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    DocBZ reacted to flyingcement in Why are wrestling OTT so early??   
    Weird it seems like you like talking down to people.  Hope you are doing okay
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    DocBZ reacted to ionel in Griffith staying at Stanford   
    So is the "buzz" that Griffith couldn't transfer credits into PSU accurate? ;_;
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    DocBZ reacted to wrestfan in Iran Wrestling News   
    the freestyle Olympic team is officially announced by Gholamreza Mohammadi
    57: Reza Atri
    65: Morteza Ghiasi
    74: Mostafa Hosseinkhani
    86: Hassan Yazdani
    97: Mohammad Hossein Mohammadian
    125: Amir Hossein Zare
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    DocBZ reacted to Uwwdoc in Poland Thread   
    The only person I see at 97 giving Sad a run for his money now is Mohammadian. Otherwise don't see much else in terms of challenge
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    DocBZ reacted to 77again in Poland Thread   
    As much as I love J'Den, he certainly didn't help the situation with some of his comments and actions after the missed weight debacle. 
    I hope he puts that all behind him and wins the Worlds in October.
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    DocBZ reacted to irani in Iran Wrestling News   
    He seems to struggle with Iranians, and tech non Iranians.  I say send the man to the Olympics
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    DocBZ reacted to 77again in Poland Thread   
    Mohamadian over Shabani in 1-1 criteria match.
    Other than the criteria win, I didn't see anything that separates the two. Not sure who Iran will send to Tokyo, but I assume Mohamadian.
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    DocBZ reacted to Uwwdoc in Iran Wrestling News   
    He probably knew from sparring it would be very hard for Karimi to take him down from the off but that he could probably land something off the counter potentially. He played it safe. Nothing wrong with that. He looks in good shape. I hope he beats Shabani. Mohammadian can beat Snyder and is a dark horse against Sadulaev. Shabani is an underdog in both matches though
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    DocBZ reacted to Uwwdoc in Iran Wrestling News   
    The "beauty" of the Iranian system is that they can pick who they think has a best chance of medalling. It isn't a democratic system. And there is a strong case for that being Mohammadian, of course if Shabani wins you would feel hard done by if you were him. Lets hope for mohammadian
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    DocBZ reacted to dmm53 in Mayweather vs Paul ? Last minute poll   
    I didn't see the "fight" but the US victory over Mexico in the finals of the CONCACAF Nations League championship was great.
    It had everything: extra time, back and forth leads; penalty kicks (including one saved by the US); rowdy fans who thew things and ran onto the field, and, yes, fights. 
    Hell of a game.  US beats #10 ranked in the world Mexico 3-2 in extra time.  (Yea, I know, most wrestling fans prefer "football" to foot-ball.) :)
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    DocBZ reacted to Konquest in Stanford's projected lineup for 2022 - according to WrestleStat   
    It's pretty well documented on these forums that Cornell isn't as tough to get into as you might think, depending on the school program, and definitely not as hard to get into as Stanford.  I honestly have no idea, but every time the subject comes up, people talk about how strings get pulled for acceptance into certain programs at Cornell for the blue chip recruits who don't fit the Ivy League profile.  That being said, anyone who wrestles at a high level for schools like Stanford, Northwestern, or an Ivy is a beast on the mats and in the classroom.
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    DocBZ reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Adam Coon is now a Tennessee Titan   
    Coon has no college football playing experience but was an all-state linebacker in 2012 at Fowlerville High School in Michigan and was an honorable mention offensive lineman in 2010 and 2011.
    Interesting to see if he sticks on the roster...maybe the next Stephen Neal?  He is certainly good at pushing people around.
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    DocBZ got a reaction from Mphillips in 2021 Rumor Mill Tracker   
    I seem to remember Ryan saying something about that in a post season interview. I could be wrong but that's what I remember. Not like its set in stone or anything but he was exploring that option.
    EDIT: OK found it....here is the interview. Ryan's exact quote was "I think Anthony's gonna look at going down to 33....Echemendia.....so we're exploring that". 14:50 marks
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    DocBZ reacted to Billyhoyle in 2021 Rumor Mill Tracker   
    There’s a level of vitriol in his repeated posts that go beyond simply questioning his age and an emphasis on his legal status that I’ve never seen placed on a white athlete and is way over the line. 
    It’s really difficult to understand why somebody would hold a grudge now 2 years later over his competing in HS athletics. 
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    DocBZ reacted to Billyhoyle in 2021 Rumor Mill Tracker   
    It has been years.  Can you just get over the fact that this guy was a great HS wrester in Arizona a couple years ago?  Whoever it was that you knew/liked that lost to him just wasn't good enough. Sorry, but it happens-it's just HS athletics and basically means nothing.  Ech hasn't panned out so far at tOSU, but that's true for a ton of HS wrestlers when they make the jump.  
    The rampant speculation in this post about his immigration status is borderline racist and based on a ton of unfounded assumptions from simply his ethnicity/background.  Would there be these questions if he were from Russia? Why are you so obsessed with him vs the many other international wrestlers we have seen immigrate and compete in HS/the NCAA?
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    DocBZ reacted to Sstern in 2021 Rumor Mill Tracker   
    You’re obsession with this guy is obvious.  You may need help.  I don’t know him or his age but keep the thread on track.
    Oh wait, page 2 of this thread.  Time to take it off the rails.  In that case, nice work.
    Let’s discuss something less controversial: 30 year olds on a second graduate degree in corn cultivation wrestling for the Hawkeyes.  Go!
    Ech would be a third year Penn St. freshman if he matriculated there.
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    DocBZ reacted to Sstern in 2021 Rumor Mill Tracker   
    Four more paragraphs about why your not obsessed with this guy.  Counseling anyone?
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    DocBZ reacted to Billyhoyle in 2021 Rumor Mill Tracker   
    If it's not about HS why do you still care?  He isn't breaking any rule if he is currently 23 wrestling in college.  
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    DocBZ reacted to Billyhoyle in 2021 Rumor Mill Tracker   
    The guy is a university student. Only way he gets deported is if he commits a felony. Just get over it- this happened two years ago now. 2 year old Arizona HS wrestling drama isn’t something to still be upset over. 
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    DocBZ reacted to flyingcement in When will Ohio State have another individual champoin?   
    On Bausch podcast, Austin O'Connor announced he is officially going 157 next season.  I still like Sasso's chances in a rematch, but that would certainly remove a significant obstacle for him in the weight class.  Still haven't heard any news about Yianni's expected weight class.
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    DocBZ reacted to dman115 in Olympics   
    Thanks for the info DocBZ!
    Funny how people don't like hearing things that don't align to their narrative.
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    DocBZ reacted to AHamilton in Olympics   
    Very interesting, and maybe not surprising.  I remember reading how much better Japan and India did at handling this thing than the US.  While it may be true, I also thought it was possible they did a better job of "juking the stats."  
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    DocBZ reacted to Alwayswrestling in Olympics   
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    DocBZ reacted to Jimmy Cinnabon in Hollywood Could Not Have Written Saturday Night Better for PSU   
    Well, to be fair, it could have been better --- if Penn State had to go 4/4 and Iowa lose out for PSU to win the team title in a dramatic come from behind victory.
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    DocBZ got a reaction from cjc007 in J’Den Cox to NJRTC (part-time)   
    He was. barely there....like maybe a long weekend. Not much of a loss and probably better off not paying to be associated with him at this point after the trials fiasco and questionable excuses. The luster has certainly dulled on Golden Child J'Den as of late.
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