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    DocBZ reacted to CoachWrestling in Spencer Lee Wins Hodge Trophy   
    Should have been Moore. Make these guys wrestle, not these short schedules. Bad precedent is now set. 
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    DocBZ reacted to steen-hooph in Snyder has a year to grown into hwt or he sits...   
    Rate my trolling score 1-10. I'm bored.
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    DocBZ reacted to Mpchillin in Final NCAA Most Dominant   
    Yes, it’s inaccurate and flawed statistics  released by NCAA.com. For some strange reason, they consider Lee’s two medical forfeits at Midlands as matches and give him a total of 90 points in 20 matches. If they aren’t official matches on his record then they shouldn’t count towards any sort of statistic. Spencer Lee scored 228 points in 63 minutes of wrestling this year, nobody was more dominant.
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    DocBZ reacted to WasteManagement in Thread Deletions, etc.   
    The threads regarding COVID-19 are extremely relevant to the sport, and all sports, however, each and every time threads like this surface, several users cannot resist the urge to throw in comments about politics and political figures. 
    Several users then cannot resist the urge to make attacks on those comments, sending those relevant threads to the garbage bin. 
    If you don't want threads removed, don't send them spiraling down the political gutter. 
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    DocBZ reacted to Marcus Cisero in It’s “official”   
    The Olympics have been kung fuued by China.
    China gets the Gold.
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    DocBZ reacted to Shiraz123 in It’s “official”   
    Hilarious that some people here thought it would go on as plan. A 3 year old could have figured out it would be postponed. 
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    DocBZ reacted to irani in CoronaVirus - Cancelling or moving Olympic Games   
    The fat lady is entering the stage and getting ready to sing.
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    DocBZ reacted to bnwtwg in CoronaVirus - Cancelling or moving Olympic Games   
    I’m still not sure because I really think Japan wants the fat check and the “look what humanity has overcome!” message to be sent to the masses. 
    Nike sponsors Team USA. USA track and field (primarily composed of Nike athletes) is calling for a delay. Last I heard, Nike runs the athletic world at large and if Nike can’t send Team Eugene then no one else gets to go either.
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    DocBZ reacted to maligned in CoronaVirus - Cancelling or moving Olympic Games   
    Yeah, the disruption to training and travel is too gigantic. 0% chance the games go forward.
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    DocBZ reacted to Marcus Cisero in If you have any more questions about China   
    They're "winning" when it comes to paying countries to destroy their own habitat. The satanists of China are paying Brazil to burn down their rain forest to plant soy bean.  Some of the worlds most unique species live there and soon they will be gone. They're also providing huge amounts of money to some African nations for the rights to extract minerals from the ground. Africa is also gladly killing off the remaining elephants, hippos, lions and other endangered species to satisfy China's blood lust for ivory and bone. If destroying the environment is considered "winning," then I'm sorry to admit - yes they are. 
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    DocBZ reacted to Antitroll2828 in If you have any more questions about China   
    The Chinese government just had 1000s protesting in the streets Immediately followed by 1000s dying in the streets from the super flu and you conclude China is winning? At what? What a ridiculous statement 
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    DocBZ reacted to shieldofpistis in If you have any more questions about China   
    Us will need to make own mask. Stop depending on China. 
    It's a pyrrhic victory for China.  Like the Alamo and pearl harbor.  Our nation still responding much better than china. 
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    DocBZ reacted to Marcus Cisero in If you have any more questions about China   
    Prediction: China will pay a serious price when this is all over. The sadistic cruelty towards the worlds animals, the greed, the dishonesty and the pure demonic nature of this hell-hole for unleashing this deadly disease will come full circle. No one will ever trust them. No one will ever welcome them.  Cina non sei il benvenuto qui
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    DocBZ reacted to MedicineMan in I don't see 1 interesting thread here...   
    ...Except Marcus Cisero's Pat Smith vs Tom Ryan video.  All this other pandemic crap and no NCAAs has been overkilled to the max. More actual wrestling stuff would be good.  Or maybe some new avatars....Pamela needs a new avatar:

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    DocBZ reacted to Mphillips in TrackWrestling Killing America's Interest in International Wrestling   
    Twenty bucks for three days of wrestling when there aren't hardly any other live sporting events doesn't seem bad to me...
