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  1. Is that really true? Bass fishing.
  2. Here is his numbers from HS http://www.pa-wrestling.com/hs/teams/canonmcmillan/athlete_stats.htm?id=77181
  3. He did wrestle. For the storied Cannon McMillian High School. He was above average for Western PA. Good kid and definitely knows wrestling despite what he may look like.
  4. Jonathan Ross 53-8. Holly sh@t that is alot of matches. He went to every open tourney. Not a single dual! Mad respect to get as much in his seniorr year.
  5. I can only see maybe 2 medalist's. Maybe 3! Not looking good for the PAC12 next year as well.
  6. 157, 184 look to be the hardest with 149 coming in 3rd . I wouldnt count out the Hidley's or the field at 149. Kolodzick, O'Connor, Mauller all real tough. Hidley, Bonnacorsi, Lujan and Deperez all got just as much chance. Would love to see it but id say the chances are just ok.
  7. Desanto could. But the 3 guys I mentioned in the OP could be early outside of the tourney.
  8. Iowa probably has the best team. At the very least the best dual team this year. BUT...………….. Dang did they under perform. Is there any chance that they will under perform yet again @ NCAA's? Murin. Young Assad and Warner seem to be running out of steam and hype! Maybe the next few teams are not as far out of it as everyone once were saying in Jan. OSU, PSU and NEB all have a good chance I think.
  9. I live in hawaii, sunday is always kalua pork, cabbage and sticky rice for one meal. And the other will be turkey, cheese and salami sammys.
  10. How much does he owe? And to who? You probably dont know douche. You a big time internet tough guy arent you.
  11. Lol. I love it. But as a psu fan i have to,clean the puke off my tablet............. Lets get it on !
  12. I just watched it on flo. Was church saying respos moved first or he heard another whistle? Damn that sucks.
  13. Wait freaking 3rd caution? Get the hell out. I was hoping he would see Kasak again.
  14. I didn't see it yet but I will when I get home from work. I just saw it went to UTB. Yeah Church is a 9th grader too. Killer talent in that bracket with most of them as 9th grades.
  15. SW region is destroying AAA this year. 70% win next closest is NE at 42%
  16. And just saw Mac Chruch eliminated Coach Cunninghams son a minute ago.
  17. Hilegas is going to get beat again by my man Wyatt Henson. Not a Iowa fan just a huge Waynesbug High fan.
  18. Everyone has been giving Jimmy C a hard time about his not paying debts. I get how some may be upset. But with some much happening in the next few weeks can we all just put that aside and maybe just talk about the wrestling? If you want to grill him then go ahead wait until the off season. I come on here to read about "Wrestling" not a bunch of Men and Women bicker about one person. It clogs up the posts and I have to read 8 pages of crap just to see if anything relevant is in a post. I'm sure someone will say something to me about this but Im an adult and just want to read, learn and converse about wrestling in what is the absolute best part of the season. Thanks.
  19. I've created a tourney pool just for us here at THE MAT! If your interested in joining its it. Name: THE MAT BOARD Password: 2020 BIG
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