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  1. Sammy Brooks is wrestling for Ohio RTC? I thought he was with Hawkeye RTC still?
  2. Dang bummer....did they give a reason why? Did they all test positive or something? TIA
  3. Where are you seeing this? Nothing on Flo page or twitter
  4. Can you subscribe for only 1 month at a time and cancel? As opposed to Flo which makes you subscribe for a whole year?
  5. Title sounds like a Horse Racing event....
  6. And sometimes even then it never ends!! :P
  7. How can conditioning be addressed? It has ben his achilles heel for years and Zahis knows it...most likely it is somewhat genetic to Zahid. Google "Lung brick Zahid Zeke Bo Jordan"...
  8. Too bad Zeke wasn't there to throw a lung brick to save him...
  9. Just the opposite IMO. A college freshman wrestler with zero matches hanging with a USA Senior Wrestler that recently beat Joey McKenna should earn him points. What incoming freshman could have done any better? I was actually half expecting a first period tech as my previous posts would indicate. Henderson is no joke... Keep in mind Henderson is a seasoned Freestyle Senior wrestler that has 4 years post college experience. Echemendia has yet to wrestle in college...perspective pls...
  10. Nice thank you! Just wish we could see the rankings...could you give us the top 5 or 10 at least? Also is Kollin Moore close to top 20? I would think he would...
  11. Dominant performance by Myles, congrats to him!
  12. I think they would have been better off making it a Hawkeyes vs the rest of the world thing like NLWC did. Same college wrestlers going against each other makes it hard to know who to root for and decreases the level of excitement IMO. Kinda like when Serena played Venus. Who do you root for?
  13. 4 losses in 2018-19 before joining in Oct 2019 and 2 losses since. I honestly don't think it has anything to do with NLWC but he clearly is struggling....Captain America he is no longer. A club change isn't going to fix that.
  14. he was down 2-0 before he tweaked his ankle.
  15. NLWC sure has helped him take it to the next level!
  16. Wow...Snyder MFF to Gadson losing 3-1 to avoid the loss. Cael's basement needs to be checked for mold spores.
  17. Novogratz is on CNBC all the time. He has millions if not billions invested in Bitcoin. He wants anarchy and the markets to crash to reap his investment...that much is clear.
  18. Seems they are only guys that have already wrestled. ie no Kerkvliet or Kharchla.
  19. I'm a tOSU homer but I think he would be lucky to AA at any weight. And I think Nick Lee would destroy him.
  20. Perhaps initially but they will have a rash of cases I'm afraid if they go forward. The SEC states currently have the highest amount of cases per capita and generally have the worst healthcare infrastructures as well. Not a good combination to fight a pandemic. I mean it's the Deep South.... https://wallethub.com/edu/states-with-best-health-care/23457/ https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  21. Pac 12 domino has fallen too...I don't see how the other conferences survive just from a medico-legal standpoint its an impossible risk for them to take. It would be akin to one Doctor agreeing to do a surgery on someone when 2 other Doctors have already refused to do because it was too risky. If something goes wrong you have no defense.
  22. The fact that the season ends in March makes moving the entire season to the spring much more viable than it is for football.
  23. SIAP but Kevin Randleman deserves some mention. Was an Ohio state track finalist in HS. How many times can you say that about a wrestler? Also played football for 4 years as a starter. Wrestled in college at 177 then went huge to 225 in MMA. Was a champion in both...I can still remember him slamming Fedor to the mat and thinking he just snapped his neck (2:25 below). With his physical talents there is no doubt in my mind he could have played football at Ohio State and possibly the NFL. Unfortunately his life was cut short at the age of 44 from pneumonia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Randleman
  24. Rocky is huge for a 184. I think he could easily go 197
  25. I believe the warnings are over 1 year. Christian Coleman got 3 in 1 year and is currently suspended.
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