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    DocBZ got a reaction from fadzaev2 in Anthony Valencia - best 0x AA ever?   
    Bo Jordan 2nd, 3rd, 3rd and 5th place finisher.
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    DocBZ reacted to IronChef in POSITIVE NEWS ONLY THREAD   
    Who is "they?" This is what you say when you don't actually know anything.
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    DocBZ reacted to 1032004 in POSITIVE NEWS ONLY THREAD   
    That would be the right thing to do.
    Just have the NLWC pay for all additional years of scholarships.   
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    DocBZ reacted to irani in CoronaVirus - Cancelling or moving Olympic Games   
    I am sharing this from a Facebook posts by someone in Italy
    I am writing to you from Bergamo, Italy, at the heart of the coronavirus crisis. The news media in the US has not captured the severity of what is happening here. I am writing this post because each of you, today, not the government, not the school district, not the mayor, each individual citizen has the chance, today to take actions that will deter the Italian situation from becoming your own country’s reality. The only way to stop this virus is to limit contagion. And the only way to limit contagion is for millions of people to change their behavior today.
    If you are in Europe or the US you are weeks away from where we are today in Italy.
    I can hear you now. “It’s just a flu. It only affects old people with preconditions”
    There are 2 reasons why Coronavirus has brought Italy to it’s knees. First it is a flu is devastating when people get really sick they need weeks of ICU – and, second, because of how fast and effectively it spreads. There is 2 week incubation period and many who have it never show symptoms.
    When Prime Minister Conte announced last night that the entire country, 60 million people, would go on lock down, the line that struck me most was “there is no more time.” Because to be clear, this national lock down, is a hail mary. What he means is that if the numbers of contagion do not start to go down, the system, Italy, will collapse.
    Why? Today the ICUs in Lombardy are at capacity – more than capacity. They have begun to put ICU units in the hallways. If the numbers do not go down, the growth rate of contagion tells us that there will be thousands of people who in a matter of a week? two weeks? who will need care. What will happen when there are 100, or a 1000 people who need the hospital and only a few ICU places left?
    On Monday a doctor wrote in the paper that they have begun to have to decide who lives and who dies when the patients show up in the emergency room, like what is done in war. This will only get worse.
    There are a finite number of drs, nurses, medical staff and they are getting the virus. They have also been working non-stop, non-stop for days and days. What happens when the drs, nurses and medical staff are simply not able to care for the patients, when they are not there?
    And finally for those who say that this is just something that happens to old people, starting yesterday the hospitals are reporting that younger and younger patients – 40, 45, 18, are coming in for treatment.
    You have a chance to make a difference and stop the spread in your country. Push for the entire office to work at home today, cancel birthday parties, and other gatherings, stay home as much as you can. If you have a fever, any fever, stay home. Push for school closures, now. Anything you can do to stop the spread, because it is spreading in your communities – there is a two week incubation period – and if you do these things now you can buy your medical system time.
    And for those who say it is not possible to close the schools, and do all these other things, locking down Italy was beyond anyone’s imagination a week ago.
    Soon you will not have a choice, so do what you can now.
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    DocBZ got a reaction from spladle08 in No NCAA champ = one less qualifier for OTT?   
    That's a good point I hadn't thought of. As I said in the other thread make the guy who ended up #1 the NCAA champ and an AQ to the OTT
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    DocBZ got a reaction from cjc007 in I feel worst for guys like Pletcher, Lugo and Moore   
    I would consider the guy that ends up #1 as that year's champion if the tourney never happened.
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    DocBZ reacted to swoopdown in Cancel the NCAA Wrestling Tournament – It’s the Right Thing To Do   
    May as well cancel, without fans to yell "stalling" the refs won't know what to do anyway.
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    DocBZ reacted to Antitroll2828 in Harvard is out. What Universities will be next?   
    Pretty sure the testing is going to be free 
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    DocBZ reacted to KCMO2 in Russelscout and GockeS only   
    Please debate/argue your political and philosophical differences here, so that you can stop destroying other threads with your back-and-forth bickering.
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