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  1. He wrestled 152 in HS last year.
  2. Interesting tweet from Echemendia last night. Also interesting who he is following now...
  3. Ryan said in his post match interviews that they have some mid year guys coming in that they can't mention until they enroll...hmm.
  4. I think you are underestimating Jake Woodley. Holding Bo Nickal to a 12-4 and 8-2 victories in the U23 USA World Team finals is fairly impressive. The same Bo Nickal who destroyed the Russian Tsakulov 12-2 in the finals.
  5. Couple thoughts... Kollin Moore looked fantastic against a tough Traxler beating him 19-8 (for comparison Bo Nickal beat him 14-4 last year at NCAAs). Haven't seen that type of non-stop scoring motor since his freshman year. Pletcher turning what looked to be a likely score by Woods off a nice ankle pick in SV into victory shows his development this year. I think we shouldn't be too surprised by this considering his success in the offseason (ie. beating Eierman). Woods is for Real (haha) and should be ranked much higher than 15.
  6. Well he hasn't wrestled for almost a year. I doubt he is in peak shape. That being said shoulder instability surgery is probably the hardest injury to come back from as a wrestler and will always be at risk for reinjury IMO
  7. Ya his gas tank issues usually seem worse early in the season. I remember a couple years ago when Bo Jordan was on his way to beating a gassed Zahid when Valencia gave Zeke the signal to "throw lung brick dummy!". It was pretty comical when you watch the video and Zeke's response to Zahid's signal. 9:45 mark below https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6052296-174-lbs-final-bo-jordan-ohio-state-university-vs-zahid-valencia-arizona-state
  8. Shoulder instability, ie labral tear. A tough injury for a wrestler, especially for a lower weight.
  9. Wow...reversed to caution 1 against Kerk somehow and Kerk loses.
  10. Kerkvliet beats the Mongolian Lkhagvagerel Munkhtur 4-4 on criteria for bronze. Challenge pending but if it holds that a solid win for his age. He's the same Mongolian that Gwiazdowski beat for bronze at last year's Yarygin.
  11. It looks like he passed out to me. Glad he is alright that was scary.
  12. 10-0 Tech USAWrestling Twitter has results live https://twitter.com/USAWrestling?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  13. When did I ever say Kerk would win a World title? I simply responded to you saying he struggled against Wood, which he didn't.
  14. And on Kerkvliet, I want to believe he's the same threat he was in Juniors, but he struggled a bit with Wood and Wood simply isnt "elite", the size, and lack of action over the past year, have me pretty pessimistic, heres hoping the athleticism can carry him to a medal. Struggled? Did you watch the matches? They weren't as close as the scores might indicate IMO. I mean Kerk basically flopped to his belly to give up 2 and avoid a possible 4 to secure the win in the last match.
  15. The chatter about the team makes it seem increasingly likely that they are all in this year.
  16. Their billing "practices" at their start were very sketchy but they have gotten better I assume...
  17. Cox vs Snyder is a pickem, although if I had to pick I would pick Snyder by a hair. Sadulaev beats both comfortably.
  18. Wasn't even really that close, Wood only got 1 legit TD on Kerk in the first match and got the other pts on pushouts as Kerk was milking the clock. Same in match 2 where Kerk was up 6-1 and basically laid on his belly to give Wood 2 pts instead of 4 as Wood was trying to throw him at the end.
  19. I'd still take Cassar and Gable over Kerk even with a healthy knee.
  20. Awesome!! Someone needs to change his Wiki page already
  21. He has been seen hanging around a lot with Ohio State wrestlers and recruits. He also wrestles for team Miron who is Kharchla's father.
  22. The weight that college wrestlers go during offseason freestyle doesn't have much to do with what weight they will wrestle in college. 125 Malik or Jordan Decatur if Malik Redshirts (honestly both need a RS year) 133 Pletcher 141 Kinner or Hayes if he can make weight 149 Sasso 157 Mattox or Cleary 165 Romero or Smith (Kharchla will RS) 174 Smith or Rocky 184 Hoffman 197 Moore HWT Singletary (Kerk will RS and hopefully change his mind and get his ACL fixed...)
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