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    DocBZ reacted to skikayaker in Mike Novogratz - Beat the Streets and Flo   
    With Michael Novogratz funding civil disruption and anarchy in our streets, Cael Sanderson endorsing Rokfin, there seems to be a lot of pressure on Flowrestling to up their game if they are to stay afloat. In one way I see the new landscape as bringing competition to wrestling media and exposure, but on the other hand I think that some of the so called ambassadors of our sport are exposed in ways that are not helpful.
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    DocBZ reacted to TobusRex in It APPEARS that this is Arizona State's depth chart   
    I'm eager to see how Cohlton Schultz shakes out as starter.  ASU is Top 15 team this year, maybe?
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    DocBZ reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Baschamania interview with Zahid Valencia   
    I thought this exchange in the 29th minute was interesting:
    Justin: And do you know yet when you can come back? Or is that still up in the air?
    Zahid: Still up in the air. Talking with my coaches and lawyer. But I'm still in the grind, still training. We're still figuring out some things, but it should be very soon. 
    Justin: So you definitely think you'll be at the trials then next year?
    Zahid: Yeah, I do believe so. Closer to yes than no.
    Justin: I appreciate your candor to discuss your suspension. We've all made mistakes, we've all fallen short. There is definitely grace to get back up again and keep pressing on. 
    That seems to imply the suspension is not specific to ASU.
    It was also interesting to hear him take ownership of whatever it was. He calls it "my mistake" and talks about thinking he was invincible off the mat because he felt invincible on the mat and how it humbled him. 
    All in all he sounds like he will bounce back well.
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    DocBZ reacted to AHamilton in Iranian Friends   
    Yes.  The leadership in Iran, for starters.
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    DocBZ reacted to irani in Iranian Friends   
    He is not in the UWW database.  I think his wrestling accomplishments are grossly exaggerated.
    But that should not matter.  A man should not be executed for protesting.
    Iran government treats protestors the way Trump wishes he could treat protestors in this country.
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    DocBZ reacted to jchapman in NCAA Championship bubble   
    The cost would be astronomical.  Getting that many test results that often turned around that quickly requires a huge financial investment.
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    DocBZ reacted to shieldofpistis in B1G Postpones Fall Sports   
    So if anyone should cancel it would be them.... but I think those states take too much pride in their football teams than to protect the players 
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    DocBZ got a reaction from Chet Hanson in Most Physically Gifted Wrestlers of All Time   
    SIAP but Kevin Randleman deserves some mention. Was an Ohio state track finalist in HS. How many times can you say that about a wrestler? Also played football for 4 years as a starter. Wrestled in college at 177 then went huge to 225 in MMA. Was a champion in both...I can still remember him slamming Fedor to the mat and thinking he just snapped  his neck (2:25 below).
    With his physical talents there is no doubt in my mind he could have played football at Ohio State and possibly the NFL.
    Unfortunately his life was cut short at the age of 44 from pneumonia.
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    DocBZ got a reaction from Gantry in Ohio State is vastly underrated   
    I wouldn't either...
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    DocBZ reacted to Gantry in Ohio State is vastly underrated   
    I'm not sure I've ever seen Echemendia wear a shirt
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    DocBZ reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Does Myles Martin have chance?   
    I think DT will win the 2018 worlds. 
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    DocBZ reacted to nhs67 in Does Myles Martin have chance?   
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    DocBZ reacted to red blades in B1G Conference Football   
    CDC makes an announcement that social distancing could save the college football season - the entire South goes into voluntary lockdown.
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    DocBZ reacted to bnwtwg in Does Myles Martin have chance?   
    I hope so because he's a really good guy with tons of potential. It's kind of funny when you think about it that everything at 86 was really kicked off because Martin totally choked to PD3 at the US Open last year and set off a whole chain of events. I mean think about it... if Martin wins then Downey probably doesn't earn a spot to Final X, doesn't get on the world team, doesn't run his mouth and set up a PPV match with Taylor, doesn't kick off a huge women's wrestling movement, and Nomad keeps his job and asking for bikini pics. Literally everything is Myles Martin's fault for 88 seconds of not finishing the job.
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    DocBZ reacted to Lurker in Senior Open set   
    October 9-11 in Coralville, Iowa.  Will be interesting to see who enters.
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    DocBZ reacted to steelfrog in DT Nixes Match With Bo   
    Well, it SEEMS that Bo was asked and agreed to accept the position to replace PDIII, and then when Flo told DT about it, DT nixed the matchup.  Hence, MyMar.
    I guess Flo shoulda checked with DT first before offering Bo.
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    DocBZ got a reaction from TheOhioState in Ohio State is vastly underrated   
    Well he's as good as any with his years of connections. 
