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  1. Japan's handling of the Diamond Princess crisis is an absolute disaster and textbook for what NOT to do. Japan is likely 2 months behind China from an epidemiology standpoint. I have little confidence in Japan's ability to control this outbreak based on their actions so far. Only positive is warm weather, time and history are generally in their favor in terms of previous epidemics. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-health-japan-response/with-stricken-cruise-ship-japan-draws-criticism-over-coronavirus-response-idUSKBN20D0HE
  2. Are you serious? Each team usually has at least 2-3 wrestlers at every weight. These are the guys that Colleges send to these in season tournaments instead of duals. Plus there are many more programs that aren't D1 that have wrestling.
  3. A very prominent Japanese Virologist who worked with the WHO on SARS was recently asked this question and he couldn't give an answer. FWIW Japan has by far the most cases after China when you include the Diamond Princess Cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan which has some 630+ cases. Yokohama is only about 30 miles from the heart of Tokyo BTW. https://apnews.com/1ad2e02527c563db3c35d81c063a9568 https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  4. Kinner just got beat by someone outside the top 100 at 157 according to Wrestlestat. If Berge can't beat Kinner then it's best not to run him out for Big Ten's IMO. He's clearly nowhere near 100%
  5. Great athletes can be soft. I've said the same thing for a lot of Ohio State football players I cheered for and been criticized for it. Beanie Well, Braxton Miller, Devier Posey, Dwayne Haskins...all soft. None of those guys could take a hit and when they did they went down like a Mike Tyson hit them.
  6. Ref was awful tonight. How did he miss an obvious Pin??
  7. PSU has more holes than I thought they did. 125 we already knew about. Berge clearly is nowhere near ready and Shak is a shell of himself. Neville got gassed bad by a walk-on guy 50 lbs lighter than him. I'd be smiling if I was Iowa right now.
  8. Sad but Shak is a shell of himself. That was a close match 2 years ago. Not sure he makes rd of 16
  9. First stall on PSU all dual!!!!
  10. Shak with his head buried in the mat for 20 seconds but no stall LOL
  11. Bo calling Rocky a HS phenom is a bit of stretch LOL
  12. Wow they gave 2 swipes on that?? BS
  13. Why is Michael Avenatti reffing this dual?
  14. and fourth year RS freshman...oh hey there Aaron Brooks!!
  15. 3 weights...he was 133. Pretty sure Berge could beat Heinselman though...
  16. Ref should have hit Kinner with a stall on top...*cough*
  17. Wow Berge gets a pass for his injury but he looked awful. Can't imagine he will be much better anytime soon. Advantage Iowa NCAA's
  18. STEAL would be the optimal word. He stalled the entire match and zero stalls...sumfin
  19. Very should have 1 or 2 stalls already
  20. He turf officiating is worth a good 5 points so I don't disagree.
  21. Just looked up Sadulaev's record. I am assuming those are the first offensive points he has given up since he lost to Snyder in 2017?
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