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  1. TakeItEasy

    List of Transfers

    Seabass to Rutgers.
  2. TakeItEasy

    How many did Ohio St qualify for NCAAs?

    Also heard Jordan over Ashnault for 3 months after Vegas. Gettin’ old. Next topic.
  3. TakeItEasy

    Big10 Predictions

    Micah has a much tougher road then Ashnault to make the finals. In their first meeting Ash was protecting a 10 pt lead and just didn’t want to do anything stupid. He was never in trouble. Plus his nose he broke during that match didn’t help w his breathing. Both are excellent wrestlers but I think the takedowns later in the match are a bit overrated. Should be a great final if they both get there. And you can’t count out Lugo.
  4. TakeItEasy

    sport betting for college wrestling

    Do NOT use Betdsi. You will never get paid your money. They are the biggest crooks out there. Just a warning.