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  1. "Trainer" decision....*cough*
  2. Wonder twins powers activate! Form of...an ice Merkle!
  3. I don't for one second think Rasheed had any part of it. Athletes want to compete and I don't think Rasheed is any different. Coaches decision IMO.
  4. Great kid and amazing wrestler and if it wasn't for the even more amazing Bo Nickal he would likely be wrestling for his 3rd NCAA title and in the conversation for the Hodge.
  5. Ditto. Guessing this was Cael's decision to not give MyMar a look at Rasheed until NCAA and I understand the logic behind it. Still, its a very bad look for wrestling in general especially on national TV. As someone else said...not good for the sport. I can only imagine someone not too familiar with the sport tuning in to the BTN and saying...WTF??
  6. Nickal vs Moore should be worth the price of admission alone.
  7. Agree. Sasso's recent success at the Dave Schultz tourney shows he can handle 157 (beat Anthony Collica and David Carr at 70kg). Also, I'm not sure Hayes can get back down to 141 after a year at 157. I think next year could be... 141 Kinner 149 Hayes 157 Sasso The wild card is Jaden Mattox who could force himself into the lineup with continued strong performances like today. He has already wrestled 165 this year and Mattox 165 and Kharchla 174 could eliminate a potentially weak weight for tOSU next year.
  8. Heinselman had a nice tourney. Avenged his loss to Liam Cronin, beat Patrick McKee easily and won his weight class. Wasn't really challenged.
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