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  1. Best explanation of the process I've seen so far by far...thanks
  2. Nice win for NaTo. He is now in the 3rd place match vs Richards
  3. I picked Moore as my dark horse before the J'Den fiasco. Still think Snyder wins but..who knows Moore was impressive last night.
  4. Hmmm.....am I the only one that didn't realize the 97kg challenge final was last night? Really awful scheduling by NBC Sports and USA Wrestling.
  5. It's a F8*ing crime that NBC Sports isn't showing JO vs Yianni on national TV...insteadits on Peacock....
  6. Boom McKenna takes down Zain. It's too bad that the Olympics aren't Folkstyle for Zain or he would prol be he favorite.
  7. It's crazy how quick is Gable is compared to the smaller Kerk....
  8. I like David Carr but he beat Logan Massa who really isn't very good anymore.
  9. Gilman vs Fix. Fix Zain vs JO. JO Nolf vs Dake. Dake Taylor vs Bo. DT Moore vs Mach. Moore Gable vs Gwiz. Gable
  10. Maybe for like a long weekend....
  11. No clue then...sucks for those that can't get Peacock then.
  12. Tonight's semis at 7pm is not on Peacock its only on NBCSN. The consolation matches are on Peacock I believe.
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