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  1. Ha ha... the idea is to have fun. When it stops being fun, stop and have a beer.
  2. For God's sakes he was a kid. Maybe 20 years old!
  3. PA like Iowa recruits heavily out of state. Suriano was from Jersey, RBY is from Arizona, , Nicke Lee is from Indiana, Berge and Hall are both from Minnesota, Aaron Brooks is from Maryland, Bo Nickal was from Texas, and the Nevils are from California.
  4. That's right. Why would you want to host a college or high school wrestling event in a football stadium? YOU CANNOT SEE!! YOU DON'T GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!
  5. Right... pics look cool but wrestlers are tiny, microscopic, very difficult to take in and enjoy the whole event. Thanks for posting.
  6. Yep, It was fun but there were moments that tested our marriage.
  7. It is evident that wrestling people are not in charge. I wonder who this benefits by putting a high school state wrestling tournament in a professional football stadium? It was bad enough at the Palace but now the individual tournament is in a venue that could house two Palaces. For many reasons, this is not a good idea. If you want to see a great event, go to the Kellog Arena in Battle Creek MI and watch the Michigan Team State Meet in a place that holds only 5,500 people. It is electric and exciting and loud. The intensity is unparalleled. Then the individual state tournament is moved to a cavernous and fan-unfriendly venue. I am used to seeing state finals at the old Hearnes Center in Columbia MO or Rec Hall on the campus of Penn State University. Visibility at Ford Field (you better bring your binoculars) is minimal at best. The fan is so far removed from the action. You can barely see the wrestling on the mat adjacent to where you are seated. Forget about the other 20 plus mats that are spread out all over the football field. There are dividers, score boards, cheerleaders, banners, referees and tables everywhere impeding visibility. The event resembles a convention or a college fair more than a wrestling tournament. There are venues at Eastern Michigan, the University of Michigan, Michigan State, Central Michigan or even Western Michigan Universities that are more fan friendly and conducive to wrestling. Bigger is not necessarily better.
  8. I do enjoy a good bike ride. We recently traveled the GAP to DC from Pittsburgh. Only people who are used to wrestling live for 20 or more minutes would appreciate the 3-4 day ride. Thanks for sharing!!
  9. I wouldn't say recruiting out of state kids represents a new era for Iowa. Some of their greatest wrestlers were from out of state: Randy Lewis, Ed and Lou Banach, Brad Penrith, Rico Chiparelli, Chris Campbell, Terry and Troy Steiner, Brent Metcalf, Lincoln McIlravy, Steve Mocco, Tony Ramos, Bill Zadick and Joe and TJ Williams are all out of staters.
  10. I for one prefer the local television coverage over Flo. Flo does some great things but this is not good. Since the 1960's we could enjoy the finals on our PBS channel. Now we have to pay to watch it. Next thing you know, Flo will be buying the rights to the Powerade, WPIAL and every other good tournament in PA. We can watch high school football, cross country, hockey and basketball on our public television outlet but not wrestling. Me thinks this was done for the benefit of only a few people. Not good for PA.
  11. Expanding Big 10 TV markets to DC and NY areas... two of the most populated areas in the country. I see. Thank you.
  12. I think Tom Brands has matured and grown into a fine man and coach. He is a tremendous ambassador for this sport. It's no wonder so many of the PA boys are going to him. Every time I listen to one of his recent interviews I realize that he isn't that brash and confrontational kid any more. He is wise and effective beyond his years. He has been head coach for close to 15 years, he is a husband, father and fantastic mentor to a lot of young men. It's hard not to love both Tom and Terry and what they do for the sport.
  13. I get this decision benefits somebody financially but for God's sake, they couldn't even compete in the ACC, EIWA or Southern Conference.
  14. There is nothing "objectively true" about this statement. It is as irrelevant and inaccurate as saying "The only way Penn State beats Iowa this year is if Nolph, Nickal and Retherford return." What you are saying might be subjectively plausible, seeing that it is based on your personal bias, perspective, feeling and opinion. An objective truth is an indisputable statement of fact. You are commenting with partiality. An example of an "objective truth" in this realm is a statement like: Jim Jordan is a member of Congress from Ohio. It is an indisputable fact. What you are saying is not false, in fact it's likely that Iowa could surpass PSU this year. It's just not an objective truth. Besides, the season is young, a lot can happen. Maybe you are too young to remember the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates beating the New York Yankees in game 7 of the World Series, or Larry Owings beating Dan Gable, or Clarion State Teachers College beating Iowa State in the late 1960s, or Darrion Caldwell beating Brent Metcalf or Austin DeSanto beating Spencer Lee. There's too much fun to be had in the name of competition and all that is good in sports for PSU let alone anybody to "punt" on their chances.
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