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  1. Yes but with the new RS rules you will get to see him compete much more than a normal RS year. Could see him in some important duels and tourneys and still not lose his RS.
  2. A healthy Kharchla. I still remember him destroying Mekhi Lewis before he got hurt. That's the beast I wanna see.
  3. He definitely said it in an interview that was a couple years ago.
  4. Great win by Rocco over Barr. Shows you the difference between folk and free. Barr won in free but lost in folk when he couldn't get out from bottom in time to give up the 1 point loss.
  5. I doubt he was offered anything meaningful . I'm guessing that's why he waited so long to commit...hoping for a meaningful schollie offer from tOSU that likely never came. He was also blocked at his weight already by Geog and/or Shumate. GL to Sonny though I think his best wrestling could be ahead of him. Buckeyes are likely saving their remaining schollie $ on MAM or Adams.
  6. He was up 8-7 when he got pinned. Just inexperienced in freestyle more than anything and got pinned after a 4 point move after being caught out of position.
  7. How good is the 61kg that beat Bouzakis? Up and coming star? Compared to Masoumi? TIA
  8. The two matches we're different levels of domination. Watch them if you haven't. The Iranian got 2 4 point exposures in the first15 seconds of the match. Mullen then stalled for about a minute before getting teched. Mullen's matches with Feldman both went much longer with 1 going the distance. I'm a HUGE Feldman fan but Feldman willl definitely be a huge underdog in freestyle. The young Iranian is already ranked above any US Senior Heavyweight for a reason including Gwiz, and Zillmer and would beat both handily.
  9. Feldman will be a huge underdog to that guy. He's already ranked internationally above Gwiz and Zillmer and probably a top 10 guy already including Russians IMO.He lost Zare yes but he did get a takedown. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/7945628-nick-feldman-on-a-collision-course-with-monster-iranian-heavyweight
  10. DocBZ

    Derek Fix

    Is that Daton's dad or sumfin?
  11. Don't see it....will lose lots of money flying cross country for a USC vs Rutgers dual. Works for football not wrestling. Also Cali HS wrestling is more concentrated in NorCal with schools in Clovis, Gilroy, Vacaville, Concord, etc. Not exactly the Bloods vs the Crips but NorCal vs SoCal is a real thing in Cali HS sports.
  12. Can't see Jesse Mendez ever being a 149. He will need a couple years to make 141 IMO if he can even make that weight. Rocco Welsh should be in the lineup by 2025 as a 174 tor 187. Also think Howard's points are too high based on his shoulder re-injury.
  13. Which is also illegal I believe if its contingent on coming to a particular school.
  14. Gwiz losing to Dhesi at Pan-am's could have been a sign that his trajectory is on the decline...he was a guy that he normally beats easily.
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