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  1. 2 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    Now you're backpedaling, Dr. BZ.  Your initial statements insinuated that he didn't have to cut to 165 and weighed under 170.  You're a doctor.  Act like it.  You came into this not knowing that I already knew he weighed over 170 during the college season.  That has nothing to do with knowing it all, just knowing what actually transpired.  And this is with the Ohio State team that you know so much more about than me...?  C'mon doctor.


  2. 26 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    Careful.  His actual weigh-in weight is reported on Trackwrestling, and it was over 165.  I hope you're okay to know that, @DocBZ.

    172.8 to be precise.  So between now and then he has decided to get his weight below 165 and keep it there?

    You've lost your marbles again, Dr. BZ.

    If you are given an allotment of course you are going to take it. Makes no sense not too. And 172.8 is 78.4KG...not sure how that is even possible. Your know it all attitude is just old...

  3. 1 minute ago, nhs67 said:

    So he weighed in under 165 and bumped to 174 for the Purple Raider Open in January?  Got it.  I'm happy to know that we have such wise and smart individuals over here, such as you, Dr. BZ.

    I have more knowledge about tOSU recruits/wrestlers than you clearly do. Yet you pretend to know everything about every wrestler. It's a pattern to your posting that many have seen on this board.

  4. 4 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    How do you know he didn't?

    This isn't JB coming up after a career at 74kg to 185 on a couple week's notice, or a heavyweight match.  They weigh in at their tolerances at this level.  It is much safer to assume every single person aside for the heavies weighed in at their limits, with the exception to those coming up in weight from this last college or international seasons.

    So that leaves the list, in my mind-keep in mind I can have a differing opinion than you, as quite short for those who may not have exhausted their weight requirements:

    ORTC: Kollin Moore

    CKWC: Malik Amine, Tim Dudley

    GWC: Mitch McKee, Devin Skatzka

    Also by looking at him, I don't think Trent Hidlay cuts any weight to make 189.6lbs (86kgs) let alone 196.2lbs (89kgs) for the RTC Cup, here.

    Then there are the heavyweights.  Coon, Bradley, and Nelson are the only three I believe did not weigh comfortably under the 282.2lbs (128kgs) limit.

    Weight classes exist for a reason.

    Because I have heard multiple times n the past that he doesn't have to cut to get to 165. I know nothing about the other guys but I've followed Carson for a long time even before he was on the radar of many college teams.

  5. 4 minutes ago, nhs67 said:

    Keep in mind yesterday he weighed in at 77 kg (169.8lbs).

    I'm of the mind that Smith and Romero are comparable at worst.  165 was hella deep last year, whereas 174 was not.  So let Kharchla go whatever weight he earns the spot at.  If Smith has to challenge Romero for the 174 spot or Romero challenge Rocky for the 184 spot, so be it.  Smith fir the 184 spot deserves mention as well, I suppose.

    If Smith was at all worried about starting at 165, or 174 for that matter, he would have started some sort of plan to decend to 157 or bulk to 184.  He hasn't and to me that speaks volumes for a guy who started his career at 184 and decended to 165 last season.  He is comfortable.

    74+3 was the weight allotment. How do you know he used all of it?

  6. 2 hours ago, balanceseeker said:

    I have to go with Karchla.  I think a lot of people knew this was possible but probably didn't think this soon.  Interested to see him against Massa.  I was hearing this summer that he wanted to do 174 and the OSU staff wanted him at 165.  I thought (and voiced on here) that he is a title contender at 174 and 3rd or 4th best at 165.  I now reason to believe that he is a title contender at either weight and he said in an interview that it's probably 165.  Also very impressed with Yianni teching Sasso and beating Green but he was already a known commodity.

    The thing I worry about with Kharchla is he is pretty short for his weight which would  be even more magnified at 174. I've also heard he doesn't have to cut weight or not much to get to 165. I also don't think he will go up because of Kaleb Romero and Ethan Smith.

  7. 2 hours ago, nhs67 said:

    He's behind Macch and would be behind Nickal had henl chosen to stay at 97.  Add in that Zillmer is up 3-1 on him too.  Settle down there, Cowboy.

    Zillmer has always bee his Kryptonite but Moore beat him the last time out just a couple of months ago 8-5 and I would take Moore again. Moore's 10-0 win vs Walz was very impressive. Same guy he narrowly beat 4-4 on criteria at Senior Nationals. Moore is really starting to show that potential we saw in his freshman year when he nearly beat J'Den Cox.

  8. 1 hour ago, hammerlockthree said:

    i think kharchla is just that good at free. 

    This. He is probably better at free considering his background and father who is a former Soviet national freestyle team member. Kharchla also rarely wrestled folk  in tournaments while in HS. That's kinda why he burst onto the scene in his senior year.

    Rocky Jordan actually beat Kharchla in a HS folk match although mainly because of HS OOB rules which are different than college.

  9. 1 hour ago, nhs67 said:

    Omfg.  I came here expecting to see the Dashboard was reversed.

    Keep in mind this is the Karchla that Berger beat 17-7 via techfall.  This could be thar Lewis just looked like deuce.

    Kharchla was up in that match 7-5 with about 2:00 left before he got teched at the the end kinda like Ech today so that score is misleading. The video is on Youtube. That was a full year ago too



  10. 1. Bajrang (2-0 vs JO in the last year, 3X World Medalist)

    2. Green (2017 win over JO, 2X World Medalist)

    3. JO (TF over McKenna, Senior Nationals champion 2019)

    4. McKenna (has a win over Yiani and is 1-1 vs Henderson)

    5. Henderson (has wins over McKenna and Meredith)

    6.. Ashnault (beat Lugo in 2019)

    7. Meredith

    8. Lugo

  11. 13 hours ago, fadzaev2 said:

    Jason, I've called Rokfin and left messages 2 days in a row, and they still haven't called me back.....I think there is a mistake on my credit card I'd like to have taken care of....any suggestions????


    Gee, sounds a lot like FloWresting back when Martin Floreani was running it...I wonder whatever happened to him? ;)

  12. 17 minutes ago, misterc said:

    Wow wow wow, Zahid is a problem.  The conditioning can be addressed.  JB had me worried through the first but man oh man, JB doing JB things in the 2nd.  He is legend.

    How can conditioning be addressed? It has ben his achilles heel for years and Zahis knows it...most likely it is somewhat genetic to Zahid. Google "Lung brick Zahid Zeke Bo Jordan"...

  13. 18 minutes ago, Class said:

    Henderson is solid, nearly teched Eirman right?  But, some hype has to come off Echemendia 

    Just the opposite IMO. A college freshman  wrestler with zero matches hanging with a USA Senior Wrestler that recently beat Joey McKenna should earn him points. What incoming freshman could have done any better? I was actually half expecting a first period tech as my previous posts would indicate. Henderson is no joke...

    Keep in mind Henderson is a seasoned Freestyle Senior wrestler that has 4 years post college experience. Echemendia has yet to wrestle in college...perspective pls...

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