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  1. OK, so I fully admit I was drunk last night while watching the dual and the Sasso vs Lugo match. So I decided to re-watch it today fully sober amidst the outcry and outrage by Iowa fans. And contrary to popular belief Sasso and Lugo both had 3 shots/offensive moves during the match. (Actually Sasso had 3 pure shot attempts while 2 of Lugo's offensive moves came out of tie-ups) I think where most of the outrage stems from is the fact that Lugo's attempts were much closer to scoring than Sasso's...that fact cannot be denied. But then again I am a big fan of horsehoes and hand grenades and Sasso's defense was a beautiful thing to behold and indeed Yianni-esque. The fact of the matter is this match was a draw on their feet and Sasso won it on his top/bottom skill....and that folks is the essence of folkstyle. Don't believe me? Then rewatch it yourself...
  2. Yep, and I guarantee you Sasso is a better wrestler now for gutting out that tough win. Much more so than if he would have won easily. Oh and the last I checked the goal is to win the match, not take the most shots.
  3. I don't think anyone really thought that Lugo was really the best wrestler in the weight class. He was basically just a place holder by default. He was definitely the underdog in that match IMO.
  4. Sugar Shakur needs an IV Dextrose drip STAT...
  5. Maybe Aaron Brooks needs to take a couple more Greyshirts to prepare....at this rate he will be 30 in his senior year. Par for the course for PSU wrestlers tho...
  6. I'm not impressed with how Wrestlestat does it's ranking or predictions. It's a flawed algorithm whatever it is...
  7. Wow gutty effort by Sasso..he was gassing yet got the late TD for a MD!
  8. I think so. I have watched all of Pletcher's matches this year and that was the only match that had me worried.
  9. Wow Pletcher is just relentless. MD over Moran and that match wasn't even as close as the score. I haven't watched Moran much but is back is weakness?
  10. So what...he still gave up 3 TD's to a true freshman.
  11. 15-6 Gross over Decatur. Decatur took down Gross 3 times though.....the talent is there but he really need to work on his bottom game, course he is just a true freshman. Pleasantly surprised by Decatur. He did exactly what he needed to do and held Gross to a MD.
  12. Decatur gets the first TD against Gross....still think Gross will MD if not TF him. But you can see the neutral position talent of Decatur
  13. Might wanna check Cael's basement for mold, dangerous lung spores....just saying.
  14. He was literally gasping for air like a fish out of water at the end there. Which is odd because he is the one that gassed out Sadulaev in Rd 1. And yes I agree he does look to bulky to me. I thought his overall strategy was pretty poor as well, pushed the action way to much and just wore himself down. He was flat out dominated. Sad to see him fall that far...
  15. Yes thanks for reminding about Miklus...oh wait nm I mentioned him in my original post. Rasheed has underperformed his seed every year at NCAA. Seeded 2nd in 2019 and finished rd of 16. Seeded 5th and finished 7th in 2018. Those other names you listed aren't exactly a list of wrestling giants either. Oh and I only see one win over Venz.
  16. So his best 2 wins are losses...great, you answered my question.
  17. I could never understand the Rasheed hype train. He's in his sixth year now and what has he done? He wasn't great when it counted at NCAA's last year and his best finish is 7th. What big wins does he have? His best win is against who... Willie Miklus?
  18. Also you can rewatch it on Foxsportsgo.com just sign in with your cable provider.
  19. Teske is not an upgrade over Heinselman.
  20. Hayes seems to be out of favor with Ryan or just too injured to go. In Ryan's latest interview he didn't even mention him as an option at 157 and instead said Kinner is trying to get to 157.
  21. McKenna should be higher unless you don't want to count his success at Ohio State. He has two thirds and a second place plus an R12. That's arguably better than anyone on the list.
  22. The match was close for a period or so. But honestly at the end it wasn't that close after that. Moore was up by 4 before inexplicably going for a meaningless TD with time running out and having to bail and give up 2 instead. He did the same thing against Zillmer.
  23. I wonder how many gallons of Horse roids he has taken over the course of his life?
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