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  1. That's funny. I think you meant to say the Iowa dynasty is over. There are five reasons why Iowa will win NCAA's this season. They are : Suriano, RBY, Nick Lee, Jason Nolf and Mark Hall. These 5 catapulted Lee, DeSanto, Murin, Young and Kemerer into Hawkeye country. It won't happen again. Unless Cael keeps recruiting the cream of the crop. Which he will. Then maybe the best that PA has to offer will choose Iowa if they want a chance to contend for a national title. And if they don't, the PA talent will be further siphoned off to VT, NC State, OSU or Ohio State, further diminishing Iowa's chances.
  2. Great to see Oklahoma up there and in the mix.
  3. Not likely but Lewis could beat him, Wentzel (Pitt) beat Lewis. Every year there are major upsets. Who knows, maybe one of either of these two could pull it off. Just for the sake of discussion, I am going to throw in a Thomas Bullard from NC State. He beat Wentzel. Great leg rider. He could pin a bull.
  4. If anything 'officially' went over my head it's because these assumption(s) are unclear and unfounded. Population can affect a talent pool but does not always affect a talent pool. Part of the reason that Cali, Illinois, PA, NY and NJ produce high caliber talent is because of their higher populations. That is not the only reason. In fact, increased numbers increase a certain probability. The question here is "Does Iowa Recruit Iowa?" My answer is Yes, Iowa recruits Iowa but would be nothing more than Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State or Illinois had they not pulled Lee, DeSanto, Murin, Young and Kemerer from the glorious Commonwealth of PA. I am sharing what I think. You keep telling me with complete certainty that "I am wrong, or your points are 'officially going over my head." Whatever. It is conceivable that Stritmatter influenced these kids. If Stritmatter steered the PA 5 or 4 to Iowa, there is nothing wrong with that. That would have been good advice. Why would Stritmatter suggest to Lee, DeSanto, Murin, Young and Kemerer to go to PSU (if that option was on the table, which is was) when Suriano, RBY, Nick Lee, Jason Nolf were there? Iowa has benefitted from PA's rich talent pool.
  5. It was never stated that DeSanto was a Young Gun. Just that he worked out with one of them (Spenser Lee) and was pulled in Iowa's direction by YG's influence. And there is nothing wrong with that. Why would DeSanto transfer to Penn State when RBY is there? As far as being from the other side of the state, it's not uncommon for kids these days to travel 2-4 hours to work out with elite clubs. Young Guns has sites in Michigan, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Altoona, Johnstown, and other areas east of Pittsburgh. I know for a fact that after DeSanto beat Lee at states, the two met at and trained together during the summer. Secondly, the question is not about cheating. Nobody is cheating because they recruit out of state. The answer to the question at hand is "yes Iowa continues to recruit Iowa" however, without the 'PA 5' they are no better than Nebraska or Michigan. It is interesting that Lee, DeSanto, Murin, Young and Kemerer chose Iowa. Maybe the overriding reason was Suriano, RBY, Nick Lee, Jason Nolf and Mark Hall.
  6. So you are pretty sure DeSanto didn't go to Young Guns? How would you know whether he did or didn't? And, if he didn't what would that prove? Whether Iowa recruited him initially or he was an afterthought is irrelevant. He is a Hawk, he is from PA. My point is without Lee, DeSanto, Murin, Young and Kemerer the Hawks aren't looking so tough. Iowa is the beneficiary of PA high school blue chip talent. They would have no other reason to go there without the 'encouragement' of a former Hawk who happened to be their club coach and mentor. DeSanto initially chose Drexel because it was closer to home, provided a smaller academic environment and accommodates special needs students nicely.
  7. "Outside of Philly and Pittsburgh there is no difference between Iowa and PA." Are you kidding? Erie County, Johnstown, Cambria County, Harrisburg, and the Lehigh Valley and Washington County are wrestling 'hot beds' quite far from both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. These areas are wrestling cradles from where the likes of Jimmy Carr, Nate Carr, Carlton Haselrig, Bobby Weaver, Ed Ruth, Quentin Wright, Jordan Oliver, Keith Gavin, Darian Cruz, Wade Schalles, Pat Santoro, Rob Koll, Greg Jones and Jack Cuvo originated. Coleman Scott and Cary Kolat are from outlying areas that are not considered Pittsburgh. Nolf, Megaludis and Lee are from areas 30-50 miles east of Pittsburgh. Kurt Angle is from Pittsburgh! He grew up in Keystone Oaks and transferred to Mt. Lebanon High School. In fact, in 2012, 12 former PA wrestlers qualified for the Olympic Trials. Coleman Scott and Drew Headlee (Waynesburg), Jordan Oliver (Easton), Cary Kolat (Jefferson Morgan), Keith Gavin (Lehigh Valley), Quentin Wright (Bald Eagle), Ed Ruth (Susquehanna Township), and Justin Grant (Kutztown) are all from somewhere other than Pittsburgh or Philly. PA would crush Iowa in a dual with or without their WPIAL kids.
