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  1. Guy Snyder will face in the finals Matcharashvili (Georgia) tweaked his knee in his semi match and basically played defense the rest of the match. Advantage Snyder
  2. Snyder is winning easily but Sharifov matches are taking like 30 seconds. Could be important in their matchup. Hmm Sharifov has a loss already.
  3. Big win for Dylan. Also a big win today for one time top recruit Gavin Hoffman over Chase Singletary. Chase BTW had an outstanding off-season by winning the U23 World Team Trials.
  4. If you are given an allotment of course you are going to take it. Makes no sense not too. And 172.8 is 78.4KG...not sure how that is even possible. Your know it all attitude is just old...
  5. I have more knowledge about tOSU recruits/wrestlers than you clearly do. Yet you pretend to know everything about every wrestler. It's a pattern to your posting that many have seen on this board.
  6. LOL you have no clue. You said "Keep in mind yesterday he weighed in at 77 kg (169.8lbs)" as if this was fact. Then when I asked you how you know this you said you didn't.
  7. Because I have heard multiple times n the past that he doesn't have to cut to get to 165. I know nothing about the other guys but I've followed Carson for a long time even before he was on the radar of many college teams.
  8. 74+3 was the weight allotment. How do you know he used all of it?
  9. The thing I worry about with Kharchla is he is pretty short for his weight which would be even more magnified at 174. I've also heard he doesn't have to cut weight or not much to get to 165. I also don't think he will go up because of Kaleb Romero and Ethan Smith.
  10. As far as over performing expectations? Kharchla hands down...he would have won 13-0 had the review not been made. https://twitter.com/MrPatMineo/status/1334944154829418499/photo/1
  11. Zillmer has always bee his Kryptonite but Moore beat him the last time out just a couple of months ago 8-5 and I would take Moore again. Moore's 10-0 win vs Walz was very impressive. Same guy he narrowly beat 4-4 on criteria at Senior Nationals. Moore is really starting to show that potential we saw in his freshman year when he nearly beat J'Den Cox.
  12. This. He is probably better at free considering his background and father who is a former Soviet national freestyle team member. Kharchla also rarely wrestled folk in tournaments while in HS. That's kinda why he burst onto the scene in his senior year. Rocky Jordan actually beat Kharchla in a HS folk match although mainly because of HS OOB rules which are different than college.
  13. Kharchla was up in that match 7-5 with about 2:00 left before he got teched at the the end kinda like Ech today so that score is misleading. The video is on Youtube. That was a full year ago too
  14. 1. Bajrang (2-0 vs JO in the last year, 3X World Medalist) 2. Green (2017 win over JO, 2X World Medalist) 3. JO (TF over McKenna, Senior Nationals champion 2019) 4. McKenna (has a win over Yiani and is 1-1 vs Henderson) 5. Henderson (has wins over McKenna and Meredith) 6.. Ashnault (beat Lugo in 2019) 7. Meredith 8. Lugo
  15. Gee, sounds a lot like FloWresting back when Martin Floreani was running it...I wonder whatever happened to him? ;)
  16. Sammy Brooks is wrestling for Ohio RTC? I thought he was with Hawkeye RTC still?
  17. Dang bummer....did they give a reason why? Did they all test positive or something? TIA
  18. Where are you seeing this? Nothing on Flo page or twitter
  19. Can you subscribe for only 1 month at a time and cancel? As opposed to Flo which makes you subscribe for a whole year?
  20. And sometimes even then it never ends!! :P
  21. How can conditioning be addressed? It has ben his achilles heel for years and Zahis knows it...most likely it is somewhat genetic to Zahid. Google "Lung brick Zahid Zeke Bo Jordan"...
  22. Too bad Zeke wasn't there to throw a lung brick to save him...
  23. Just the opposite IMO. A college freshman wrestler with zero matches hanging with a USA Senior Wrestler that recently beat Joey McKenna should earn him points. What incoming freshman could have done any better? I was actually half expecting a first period tech as my previous posts would indicate. Henderson is no joke... Keep in mind Henderson is a seasoned Freestyle Senior wrestler that has 4 years post college experience. Echemendia has yet to wrestle in college...perspective pls...
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