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  1. Sad but Shak is a shell of himself. That was a close match 2 years ago. Not sure he makes rd of 16
  2. First stall on PSU all dual!!!!
  3. Shak with his head buried in the mat for 20 seconds but no stall LOL
  4. Bo calling Rocky a HS phenom is a bit of stretch LOL
  5. Wow they gave 2 swipes on that?? BS
  6. Why is Michael Avenatti reffing this dual?
  7. and fourth year RS freshman...oh hey there Aaron Brooks!!
  8. 3 weights...he was 133. Pretty sure Berge could beat Heinselman though...
  9. Ref should have hit Kinner with a stall on top...*cough*
  10. Wow Berge gets a pass for his injury but he looked awful. Can't imagine he will be much better anytime soon. Advantage Iowa NCAA's
  11. STEAL would be the optimal word. He stalled the entire match and zero stalls...sumfin
  12. Very should have 1 or 2 stalls already
  13. He turf officiating is worth a good 5 points so I don't disagree.
  14. Just looked up Sadulaev's record. I am assuming those are the first offensive points he has given up since he lost to Snyder in 2017?
  15. How is it not a big deal when you go to your rivals RTC and It already cost them Kerkvliet? That's not a big deal?
  16. I don't think it's that big of a conflict for Ohio State fans as you might believe. Judging from the reaction on tOSU boards most fans will be rooting for Cox, including myself.
  17. I'm guessing Snyder's getting steamrolled by Mohammadian may have had something to do with it as well.
  18. I can't see Snyder beating Sadulaev or Mohamaddian even if he gets the berth.
  19. Interesting video I had not seen before of J'Den and Snyder going live in 2019 before BTS.... https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6478413-jden-cox-kyle-snyder-1-minute-live-go
  20. Serious question. How many of Pletcher's matches have you watched this year? I've watched all of his matches and of any wrestler in all of college he probably looks the most improved. The weight bump to 141 from 133 has been a huge difference for him. Last year's results have little bearing on his success this year. Lee is a great wrestler and could very well win but so could Pletcher. I actually have Lee as a slight favorite.
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