I won’t bet against. I think he has the skill and poise to take a controlled decision from either cowboy AA. However, Smith has looked good this year, and Rogers upper body arsenal gives him the means to change the entire match if Joseph gets sloppy in the ties. 11-11 174: Hall dec. Smith/Smith. I just don’t see either guy possessing the finishing or scrambling ability to win the takedown battle against Hall. This is not a knock on Joe or Jacobs, more a statement about how elite Hall’s defense is. I would love to be proven wrong and see 174 thrown into total chaos. 14-11 Nittany Lions 184: This is the toughest weight to offer a prediction for given the number of unknowns. Would Shak go? Can Geer beat a less than 100% Rasheed? I like Geer against the PSU backup and a less than healthy shak. However, I think Rasheed cruises here if he’s healthy. For predictions sake, I’ll take Geer by decision over PSU’s backup. 14-14 197: Nickal wbf. Weigel. In prior years I think there would be no way Weigel gets pinned in this important of a match-but after watching Nickal deck Moore and seeing Preston look less than stellar against Air Force, I think Bo comes up huge when PSU needs him most. He is at his best in the big matches, and a pin here could essentially ice the dual for PSU. Weigel keeping this to a major or regular decision would put Okie state in a great spot-forcing this dual to come down to heavyweight favors them on paper. 20-14 PSU 285: White dec. Cassar. Another huge (pun always intended) swing match. White has been the only one to slow down Cassar’s neutral offense this year. Being a bumped up 197 himself, White matches up very well with Cassar technically and physically. He holds a size advantage, but does not sacrifice speed like most other heavyweights. This prediction could very easily get flipped by one Cassar double leg, and Anthony will likely have to beat White in either the semis or finals if he wants to be a national champ this year. This brings the final score to 20-17 PSU. On paper okie state can turn this one into a real nail biter, and put themselves in great position to pull the upset by winning the matches they’re supposed to, minimizing bonus against PSU’s studs, scoring their own bonus, and/or pulling one very possible upset. PSU could just as easily make this an ugly night for the cowboys if they win the swing matches and Nolf/Nickal do what they have been known to do to good wrestlers. After watching them railroad Ohio state, this is not an unreasonable prediction either. Just my $0.02 on the most exciting dual we won’t be seeing this season
  25. Right you are! I suppose this is what I get for checking box scores instead of watching the actual dual