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  1. Yawn...this is already happening at all levels of sport so this type of news is more like....expected.
  2. It will never happen but I would like to see the NCAA decrease the gap between the 2 upper weights. Something like 210 (which would be close the the International weight of 97kg) and 265 max for HWT.
  3. WTF is taking so long???? McKenna 100% won that match
  4. Damn...Father Time schooled Deakin in the last 30 seconds.
  5. Zillmer takes out Bradley again and makes the National Team. Not a bad first showing for him at 125kg. Dude looks jacked and could put on a lot more weight too.
  6. Will be interesting to see if NaTo can avenge the bull**** call in 2017...
  7. Ohio State has 6 finalists....3 in FS and 3 in Greco.
  8. Moore over Cox. He actually looked better after he injured his shoulder.
  9. Next time try to spell his name correctly. Not hard...
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