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    DocBZ reacted to Glane18 in Anybody with an update on what's going on in Dagestan (Via Corona)?   
    That's according to the Russian government, right?  
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    DocBZ reacted to 1032004 in Ohio State is vastly underrated   
    No way, behind at least Cornell, Nebraska and probably Iowa.
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    DocBZ reacted to balanceseeker in Ohio State is vastly underrated   
    If they finished well at the end of the season how can you say they were overrated?  Are you saying that they did not consistently maintain the level during the season that they demonstrated at NCAA.  I would agree with that, but I credit that to the coaching staff/training to peak at the end of the season.  
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    DocBZ reacted to ShakaAloha in Ohio State is vastly underrated   
    I think it's a bit optimistic to say that Ohio State is getting an AA out of 125 and 133 with Malik and Jordan Decatur
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    DocBZ reacted to Billyhoyle in All-Americans who were only good at Neutral   
    Kyle Snyder. He might have been good wrestling from bottom, but he never really used it. 
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    DocBZ reacted to Scorenomore in Should NCAA Wrestling become a spring sport next year?   
    Yes, and convert to Freestyle!
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    DocBZ reacted to Badger Fan in Should NCAA Wrestling become a spring sport next year?   
    With USA Wrestling's new rules in place, and no vaccine or treatment that everyone trusts, should wrestling start next season in the spring?

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    DocBZ reacted to LJB in How old is Echemendia?   
    pure class...
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    DocBZ reacted to Sstern in How old is Echemendia?   
    Douche.  I’m not a big fan of Flo but grow up.
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    DocBZ reacted to Housebuye in How old is Echemendia?   
    All Cubans lie about their age? What?
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    DocBZ reacted to LJB in How old is Echemendia?   
    fukn hell...
    you want him to be suspect so you paint everything that way with nothing concrete to support...
    ask yourself why that is important to you?
    he left a loving family to come to country that is supposed to be a land of opportunity, but, he landed in the realm of weak a$$ bitches...
    he was legal...
    he kicked ass because this country values not wrestling over actually wrestling...
    all the whining is just that...
    next season, you chumps won't be able to say a thing...  then what?
    chimps... nothing more...
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    DocBZ reacted to LJB in How old is Echemendia?   
    he joined the national team at 16... he made his first team at 17... 3 years with the team (16, 17, 18)... bailed from guatemala at 18... 8 days to get to a detention center on the US border... 4 months in detention centers... turned 19 there... got out, went to sunnyside... wrecked fools... then at fargo that summer... caused all sorts of butt hurt... lots clearly still red and raw...
    the timeline makes sense if you don't make stuff up...
    don't use confirmation bias to "hear" what you want to hear... actually listen...
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    DocBZ reacted to LJB in How old is Echemendia?   
    the film was pretty much just about what he had to go through to make it into the US...
    you see what an 18 year old kid went through to get into this country... they just cut to him after the film and he was too emotional to even talk... he is a kid who wants to see his parents...
    compare that to some jack ass on a forum saying how he hates anyone who voted for some politician... 
    anyway... it was a great film...
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    DocBZ reacted to Aviator12 in Why is Echemendia the next big thing?   
    What are you talking about?? You do realize you could go wrestle anywhere right now at your age as long as you haven’t already burned your college eligibility in having 5 years to play 4.... that’s even if your 50 years old. 
    Echemendia was well known coming out of Cuba, he didn’t take away someone’s dreams because he wrestled a state tournament in Arizona for a year. He was finding a place to wrestle regardless. And his age is irrelevant in wrestling once these kids get past 18-19 years old. 
    There are countless examples of wrestlers who have competed past 25 years old and not won a thing.... it’s not an advantage over a 20 year old like it would be for say a 22 year old wrestling a 15-16 year old kid whose not done developing.
    If anyone has a problem with Echemendia’ age competing then they should also now with Kemmerer, Cassar, Tanner Hall, and some guys from the recent past like Downey or like that 174 from Penn State who was like 25 years old his senior year. (Matt Brown)
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    DocBZ reacted to LJB in Why is Echemendia the next big thing?   
    Clearly you have no idea how many “freshman” wrestlers drive to practice in this country...
    he could have been 20 on September 2nd 1999 and still been eligible for his state tourney and Fargo...
