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  1. It's gonna get cancelled man. I'm not saying its right or wrong but the writing is on the wall.
  2. I just think the pressure will be too great and the dominos are already falling. Today we saw several major college basketball conference tournaments get cancelled and those are much bigger money makers than wrestling.
  3. Yikes Seattle? Would you really have gone? I mean that's ground zero of the US outbreak. Just curious.
  4. All NCAA BB conference tourneys just cancelled. No way this goes on now.
  5. Harvard is also in one of the hotspots of the nation too.
  6. Zero chance this happens now. 2 Utah Jazz have now tested positive.
  7. Dangit I hate it when they do this! Wasn't it supposed to start at 6pm?
  8. Physicians have to do CME's (continuing medical education) every year but the amount varies by states. It's usually about 40-50 hours a year.
  9. DeWine just banned all spectators at indoor Ohio sporting events. Dayton is hosting NCAA games there next week which will now be void of spectators but at least the games will still be played. I think more states will follow like dominos. This will include the Cavaliers and Blue Jackets.
  10. I seriously doubt they will. The NCAA already issued a statement stating its not their jobs to regulate conference tournaments and the ACC and SEC BB tourney is going on as we speak and the BTN tourney tips off in a few hours.
  11. Seeds announced live tonight at 6pm EST on NCAA.com for those interested https://www.ncaa.com/news/wrestling/article/2020-03-09/2020-ncaa-di-wrestling-selection-show-date-time-how-watch
  12. Top bottom stalling calls are just as bad...
  13. Santa Clara county in California just banned gatherings over 1K people. It's where the San Jose Sharks play and the NCAAW Tourney was supposed to have some games there too.
  14. I rewatched it last night and I counted 19 shots from Lee in periods 1 and 2 (10 and 9 respectively). That's a shot every 15.7 seconds. That went down to 3 in period ...he gassed himself out.
  15. You picked all Big Ten guys except 149... I'd go Kolodzik at 149, Hidlay at 157, Lujan at 184
  16. Just have the games on a flotilla of cruise ships at sea. That should solve it.
  17. I watched that and was confused as well as too who was actually in Danger.
  18. FWIW Sasso gave up a TD and reversal to Yaya Thomas in his match, had none of his own and still won the match.
  19. Honestly this was probably a good thing for Sasso to lose at this point. Will force him reevaluate and be more offensive to beat the top guys. That being said I think the NCAA championship will come from outside the Big Ten this year at 149.
  20. That was easily 2 or 3 seconds. In fact it was closer to 4 seconds. The quick review tells me the refs already knew they weren't reversing it. It is what it is though..wrestlers get screwed by terribly officiating al the time. Sasso needs to be more offensive to keep him out of those "ref" losses.
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