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  1. The chatter about the team makes it seem increasingly likely that they are all in this year.
  2. Their billing "practices" at their start were very sketchy but they have gotten better I assume...
  3. Cox vs Snyder is a pickem, although if I had to pick I would pick Snyder by a hair. Sadulaev beats both comfortably.
  4. Wasn't even really that close, Wood only got 1 legit TD on Kerk in the first match and got the other pts on pushouts as Kerk was milking the clock. Same in match 2 where Kerk was up 6-1 and basically laid on his belly to give Wood 2 pts instead of 4 as Wood was trying to throw him at the end.
  5. I'd still take Cassar and Gable over Kerk even with a healthy knee.
  6. Awesome!! Someone needs to change his Wiki page already
  7. He has been seen hanging around a lot with Ohio State wrestlers and recruits. He also wrestles for team Miron who is Kharchla's father.
  8. The weight that college wrestlers go during offseason freestyle doesn't have much to do with what weight they will wrestle in college. 125 Malik or Jordan Decatur if Malik Redshirts (honestly both need a RS year) 133 Pletcher 141 Kinner or Hayes if he can make weight 149 Sasso 157 Mattox or Cleary 165 Romero or Smith (Kharchla will RS) 174 Smith or Rocky 184 Hoffman 197 Moore HWT Singletary (Kerk will RS and hopefully change his mind and get his ACL fixed...)
  9. Pletcher looked really good at U23's. If you would have told he he would take Eierman to the third match while going up a weight I would have said no way. Eierman couldn't stop his single leg.
  10. Convenient injury TO for Wood considering he was about to get gator rolled...
  11. Yikes a basketball game broke out in the Hayes vs Kramer match 27-20 in the second!
  12. Wow Pletcher wins rd 2 vs Eierman 12-11. Pletcher looks like a completely different wrestler than I remember, he's been super aggressive and seemingly got to a knee on Eierman at will. Looks strong as well despite going up to this weight.
  13. Dang Kerkvliet is a lot stronger than he looks. Woods tried 2 throws on him and ended up down 6-0 instead...Kerkvliet wins 6-5
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