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  1. Verk didn't gas out he's just an inferior wrestler to Brayton Lee and it eventually caught up with him.
  2. Lee and Pletcher have 9 common opponents this year. Lee has done better in 5 of those 9 matches. Pletcher has done better in 4 of 9. Either wrestler pinning or dominating the other seems a bit of a stretch IMO...
  3. Put down the crack pipe..
  4. FWIW it certainly is a real possibility that DeSanto felt the injury at the time was worse than it may actually turn out to be. As an Ohio State fan I can still remember Braxton Miller being taken off the field in an ambulance against Purdue and we all thought he was dead... and then he started the next week.
  5. Sorry but Spey's ranking are a joke. His reasoning is flawed and he is in essence rewarding DeSanto for questionable tactics and crying wolf...can't reward bad behavior.
  6. You can tear your ACL in thousands upon thousands of positions and all legal..hell I can run down the hall and tear my ACL with no one within miles of me. I don't get the logic...
  7. Gotta think Ryan goes with Dylan Koontz the rest of the way at 125. He looked good at 125 in winning the Edinburg open. Malik has had his chance but unfortunately has shown no improvement in strength or ability to finish.
  8. Kudos to White that was one gutty win
  9. Refs being very generous not hitting White for stalling
  10. Home crowd reversal for Lovett. DeCatur won that match IMO
  11. No dog in this fight, in fact i was pulling for Iowa last night. Heck, I even defended DeSanto in another post but seeing what Brands said about him last night now and knowing his past makes me think this zebra just ain't changing his stripes. It's too bad as he is a really talented wrestler.
  12. They really need to fix the brick rule. Either throw it right away or you can't challenge. You don't get to throw it after another scoring series to negate the 2 points that Kemerer just scored as well.
  13. Could be 12-0 PSU very shortly
  14. Don't understand both stoppages...
  15. That was a pin for Kinner, ref blocked his own view for some reason.
  16. Kid is a gamer and tough as nails. No one is perfect and you take the good with the bad and I for one would love to have him on my team. I guarantee you there are many many athletes in other college sports that have done WAY worse things than he has...
  17. Sasso's gas tank is also much improved from the beginning of the year. That's what won it for him against Lugo and it's what won it for him at the end against Brayton Lee who ironically in his his previous matchups with Sasso really had the upper hand in terms of conditioning and just wore him down.
  18. OK, so I fully admit I was drunk last night while watching the dual and the Sasso vs Lugo match. So I decided to re-watch it today fully sober amidst the outcry and outrage by Iowa fans. And contrary to popular belief Sasso and Lugo both had 3 shots/offensive moves during the match. (Actually Sasso had 3 pure shot attempts while 2 of Lugo's offensive moves came out of tie-ups) I think where most of the outrage stems from is the fact that Lugo's attempts were much closer to scoring than Sasso's...that fact cannot be denied. But then again I am a big fan of horsehoes and hand grenades and Sasso's defense was a beautiful thing to behold and indeed Yianni-esque. The fact of the matter is this match was a draw on their feet and Sasso won it on his top/bottom skill....and that folks is the essence of folkstyle. Don't believe me? Then rewatch it yourself...
  19. Yep, and I guarantee you Sasso is a better wrestler now for gutting out that tough win. Much more so than if he would have won easily. Oh and the last I checked the goal is to win the match, not take the most shots.
  20. I don't think anyone really thought that Lugo was really the best wrestler in the weight class. He was basically just a place holder by default. He was definitely the underdog in that match IMO.
  21. Sugar Shakur needs an IV Dextrose drip STAT...
  22. Maybe Aaron Brooks needs to take a couple more Greyshirts to prepare....at this rate he will be 30 in his senior year. Par for the course for PSU wrestlers tho...
  23. I'm not impressed with how Wrestlestat does it's ranking or predictions. It's a flawed algorithm whatever it is...
  24. Wow gutty effort by Sasso..he was gassing yet got the late TD for a MD!
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