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    DocBZ reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Merged: Downey thread   
    I'm just hoping DT can afford a shirt when this is over.
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    DocBZ reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Merged: Downey thread   
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    DocBZ reacted to Cradle1 in New Gold Medalists for 2012 Olympics at 120kg   
    That could happen to anyone.  I recall oh to well my own false positive-  when I accidentally took my wife’s Dianabol, winstrol, and anavar  thinking that they were my vitamins- and mistakenly injected her testosterone thinking it was my b-12.
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    DocBZ reacted to Jon_Kozak in New Gold Medalists for 2012 Olympics at 120kg   
    Makhov is currently under investigation. I believe the positive test was from the Matteo Pellicone in January 
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    DocBZ reacted to steelfrog in Flo — Reaping What a Bad Citizen Sows?   
    Flo was started as a somewhat romantic notion operated out of a van and funded by donations. 
    It grew through the efforts of the Brothers Flo and others including Bader and Joe, eventually adding Willie, who was fresh off of being named wrestling media guy of the year. Willie brought to Flo the editorial chops and rankings presence it did not have before then. 
    Will later brought in Pyles, Holmes, and others. 
    Then the Flo brothers (understandably) wanted to monetize and allowed VC in. With VC came lawyers, one in particular by the name of Paul Hurdlow has been particularly damaging to Flo. 
    Hurdlow insinuated himself into management and put his imprint on Flo’s culture, and that meant using the lawyer’s tools. Contracts. Non-competes for already-employed people. Lawsuits. Then Flo started suing everyone in sight. From individuals taping their kids at Flo events, to putative competitors, to corporate “partners” (Oklahoma State) to Martin Flo and Willie. No one is safe from Flo’s litigious bent. 
    You wonder why Flo is not given access by many programs?  Why they, the biggest wrestling media outlet, have an antagonistic relationship with their fans, wrestlers and coaches?  Because people aren’t stupid that’s why.  Flo’s sharp practices have not gone unnoticed. 
    One of the few Flo partners remaining is USA Wrestling which (a) is desperate for money and (b) has historically terrible leadership with poor judgment. 
    Flo is indeed a sinking ship, at least in the wrestling realm. Their business model is built on exclusive event rights, and those are dwindling. If USA Wrestling pulls the plug on Flo in favor of CBS/Track, they will be done.
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    DocBZ reacted to 1032004 in 2021 Olympics   
    That link says the study was run by the National Institute of Health, and it got positive feedback from Fauci.  Would need to be a pretty elaborate scam.
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    DocBZ reacted to LJB in Merged: Downey thread   
    To be fair, everyone that has actually met downey likes him personally...
    yes, he is a jack ass on social media but if we are gonna call out everyone who is a jack ass on the google webs, this server is going to shut down...
    downey does not fit this silly mold our sport has decided you have to or else... he’s tried and failed multiple times... it just doesn’t work for him...
    it’s just time to move on... he made a world team after finally getting the right training environment for him... that’s not a bad career...
    go make some money in MMA where it is being a jack ass on social media inflates your pay check...
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    DocBZ reacted to goheels1812 in Merged: Downey thread   
    Not to completely miss the point of the subject, but why is everyone freaking out on Flo on social media? As a company the bottom line for them is making money. They obviously have access to viewership numbers on everything they film live and videos they post. If they see that they don’t get the same hits on women’s matches as they do men’s matches, then it’s not their moral responsibility to offer the same contract to the women. Dake vs. Chamizo is going to be a crazy viewership draw. Whether it’s right or wrong, the women just don’t have a headliner that can compete with that strictly from the standpoint of generating views. 
    I think people miss the mark on Flo’s goal for the sport. Their goals are centered around making money and growing their platform. Hence why you can’t pay monthly and have to pay a yearly fee. If they grow the sport in the process then that’s great. I feel like people really need to change their perspective on what Flo brings to the table for wrestling. It’s a platform to give us as fans easier access to watch matches, replays, documentaries, etc. But at the end of the day they have bottom lines and it’s about revenue.
    As for women’s wrestling, I’m a huge fan. I love watching our senior level girls. Helen Maroulis’ run to gold in Rio is one of my favorite US Olympic moments. But that being said, it’s not Flo’s job to promote women’s wrestling as much as the community wants it to be. The onus for doing that is on USA wrestling, UWW, AWW, NWCA, and the women themselves. 
    PD’s initial comments were insensitive, but then he started getting flat out childish and disrespectful in some back and forth with Sarah Hildebrandt and Jacarra Winchester. The dude just doesn’t know when it’s time to stop. 
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