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  1. likewise for Pletcher... moreso, even. Compare the difference in margin of victory for each from last year to this... as much as Lee has improved this year, an objective case for "Pletcher having imporoved even more" can be made. McKenna lost to Lee at home last year... Pletcher got "carvered" ... the rematch will be closer
  2. That's right. Just ask Joey McKenna.... :P
  3. absolutely hilarious, if true. .. is it possible JC is another from the creator of DF?
  4. So, a 17/18 year old KID loses his head a little after just winning his 4th state title and completing an undefeated h.s. career. .. and you think THAT? You're joking, right?
  5. Saw this posted on another forum: "... From the NCAA rule book: Art. 12. Medical Forfeit. A medical forfeit is an action that allows a competitor who fails medical exams, is injured, or becomes ill during the course of tournament competition to forfeit their match(es) without having to weigh in (see Rule 9.1.8 for medical forfeit and weigh-ins for national qualifying events) or show up at the mat. In tournament competition, medical forfeits advance in a bracket until they meet an opponent. a. In order for a medical forfeit to be official, the medical personnel, or an authorized institutional representative, shall inform the tournament director before the ill or injured competitor is called to the mat. b. Medical forfeits count as a win for the opponent and do not count as a loss for the forfeiting wrestler. Even though medical forfeits do not count as a loss, they must be placed on the wrestler's ISRF. Individuals who medically forfeit a match retain all previous team points scored." Which seems, on its face, to say that they do count as wins... And, having wrestled only two matches today, Decatur should be good to go monday!
  6. semis - 10 am pacific. finals @ 3 pm
  7. No, but I think you exaggerate a bit. You are looking for it because it bothers you. It doesn't bother me (and I am not religious) so I don't really even notice it.
  8. i did mention that Jimmy likes to create these opportunities, but often, just the mention of a certain coaches or wrestlers name is enough to get some of you guys going...
  9. No one is denying that..., but, do you really have to share your anti-religious beliefs, at every imagined opportunity, ...in a wrestling forum?
  10. This forum is a good example of this. You have several members who jump on every opportunity to complain about or make fun of other people's religious beliefs and you have members like Jimmy who like to create those opportunities. Yet, rarely if ever do you see anyone promoting their religion here even though there are certainly many members who are religious.
  11. PABuck


    They don't advertise it, as far as I can tell, but they told me that they will do a monthly at 29.99. First, you have to sign up and pay $150, then you request a monthtly, at which time they will refund your $150 minus 29.99... and charge 29.99/mo from there on out until you cancel. So, if you just want flo for the college wrestling season, as I do ... you might as well just do the annual subscibe.
  12. Flo subscription, $150/year.. I asked if they had another subscription option for someone that will only use it during the 5 months of the wrestling season. They said "yes"... they could offer me a monthly subscription at $30/mo. lol
  13. I had measles, mumps, and chicken pox at different points of my childhood. No big deal. I thinking getting the flu is worse than any of those. People survived 100's of thousands of years without vaccines, just fine.
  14. Yes, Dr. Humphries has written other books and she knows her stuff. The point being is that there are experts on both sides... it is not a black and white, case closed issue as you and a couple other here have suggested. Ryan's views are pretty main stream in the sense that many people, possibly a majority, including a significant number of medical professionals, would agree with him. If you like peer-reviewed scientific studies that show the risks associated with vaccination then check out the other link in my previous post!
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