    On top of the all too common ignorance that runs rampant here, there is too much whining and mewling in this thread...
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    DocBZ reacted to Tofurky in Why is Echemendia the next big thing?   
    I do not have access to Echemendia's birth certificate, passport or transcripts, so I have no idea what are the issues you're claiming here. You're posting here as if you're an insider and have viewed these documents yourself.
    You keep defaulting to his opponents being 16-years-old. What about 17-, 18-, and 19-year-olds he faced? By your logic, they're all stronger than the 16-year-olds you keep harping on about. Were the boys older than 16 not allowed to compete, but somehow the IAI allowed some "20-year-old" Cuban refugee in for $#!+$ and giggles?
    You're upset because you do not know how to support your argument with any facts whatsoever, so here you are changing the topic. Stop posting in this thread, dude. You're embarrassing yourself each and every time you do.
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    DocBZ reacted to Jaroslav Hasek in Why is Echemendia the next big thing?   
    Besides soundly beating a top 10 recruit? he also easily won Fargo and had many of the top D1 programs in the NCAA recruiting him. He also wrestled half a season of folkstyle in Arizona high school fwiw. 
    not sure what your standard is for being the 'next big thing'. i think he likely be a 4X AA, with higher potential, but I've been wrong before. the FloFilm that's coming out next week is absolutely more about him having a compelling story than about trying to create hype. if never qualifies for an NCAA tournament he still has an incredible story to tell. I'm quite biased but I hope everyone watches, I think you'll enjoy it!
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    DocBZ reacted to SetonHallPirate in Wrestling Season 2020-2021   
    I'll be blunt...there isn't likely to be a wrestling season until there's a vaccine. Most likely, there won't be any sports until there's a vaccine, but if things are opened up on a sport-by-sport basis, wrestling is probably going to be the very last sport to be allowed, due to the nature of it and the relative lack of protective equipment.
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    DocBZ reacted to fanta in Wrestling Season 2020-2021   
    Actionable Intelligence says chances of the season being postponed or modified are high. 
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    DocBZ reacted to ConnorsDad in What percentage chance did Moore have to win?   
    It's amazing people take one bad tournament and think the guy's a choker. He was seeded behind Pfarr. He's wrestled to his seed every time except as a sophomore and the only way he could have wrestled to the seed was win it all. Everybody last year was saying wait till Weigel gets on top he'll dominate Moore. Not only could he be not ride him he couldn't keep from getting taken down about 20 times. Same with Darmstadt. Just like the other poster said Moore was a bigger favorite than anybody because there's less competition at 197 this year. The guys had one bad tournament ever. A choker he's not. 
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    DocBZ reacted to 1032004 in Ohio State 2020-2021 season   
    Tom Ryan had some good things to say about Echemendia here - 
    Also didn't believe he could make 141 either until seeing the video of him weighing 150
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    DocBZ reacted to nhs67 in Ohio State 2020-2021 season   
    I want to see Sasso at 157. He seems a tweener that doesn't have a freestyle weight, but 157 puts him closer to 74 than 149 does 65, as far as effort goes.
    So that puts Ech and Kinner at 141/149.
    Winner by assembly at 125/133. They would have put Koontz in if he was beating Heinselman in the rook consistently last year. Same for 133 with Koontz as well, so I think Heinselman and Decatur again.
    No IF Sasso goes 149 and Ech goes 141, which I believe both will happen, 157 becomes wrestler by assembly. I know Smith cut a lot, but if Karch, Romero, Jordan is set for 165-184, might we see 4 different toons in the running at 157? Kinner, Smith, Mattox(what happened to him?), and Cleary(the returning starter...).
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    DocBZ got a reaction from CoachWrestling in Ohio State 2020-2021 season   
    I look forward to it
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    DocBZ reacted to Sstern in Ohio State 2020-2021 season   
    In my opinion best for 141-157 is kinner- echemendia - sasso.  If Hayes gets a 6th, then echemendia- hayes - sasso.
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    DocBZ reacted to 1032004 in Ohio State 2020-2021 season   
    Unless he is shorter than Pletcher I don’t see any way he makes 141.   149 or 157 depending on where Sasso goes IMO
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