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  1. RE the shoe thing, I think it really goes to show how wrestling has grown in popularity (and this as a market) stateside over the last ten years. I wrestled in high school not that long ago, and even then you pretty much only had ASICS, adidas, and Nike to choose from, and Nike especially didn’t make very many different models. Since then the existing brands have put way more shoes on the market, along with other brands making dedicated lines (under armor with scrap life) and brands like Rusia that cater to wrestlers first. Exciting time to be part of the sport in the USA
  2. I do not, but I would ballpark in the low hundreds when teams like SIU-Edwardsville came to town, 750-1000 when teams like Missouri or NC state were the opponent. Navy was always a well attended match as well due to the schools proximity to the worlds largest navy base
  3. Going to disagree with this statement; unless you’re aware of some behind the scenes things that I am not. Most attendance at ODU home matches came from alumni, or members of the Hampton roads community. Students like me in attendance were relatively few. It was a common sight to see high school and middle school teams attend duals with their entire team. ODU’s annual dual with Navy packed the stands every year. In my opinion, ODU’s alumni and community support was as good as a mid-major program outside of “wrestling country” can hope for.
  4. As a recent ODU graduate, I can say this is absolutely the case. Money influences EVERYTHING at that university, all the way down to which fraternity parties get busted by odu police and which do not. Being connected to the university through donations essentially makes you a god
  5. As a recent graduate of odu, I am ashamed of my university and can say for certain they will never get another cent out of me. I pity the poor person at the alumni association who calls me to solicit a donation
  6. A “Gene Mills” style half Nelson from the opponents base while working a spiral ride. Absolutely devastating technique, allowed me to rack up enough back points for big cushion, or just flat out end the match against a lot of guys that might’ve otherwise beaten me
  7. Mixed feelings about this that are leaning to the sad side. I like the idea of Navy becoming a more competitive team nationally, as they surely will under Kolat. I’m also very sad to see him leave Campbell, i think they still had a lot of room to trend upwards, and it seemed like the admin at the school was fully behind him(assumptions, we never know the full story). I was very much enjoying watching the camels become a team that could upset big schools in a dual or place top ten at nationals (not saying that’s where they were this year, but I think Campbell had that trajectory under Kolat)
  8. TRIP n sweep, huh? I like your style
  9. 125: Lee 133: Rivera 141: Lee 149: O’Conner 157: Hidlay 165: Joseph 174: Kemerer 184: Zahid 197: Moore 285: Parris I reserve the right to alter these picks depending on conference tournament results, but I’m fairly confident in these picks as whole
  10. Rivera is my pick for this weight class at NCAA’s. Kid is a bad bad dude
  11. Underhook


    Talking about 184 in the PSU-tOSU dual thread prompted me to look at the rankings (intermat) and holy cow, the amount of young talent at this weight is staggering. Zahid is still as close to a lock as one can be at the NCAA tournament this year, but this weight class is going to be absolutely bananas next year and the year after. 12 of intermat’s top 20 are freshmen or sophomores this year. With the exception of Taylor Venz(a junior who will also return next year), all of the ranked big ten wrestlers are underclassmen(Brooks, Assad, Embree, Jordan, Braunagel, Janzer, Caffey). And this is not even mentioning the stud underclassmen outside the B1G like Hidlay, Bolen, Bonaccorsi, Montalvo, the list goes on and on. Dean of Cornell will also return from redshirt next years I think this means we’re in store for plenty of back and forth series of matches that go across seasons between the young guys at this weight, and it all starts this season! This is quietly becoming one of my favorite weights at NCAA’s this year, every AA spot seems up for grabs except #1
  12. Pletcher vs Lee is certainly the match of the dual, but 184 is also a sneaky good bout. Two tough freshmen both with something to prove-Brooks coming out hot and getting a major against a tough opponent in a big home dual could solidify him as a threat to place highly, and similarly i think a statement win is within reach for Jordan. So much young talent at this weight, in the big ten and outside, I think it warrants its own thread to avoid derailing this one
  13. Let’s rephrase the question: which guy from “the field” is most likely to knock out one of the top four? Tucker honestly isn’t a bad choice, but I’m gonna pick Alvarez out of Rutgers to make some noise. This isn’t a prediction or anything, just for discussions sake
  14. Hyperbole. Pletcher is a man on a mission this year. Lee could very well win, but I don’t think either guy is getting pinned unless someone brings a gun onto the mat. I expect a wild match with great scrambles that should be right up there with Hall/Kem and Joseph/Marinelli for match of the season
  15. I’ve officially boarded the Parris hype train. Gable is going to have his hands full with him
  16. “Walks around 200+” gimme a break, is that really the best trolling you have?
