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  1. This is easy…it’s the other Terry.
  2. Freestyle is the international version of this great sport. Yet we have all of our great US kid athletes and future Olympic representatives competing in a version they haven’t been optimally exposed to? Gilman is awesome, so close.
  3. It was a bold move, but I thought my wife might like something similar in terms of showing of my stuff. I ripped of my shirt, flexed, and said “817 credit score, baby!” She wasn’t impressed, actually annoyed. Probably in part due to the dad bod..
  4. He was actively using external cues to Amine when in the riding position. My apologies for not being more specific and clear. He would tap a side, which could theoretically elicit a response from Amine (in his mind, consider options for getting away given the positions, etc). Then, Ferrari moves to another position which could delay Amine's response. Outside my area of research expertise, just an observation and somewhat intriguing to me.
  5. I wanted to start a thread where we could discuss the entrance songs that athletes decided upon as they stride toward the big moment. For example, what songs and associated artists did the finalists choose for the 2021 championships? What were the choices of athletes in the past? What about the future, what trends do we see? Let's revisit annually and along the way. It will be fun to discuss the pomp and circumstance, and provide some nostalgia, particularly given a challenging year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  6. The preponderance of evidence will prevail here and now, no matter the opinion of the masses. Clear and convincing, nope, beyond a reasonable doubt, certainly not. Relevant entities in power will evaluate this with the evidence they have, a neutral stance from their position, and a ruling will be made one way or another. Best positions will be made based on how much money can be saved/lost, given the party in question.
  7. goStanford18 is all over this topic, as is wrestlingnerd. Powerlifting is a discipline that takes time, effort, training, and focus on specific techniques in the three main lifting movements. It's similar but also different than wrestling, a synergy if you will. Honestly, wrestlers are a natural fit for the aforementioned, if their grappling accolades don't come to fruition.
  8. I personally haven’t seen that tactic used often. From the result of the match, it makes me at least consider that there was at least a partial correlation to why Ferrari won the match with that tactic, which helps explain his great ability to ride.
  9. My apologies, before the whistles the cues were occurring then the movements to different positions.
  10. The part of of the ride that many missed was that he was putting cues to Amine at the whistle and would move elsewhere. Next level stuff in my opinion.
  11. Thank you Eagle26, well said. Glad to see someone bring some focus back on the topic at hand, and not get lost in the weeds on whatever tangent we as forum posters may go toward.
  12. Just a prediction, Idaho. And no, they haven't wrestled yet, so there are no "...bracket points..." for you to see... Sorry you needed to seek clarity on a forum, but happy to help out.
  13. Seeing the brackets, they come in second. The committee did not do them any favors.
  14. Is it physiology, genetics, coaching, focus, other? What is it about Spencer Lee that makes him so dominate?
  15. It’s all good, wrestling is a demanding sport so I hear and respect the comments made by folks here. If you watch the match that followed when it was on Big Ten network, you get a direct look at the loss of gastric contents when they show a brief replay. The YouTube video above doesn’t capture it. Regardless, the potential rematch at Big Ten’s should be fun.
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