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  1. Also just saw Wrestestat has Whitlake beating the Bull? The kid is good but come on. I think him and Spence are just about sure things in this match.
  2. If you are wrong its one of these. Most likely 184 if Assad goes. I think Geer can and will beat Warner. No bets just feel it coming.
  3. Just a question. Lets say Cenzo beats the Bull at B1G and Griffith beats Shields @ PAC10. Does Griffith get the 2 seed? Not that it would matter much just wanted to see what people think about Griffith he has got some really good wins.
  4. I think smith suffers from having to live up to too many expectations and has gotten burnt out. It must be unbelievably hard to be the GOATS son much less wrestle for him and at his alma matar. He is a good wrestler just has more to deal with than just the man on the mat with him.
  5. Last i heard he is not even enrolled for this semester.
  6. I don't think he gets a chance to make it to the 3rd. Good kid Picc is but spence is all about that tilt. he may have to take 2-3 stalling calls to get the 3rd period.
  7. Iowa has been smashing people all year and this will be no different. Its a over hyped dual this year. I look forward to seeing Whitlake, and seeing where he stands in the 165 class. Also would like to see if Geer can bounce back, seems to be having a rough year so far but I think he is a guy that could pull a upset in this match.
  8. I love when guys from outside the top 15 or so AA. I think 125 and 197 this year will have some of those "dark horses" get some medals. Both of these weights have their heavy favorites but looks like there could be several guys medal that no one may have thought would have at the beginning of the year. For me I'm pulling for guys like Mackall and Schram at 125 and Phipps and Pagano at 197.
  9. Bruh, you answered your own question. 2 matches!!!!!! no body of work to place him. Its not a matter of him being the worst its simply out of default. Nobody else has wrestled as few matches to SHOW where they stand as Berge.
  10. Agreed. Just love goos programs trying to get better. I love to see what the acc has done recently.
  11. As a PSU fan I am biased. But I think Cornell and Michigan have some bullets in red shirt as well. I think they even have more than PSU.
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