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  1. Who knew the ACC got so bad that they now have to co-op wrestling.
  2. I think we all knew RBY was a huge talent coming in this year but with all the craziness happening @133 is it possible RBY can sneak in and medal? I mean Plecher has looked bad in the last two weeks but its no denying his credentials and RBY just out worked him tonight? % chance RBY medals? Thoughts?
  3. Bo leads but I think Nolf has a better chance to make up ground in the B1G and at NCAA. 197 is weak and not saying 157 is the strongest but atleast it has some more substance than 197.
  4. 2020? Why no Nolf or Bo? Sure they are two big hammers but come on have you heard of guys like Joe Lee, Michael Beard, Aaron Brooks? I mean did you see what Brooks did at the Schultz? PSU does NOT rebuild only resupply. This thing going on at Happy Valley is only going to continue so only discussions should be who is going to win 2nd. 2020? come on!
  5. At what? Surely you are not talking about wrestling? You must have thought this discussion was about field hockey or archery.
  6. Yes, but his path was anything but conventional. Spent some time in community college and wrestled in some open tournaments but decided to get a more extensive education. Wrestling was a bonus abut school was what he really wanted. Furthermore he never even made it to a state tournament in high school. Just goes to show you what a more mature man can do when his time is right. Great story and should be told more!
  7. @ 197 Bo is a monster! Cox is a beast and would be a good match but I think Bo by dec 8-4
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