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  1. It's cuz they have zero scholarship recruiting commitments for 2020 that I know of. I don't believe Bryce Hepner will receive any or if he does it will be a small amount. In contrast they have a couple highly ranked commitments from Paddy Gallagher in the class 2021 and Seth Shumate for 2022
  2. Full contact non-revenue sports will get hurt no question. Big time sports like football and basketball will continue IMO as schools will pony up for their cash cows and order mass testing though....sad but true.
  3. Your link is past when he talks about Ech and the team. Starts around 8:30 and Ech more specifically around 11:00 Interesting that Ohio State Athletics (gymnastics and fencing) has 2 coaches that are Cuban Olympians that may have helped land Ech. Ryan also mentioned he was beating Gillman as a HS wrestler at 15??
  4. Disagree.. Lee won on his home court and Pletcher won on a neutral field and won the most recent match. Pletcher is better...
  5. Good to see these wrestlers get the recognition they deserve. Did they go straight by NCAA tourney seeding s to decide who got AA?
  6. Best I can gather Echemendia started his defection to the USA in roughly June/July of 2018 but didn't arrive in the US until a few months later. That HS video was from over a year (1/19) ago and thus less than 6 months since he even arrived in the US (oh and BTW he still won that match against Denen Fernandez who went to Embry Riddle for college). Coming to the US he had zero experience with folk and bottom wrestling. Next year he will be some 2 years out from then. He's been seen working at the Olympic TC, Ohio RTC, Ohio State, Michigan and Iowa rooms. You don't think he will have learned anything in those rooms about bottom skills by then? Also FWIW you don't even have to be good or even average on bottom to AA in college. Much to my chagrin Ohio State themselves have had several AA's that were questionable bottom wrestlers. Also, Echemendia has beaten multiple highly ranked wrestlers easily (although granted in freestyle) including a 10-0 win against Josh Saunders 6 months ago who was #4 overall in 2020 and 8 months ago vs Victor Voinovich who is #15 overall in 2021. Here's another video of Echemendia throwing around Quinn Kinner at Ohio State. https://twitter.com/AnthonyEchemen1/status/1234696789825130497 Bottom line is...will Echemendia have issues on bottom next year? Very probably. Well then that mean he can't possibly AA then right? No, history has shown us so. Will he AA next year then? I have no clue but I just looked at who is coming back at 141 and 149 next year and I certainly don't think its crazy to see him in the top 8 there.
  7. It all depends on Echemendia and Kharchla. But ya replacing 2 wrestlers that had the inside track at winning an NCAA title will be hard to do.
  8. DocBZ

    Penn State

    Would be "nice" if you were a little more specific in your Topic post..
  9. What a "coincidence" that literally the day after the Olympics were delayed that cases of Coronavirus in Tokyo suddenly spiked?? My guess is that Japan finally ramped up testing after they no longer had to protect their Olympics.... https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/backstories/990/
  10. Since when is the NCAA accurate about anything?
  11. Playing a lot of Golden Tee on my A1UP...played like 10 rounds yesterday.
  12. Plus in the Winter 2018 games Canada was 3rd and Australia was 18th. So ya they are major players overall in the Olympics and in the eyes of the IOC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018_Winter_Olympics_medal_table
  13. At this point athletes are right that they just don't have the facilities to train at with so much of the nation on lockdown. That's the reason given by USA Swimming and Track and Field. Its a moot point though as it's just not going to happen. Even Japan's PM Abe has finally admitted so. https://www.espn.com/olympics/story/_/id/28940363/japan-pm-shinzo-abe-says-postponing-olympics-unavoidable
  14. Game over....I would give 100 to 1 odds at this stage.The dominos have started to fall just like it did with the NBA and NCAA...
  15. Japan uses just a fraction of its coronavirus testing capacity https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-japan-testing/japan-testing-for-coronavirus-at-fraction-of-capacity-idUSKBN2150ZR hmmm......so Japan is doing exactly the opposite of what every other country and experts are saying about testing. That's comforting...:X
  16. Bo Jordan 2nd, 3rd, 3rd and 5th place finisher.
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