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  1. I think they wanted to actually make it easier for more people to attend this year with a larger venue and more affordable tickets. However, I agree regarding the seating layouts being lame, I don't mind paying more for tickets if I feel like I'm matside. I wonder how bad the sight lines will be with an 8 or 6 mat layout and your guy is 250 feet away...
  2. No kidding, and having UNI champ after 19 years?? This was one of the best NCAAs yet!! (coming from a slightly salty Buckeyes fan)
  3. Ugh, next year's tickets are on sale but only nose bleeds are left, I guess I will see if I can get better seats next year. The struggle continues!!
  4. Has anyone successfully purchased NCAA tickets the day they go on sale? Is this one of those situations where tickets are only on sale for a few minutes and are sold out? I would love to not have to struggle so much to acquire these every year. Thanks in advance for any info...
  5. Agreed, I went to Auburn Hills with my father, it was my first NCAA tournament and I was hooked! It was fun being a Buckeyes fan that tournament but there were no amenities or anything to do around the arena so you were always in a car driving. I live in NYC so MSG was my favorite year but Cleveland/Quicken Loans arena did a fantastic job last year, I had a blast and there was plenty to do around the arena. Still looking for some tickets to Pittsburgh this year but might have to pull the trigger on some soon...
  6. I went to Cleveland for NCAAs and purchased each session ticket individually from StubHub and Primesport (was actually cheaper than all session tickets for lower level) and spent roughly 1,500$. I also went to the Madison Square Garden NCAAs and spent around 1,200$ on that for all sessions. I am DESPERATELY trying to find tickets that are in the lower level for 2019 tournament but this is by far the worst year for me trying to find tickets. I feel like every year I'm spending 500$ more than before...2,000$ seems crazy to spend this year but I am legitimately considering it b/c I love this sport and this event so much. If anyone has lower level tickets I am buying!
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