  8. How would you know that DeSanto is not or has not worked out with Young Guns? Young Guns has sites in Michigan, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Altoona, Pitt-Johnstown, Franklin-Regional and Latrobe. Driving 3-4 hours one way to work out with elite partners is common for kids these days. The ACC used to be a graveyard for PA stars. Now the PA kids are having success at Virginia, Virginia Tech, North Carolina and NC State. And these programs are competitive. That doesn't mean that Iowa isn't recruiting PA or Young Guns kids. Yes Megaludis was a Young Guns kid. Megaludis was a member of Young Guns because their first training site was in his high school's wrestling room. But that does not deter from the fact that Iowa is pulling kids from Young Guns. Coaches don't need to watch the PIAA tournament, but they do. And they use Flo for its access. We are getting off topic here. The question or title of this thread is about Iowa recruiting Iowa? Yeah it does but my point is the Brands would not enjoy the same level of success as Gable did without PA 'feeding' Iowa University. Also, I can say this objectively and that is Flo has a mid-western bias. Two or their founders are Northwestern and Mizzou boys. And, I know they purposely are overindulgent with their coverage of Mizzou, Oklahoma State and Iowa programs. Just curious, when was the last time you saw the Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic? It is far from pointless. It's one of the greatest shows on earth. And, my point about 1969 is that wrestling enthusiasts in the commonwealth of PA have after 50 years, lost the privilege of watching their own high school state wrestling tournament. Someone is benefitting from this decision and it's not PA high school wrestling fans.
  9. I have close ties with one of the founders of Flo. 1. You proved my point by saying "Brands and Smith" get tons of coverage. Their programs dominate Flo headlines. Whether Cael is interested in Flo or not, Flo serves the interests of Iowa and Oklahoma State. Flo showed little interest when Pat Pecora won his 618th dual meet for DII Pitt Johnstown. Coach Pecora became the winningest wrestling coach in DI, DII, DIII and NAIA combined. When an Army West Point wrestler CJ Morgan was tragically killed on a training mission two summers ago at West Point, there was very little if any coverage by Flo. 2. I have enjoyed a discounted Flo account since it's inception. Why wouldn't others? 3. Just because Nolf and Joseph chose Penn State, that doesn't mean Stritmatter isn't feeding Iowa. Lee, DeSanto, Murin, Kemerer and Young, probably wouldn't have gone to Iowa had their club coach wrestled at lets say Michigan, Virginia Tech or NC State. 4. The internet has made the wrestling world a smaller place. One of the reasons Team USA now has an edge over the PA all stars (since its inception in 1975) is because the Dapper Dan Committee now can recruit the best national talent via Youtube, Flo the Intermat etc. etc. And they do. But that doesn't mean college coaches aren't benefitting from watching the PIAA tournament. I know for a fact the intent behind buying the rights to the PIAA Tournament was to provide easy access to the best high school wrestlers to fans, coaches and wrestling enthusiasts all around the country. Agree to disagree.
  10. You are right.... thanks to FloWrestling, who mainly serves the interests of Tom Brands and John Smith, these coaches have a better 'eye' now on the blue chips in PA. Ever since FloWrestling bought the rights to the PIAA Wrestling Tournament, a PA resident can't watch the event on the local public tv anymore. I remember watching my first PA finals on channel 13 in 1969. Now, you have to buy a subscription from Flo to watch. I am sure Brands and Smith get theirs for free. A PA resident can watch cross country, baseball, basketball and football championships on PA public television but not wrestling. Also, Young Guns is coached by a former Hawk and he is funneling these kids in that direction as well (Stritmatter). But then, Penn State only has one PA kid in their line up and that is Starocci. I like Penn State's chances. Always have.
  11. Cost benefit analysis.... Why would you wrestle Maryland during a pandemic when you could have a good practice? No disrespect to the Terp wrestlers but their program is waning. Nothing to be be gained here for PSU and everything to lose. Maryland shouldn't even be in the Big10 for wrestling. They are not even good enough to compete in the ACC. There would be a couple good matchups between Rutgers and PSU but for the most part I think Cael and the Nittany Lions want to be healthy for Big 10s and NCAA's. Forgo the dual or tri-meet. My two cents.
  12. Barraclough looked good against Michigan. Here is some context. He lost to Klodzik 10-0, Clarion's Zacherl 3-1 and Lehigh's Jimmy Hoffman 6-2 last year. All good kids. He is a breath of fresh air compared to watching the usual cast of 149 pounders. He has lost some close matches to tough kids but who has he beat? Not sure.
  13. It's too early to say. Starocci could be a 4X AA and maybe a 3X champ but I don't think he has the Wade Schalles/Gene Mills type pinning capability that Bo has. Now Bo, on the other hand, reminds me a lot of Wade Schalles. Bo could pin anybody anywhere at anytime. So could Schalles. I just don't think Starocci is the pinning machine that Bo and Schalles were. Remember the spladling of the Iowa wrestler at Iowa? Who knows. I hope he 'pins' like Bo. It would be fun to watch. Time will tell.
  14. Ha ha... the idea is to have fun. When it stops being fun, stop and have a beer.
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