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  1. simm

    Sultan khasimikov?

    Yes I know I got it wrong thanks
  2. simm

    Sultan khasimikov?

    Thanks for the video link. I really didn't know what to think but if that comment comes from b baumgartners own mouth then who am I to argue it!
  3. simm

    Sultan khasimikov?

    Ok. I'll try to get this right. Khasimikov beat soslan andiev in 1975 the year before andiev won Olympics. Khasimikov got an injury. Broken leg if I'm right. Each major championship he received injury or for political reasons could not enter Olympics ect yet he beat all domestic world and Olympic champions with ease I've read. Bruce baumgartner said he is the best heavyweight in history and he got manhandled by him. Khasimikov himself said he is the unluckiest wrestler ever. 2 mile run in a ploughed field followed by 500lb squats and 30 consecutive pull-ups. He was built like a bull and moved like a boxer it says in the statement I read
  4. simm

    Sultan khasimikov?

    Thanks for the replies. It's very interesting hearing from people who actually saw khasimikov as you can't dismiss what the eyes see. Medved goes down as the best because of medals collected and titles plus moving up weight classes. Khasimikov just had a run of bad luck. Also there was an Iranian wrestler who medved lost to on 2 occasions and he also beat Ivan yarygin medved protégé. So that in itself shows medved wasn't actually the best. The village in Chechnya where khasimikov is from was another wrestler who beat khasimikov. They both started out as light heavyweight weights too so had speed on their side.
  5. Hi. New member from England here. Just a quick question. What are people's opinions of sultan khasimikov from Russia/Chechnya? He wrestled during the late 70s/80s. Wrestled the likes of Bruce baumgartner who himself has rated khasimikov as the best heavyweight Olympic wrestler ever! He just seemed to have a long bout of bad luck, not able to compete in Olympic games. What are your opinions of who was the best based not only on Olympic medals as I see world's just as important. Taymazov, medved, Snyder, akgul, baumgartner, khasimikov, makhov? Like to hear opinions. Thanks