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  1. I don't think the ref went far enough. From the video it was obvious that the kid who "escaped" was going to score a takedown, get a 5 count, and then score a pin. Time ran out, it was inevitable though..
  2. I see. And where is the out of bounds line in relation to the wrestlers in the video? Tell me the time when they go out of bounds so I can skip forward to it.
  3. It's not the same idea. For an escape to be awarded the defensive wrestler has to "become defensible." A point for "loss of control" is a made up thing and I hear about it almost as much as I hear about the "free move" that the defensive wrestler gets after a locking hands call.
  4. You posted this on page 1: "As for the escape, speaking as a zebra, wrestlers do not need to be separated for there to be a "loss of control". When a reversal is "in progress" there will be a point where there is a loss of control but we allow the situation to continue so as to not award an escape then TD for 3 points as opposed to the 2 for a reversal. If time runs out, as in this case, and there was a loss of control we are to award the escape. That is what appears to have happened here. Keep in mind we cannot see the other side in this video and the ref is right there so I will give the benefit of the doubt to the ref. " Do me a solid and quote the rule book, verbatim, that describes this "loss of control" as a scoring maneuver in folkstyle wrestling. I'm interested in reading it because later in the thread you were talking about how the official has no choice but to enforce the rules, how he doesn't make the rules, etc but you appear to have invented one here and everyone else just kinda went along with it.
  5. Please quote directly from a rule book that describes this "loss of control" being a scoring maneuver in folkstyle wrestling. It's not in any rule book or any case book that I have ever read and I would like to see the actual terminology, you know, since we are all about the rules and calling it right and all that..
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