  17. I’ve seen people mentioning the Brayton Lee DQ as another example of this, is that match on YouTube? (I’m too cheap for Flo) I haven’t seen it and would like to compre the techniques/positions
  18. Uhhh didn’t Cenzo miss weight at 157 during his redshirt year? I could be wrong but I also seem to recall an interview with Hall where he says he cuts the most weight on the team. I think the fact that they’ve both 1) stayed at these weights there entire careers, and 2) both made the finals every time they’ve been at NCAA’s, says they are at their ideal weights. I’ve seen people chalking up Hall’s loss last night to poor pre meet scouting or a potential size discrepancy but I just don’t buy it. Kemerer was just a hair better at wrestling last night, Hall was THIS close to several scoring opportunities but Kem always found a way. For me, the result last night was purely about who’s wrestling better right now
  19. I don’t have a dog in this fight, but something was definitely fishy last night. I watched the match with my father (a retired orthopedic surgeon) and he said that while we can’t know for sure, he didn’t see Desantos knee go into any position that would make injury likely. As a coach who is still very active in the practice room, I can say that I’ve had my ankle pulled like that, and been on both ends of similar cradles on an almost daily basis the last few months with no injury. The only time I saw positions that made me worry about someone’s knee last night was during some scrambles at 197. Now I’m not a medical professional, and obviously freak accidents DO happen, so we should reserve judgement until after we see Desanto take the mat again (hopefully ASAP!). Something did seem strange however, and Brands post match comments only add to this
  20. Well said, I’m officially on board with a dual championship format. I think there is room for a dual championship to coexist with the (individual) national tournament. I won’t pretend to have enough foresight to describe how the system should work; but several state high school athletic associations successfully use both a dual format to crown team state champions and a tournament format to crown individual state champions-The NCAA ought to be able to figure it out too
  21. How drunk is Gibbons tonight sheesh
  22. Question for the Iowa experts: Seeing as how midlands has been a staple of the Hawkeyes schedule for years, has Iowa ever had any multiple time national champs who were never midlands champs?
  23. Kemerer looks fantastic at 174-I’m very eager to see how he matches up with Hall, a finalist at this weight would be huge for Iowa’s title hopes
  24. Desanto looking tough. Big third period with Gross on top. Carver magic is running strong right now
  25. The sour grapes mentality towards flo trying something new is exactly why people have a hard time becoming wrestling fans if they didn’t compete as wrestlers. Disparaging grappling for not having lots of fans while being a fan of a niche sport like wrestling is laughably hypocritical. Like it or not, hundreds of THOUSANDS of adults pay good money to train in grappling gyms across the United States-the same cannot be said for wrestling. Just because you yourself are unaware of of crossover between the fan bases for the two sports does not mean it does not exist. As a wrestler who has joined the BJJ community I can tell you that most grapplers have the upmost respect for wrestlers, and often express the wish that they had been exposed to wrestling in their youth. To see the reverse mentality from wrestling fans makes me sad-we should be applauding flo for doing something that could bring new sets of enthusiastic eyes to wrestling. As fans we often talk about doing whatever it takes to grow the sport, then sabotage any possibility of this happening by being hostile to outsiders who may be curious. Have an open mind
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