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  1. PD3 has come out swinging in the last hour...
  2. Pretty funny stuff here. SIAP https://twitter.com/flolegal1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1282757381324234759|twgr^&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fbwi.forums.rivals.com%2Fthreads%2Fmore-flo-news.272066%2F
  3. The problem is PD3 is basically Dennis Rodman. He's going to get called for a technical just for being Rodman. It's a pattern of behavior that got him in trouble whether or not that other stuff is true.
  4. Ya I'm not talking about the value. I was a subscriber until recently. I was talking about them charging ppl for months and years after they had cancelled and making it extremely hard to cancel your subscription. I mean it was borderline illegal what they did early on. It was clear they were doing it on purpose to make more money off of people because there was a ton of ppl having the same problem. I mean it was basically CC theft in reality.
  5. Flowrestling has been a sketchy organization from its inception with their rampant overcharging of its customers. I always attributed it to their founder but it seems they have reared their ugly heads yet again.
  6. Why would Nick Lee be favored over McKenna? McKenna just beat Yianni a few months ago while Nick Lee just lost his last match in college. He's also 1-2 against McKenna.
  7. Well he's as good as any with his years of connections.
  8. An insider on another board has said tOSU is in the mix.
  9. Well his first comment is absolutely correct unfortunately. The second comment was probably not the smartest comment to make considering you are part of the sport but I have to admit I too find Greco and Women's wrestling relatively uninteresting. FWIW I watch plenty of other women's sports including Tennis, Track, USWNT etc.
  10. Stanford doesn't want wrestling to be saved and its not about money despite what they say.
  11. Real Woods in transfer portal. Good for him and screw Stanford.
  12. I tend to agree that a four year College education is overrated and unnecessary for many and also massively overpriced. And I am someone that has gone through the highest levels of education and was in some sort of higher education until I was 32 without taking any breaks. I feel like I could have gotten to that same point in 4-5 years earlier by cutting out a ton of fluff and waste that is not remotely pertinent to my current profession. I've thought for a long time based on my own experience that there needs to be a massive overhaul in this country in regards to higher education, it's perceived value vs actual value and the massive out of control costs of it. It honestly disgusts me that these Universities get away with charging almost $100K a year in tuition, have Billions of dollars in endowments and yet cut sports like wrestling all in the name of "saving money". Give me an effing break. Shame...
  13. Yep, Apple and oranges. That tournament practiced ZERO social distancing in any form or kind. They did zero testing. The stands were packed with no one wearing masks and the players were partying at night clubs afterwards not to mention playing soccer and basketball together. It's a terrible representation of how sports can and should be played during the pandemic. Several tennis tournaments have taken place recently with excellent safety protocols. I remember watching that tennis tournament on TV and thinking oh ok this tournament must have taken case before the pandemic. I was utterly shocked when I found out it wasn't.
  14. At his current rate of medal upgrades Tervel will have a gold medal by 2033.
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