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  1. I know they don't get the publicity of the B10, B12 but some of the teams that seem to be declining or underperforming who once produced at least 2-3 top notch individuals are Bloomsburg Hofstra Binghamton Sacred Heart F&M also the Ivy's like Harvard, Columbia Brown all have to be seeing what's going on at Princeton and the leaps they've taken...
  2. I saw this morning of a merger for next season for the MAC and EWL conferences. This makes for a very interesting tournament and arguably the 2nd toughest conference tournament with EIWA below the B10. I believe it opens the door for guys to have big conference tournaments to grab qualifying spots that they may or may not have earned throughout the season and I love the idea. The EWL in particular has been on life support the last few years even with the resurgence of some of the programs like Lock Haven and Rider. I'm interested to know what the SoCon conference will do as it looks like if they want to maximize those athletes shot at NCAA"s they will need to merge with another conference as well for better opportunities for fringe guys to make the big dance.
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