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    DocBZ reacted to CoachWrestling in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    This is bad. Bad for the sport to have these forfeits. We need to see our athletes compete. 
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    DocBZ reacted to tightwaist in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    Myles Martin is a class act
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    DocBZ reacted to BigTenFanboy in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    It was a Coach's decision.
    All part of the plan!
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    DocBZ reacted to red blades in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    What!?  Rasheed ducks!?
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    DocBZ reacted to lu_alum in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    Tupac’s a coward!

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    DocBZ reacted to wrestlingphish in Big Ten Finals Thread   
    Rasheed forfeits to Martin.
    Quack quack quack quack quack mother f***ing quack
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    DocBZ reacted to HokieHWT in Big Ten Finals Thread   
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    DocBZ reacted to HurricaneWrestling2 in Suspension   
    I suspect DeSanto's comments were scripted for him by someone in the AD's office.  Sounds like the politically correct thing you'd want your athlete to say - not what a real college underclassman would say/write.
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    DocBZ reacted to MadMardigain in Suspension   
    More time with a Sports Psycologist would be well worth It for Iowa.  
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    DocBZ reacted to gopher_fan_90 in Suspension   
    The incidents last year definitely have not helped his reputation, but I don’t think that caused the suspension. I think it was the 3-4 duals in a row with not only some antics but actually losing a team point. Now, you could say that this years antics and last year are just part of his personality. It very well could be that it was there the whole time, his struggle to maintain composure. Last year, his biggest spotlight was NCAAs where some big issues took place. This year he is at IA where they are always in the spotlight, on Flo, and etc. Maybe he just plays into the atmosphere too much. 
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    DocBZ reacted to TobusRex in Suspension   
    I don't think DeSanto can control himself, despite his comments following the 1 match suspension. Wasn't he apologetic after putting a kimura on Micic last year?
    We'll see.
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    DocBZ reacted to randyfoxwell in Suspension   
    Yet everyone else manages to control themselves
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    DocBZ reacted to Coach_J in Suspension   
    “I want to apologize to my opponents and teammates for my actions on the mat. I know they are disrespectful and there is no excuse,” DeSanto said. “I accept the consequences of my behavior and the decision of Coach Brands, and have assured my teammates and coaches that I will better represent our team when I return.”
    Still want to support this BS?  Kudos to Brands for stepping up.
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    DocBZ got a reaction from Perry in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    Nickal vs Moore should be worth the price of admission alone.
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    DocBZ got a reaction from treep2000 in Penn State @ Ohio State   
    Nickal vs Moore should be worth the price of admission alone.
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    DocBZ reacted to WF89 in Kyle Conel   
    In the transfer portal.  Where will he end up?
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