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  1. DocBZ

    Ohio State's incoming class

    Kharchla was just named HS wrestler of the year by Intermat. http://intermatwrestle.com/articles/21795
  2. DocBZ

    2020 NCAA Team Title

    Quite a few of those guys won't start next year... Stickley has not shot at 141. It will be Kinnar or Hayes if he can make 141. Hayes has no shot at 157, just not big enough and his interest level this year at the weight reflected this (one possibility would be Sasso at 157 and Hayes at 149, but still unlikely). 157 will likely be Mattox. Campbell has no eligibility left, 165 will be Romero or Kharchla. Rocky Jordan has not wrestled all year and has been in a boot and thus very unlikely at 174 next year. Will be Ethan Smith. I would love to see Kerk at HWT but all indications are that he will RS and it will be Singletary.
  3. Agree with Nolf...
  4. DocBZ

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    As I said, I agree with Fix...he destroyed everyone at 2107 Junior Wolds and has beaten some very good senior wrestlers. I'm an tOSU guy but McKenna has no realistic shot at beating Oliver, Stieber or whoever he is competing against. Now if the OP would have said Eirmann....then maybe as he has beaten Stieber. Reenan is not on the OP list so your pt is moot. I'm responding to the OP list.
  5. DocBZ

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    This is like the question of whether Alabama would beat the worst NFL team.....the answer is a definite no in both cases. The over/under on the NCAA winners would be like 0.5 and I would probably bet the under. Fix would have the only "realistic" shot IMO.
  6. DocBZ

    Returning Placers per weight

    149 and 157 are wide open. Look for RS Freshman studs like Sasso, Teemer and Carr to challenge immediately.
  7. DocBZ

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    Zero chance IMO Hayes goes 157 again. Simply not big enough and he is a disinterested wrestler at this pt. His only chance to make the lineup IMO is to cut back to 141 and wrestle off Kinnar. More likely 157 will be Mattox. Good chance Heinselman RS's next year as he was tiny and out muscled this year at 125. I could see Jordan Decatur for 1 year at 125 and then RS the next and ends up for 3 yrs at 133. Romero is unlikely at 165. Don't think he has a chance to beat out Kharchla next year. Ryan loves burning RS's and I could easily see this happening. Kerkvliet will be interesting and a likely AA if he starts but I get the feeling for various reasons he does RS.
  8. DocBZ

    Official Semi Finals Bad Calls Thread

    complete Robbery....Nolf got beat
  9. DocBZ

    tOSU's seedings

    Still... it would be a lot worse if he were the 6 or 7 seed in which case he would face Tariq Wilson or Micic in rd 2.
  10. DocBZ

    tOSU's seedings

    Pletcher second rd vs Bridges won't be easy
  11. DocBZ

    How hard is seeding?

    Having such a strict formula and eliminating the human eye test is a recipe for poor seedings. We saw that when Michael Carr was the #1 in the BTN at 141 . I laughed at that one when he was seeded above Nick Lee and Joey McKenna.
  12. DocBZ

    Forfeiting Conference Final

    NCAA fail...anyone picking Derek White the #1 seed to win it all?
  13. DocBZ

    Did Rahseed duck?

    "Trainer" decision....*cough*
  14. DocBZ

    Caption this...

    Wonder twins powers activate! Form of...an ice Merkle!
  15. DocBZ

    Big Ten Finals Thread

    I don't for one second think Rasheed had any part of it. Athletes want to compete and I don't think Rasheed is any different. Coaches decision IMO.