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  1. PABuck

    Nolf, Nickal demonstrate humility.

    Without a meaningful team race, I think this tournament just wasn't as much fun for the PSU guys. Hence, the lackluster showing (by their standards)... pretty much across the board, except for Cassar.
  2. Doesn't Pat Glory have Heinselman in round 1? You have Arujua v. Heinselman..
  3. PABuck

    Is Shakur Rasheed overrated at #2?

  4. Wrestlestat predicted Iowa crushing OSU and Cornell comfortably over tOSU (w/Honis over Moore, among other strange calls). What are these predictions based on? (apologies if this has been answered a hundred times already!)
  5. PABuck

    PSU - Illinois

    McKenna dominated Red... Lee squeaked by Red 5-4 on stall calls
  6. PABuck

    Penn State @ Ohio State

    I would put the Schnupp "upset" at the top of this list. This one's going to be a nail-biter and, if they go first, Schnupp could put it out of reach for the Buckeyes right off the bat. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Schnupp has the edge here.