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  1. Ohio State has a big hole at 157
  2. He looked overweight last year
  3. Dylan Koontz is the current starter at 133 although I think the freshman Andre Gonzalez is better and beat him in wrestle offs. Seems like they don't want to burn his RS year though. Brady is listed at 125 but he isn't beating Malik Heinselman, so technically he is kinda battling him for 133 you could say.
  4. Classy move by Coach Ryan to add one more kid to the class of 2022....
  5. Be Careful what you wish for....
  6. Feels to me like Ohio State is flexing it's NIL power. No way can you get that many elite recruits with 9.9
  7. Not sure. I do remember Sasso talking about it being a tough cut to stay at 149. He will probably drive what happens I guess. No clue if he sticks around that long either.
  8. Not sure I see Kharchla at 174 he's short for 165 and already pretty developed. I could see him at 165 for his career.
  9. 1-4 are gonna be very tough and then you have Nick Feldman coming next year who is already beating college level NCAA qualifiers in high school
  10. Luke Geog committed today who is underrated IMO. Pretty Amazing that Ohio State got 6 out of 7 in this pic that was posted back in June. L to R, Feldman, Mendez, Bouzakis, Rogers, Brown, Geog, Shumate. And this is just the 2022 class. They already have Rocco Welsh and Vinny Kilkeary in 2023 and the Williams twins out of PA in 2024.
  11. Zach Sherman is also a 5th year Junior and returning AA. Graduated HS in 2017 so he's like 23-24 and has a lot of experience. He beat Dom Demas at NCAA last year as well. Also FWIW he didn't score any offensive points. His points came on 2 penalties from Sasso on an illegal mat return and locked hands and an escape. Sasso had the only offensive points in the match on 1 takedown and riding time. Closer to a 3-0 match in reality.
  12. Nick Feldman the PA HS senior HWT going to Ohio State dominated his 3 matches today including against Zachary Knighton Ward of Hofstra who is ranked #22 this year and a 2x NCAA qualifier. Didn’t give up a single offensive point today. He’s going to really good in a couple years if not next year. Initially I thought he might struggle today given his size but his quickness was evident today and he looked noticeably bigger than I've seen him, guessing 230-240. He injury defaulted the finals, not sure why as he didn’t look injured to me in his 3 matches.
  13. AOC weighs 149? She must be really tall...
  14. Rocco Welsh could crack that lineup too. Kilkeary also committed today and he could challenge Gonzalez.
  15. Ohio State now has the consensus #1, #2 and #3 wrestlers in the class of 2022. They also have had the #1 rated wrestler in each of the last 2 classes by at least one publication (Kharchla and Paddy Gallagher). Insane....
  16. Dad wins out in the end...pretty clear he wanted Ohio State all along
  17. I believe the weigh is were the night before so keep that in mind. Definitely helps the guy with the bigger cut.
  18. Jordan Decatur 7-3 over Echemendia
  19. Dunno I just turn on alert's for the guys I want to watch wrestle
  20. Tomasello beat Spencer in college and Tomasello just beat Suriano in freestyle.
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