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  1. This is Dake's weight class now. JB looked gassed and mentally beaten.
  2. When is the next session going to start
  3. He got what's coming to him. What goes around comes around. This is what he gets for trying to injure Micic two years ago. He's a bum and he quit in Carver Hawkeye arena for the whole country to see! Go Hawks! yea right
  4. For Cornell you mention YianniD and Garrett who have achieved nothing on the world stage yet you don't mention Bo Nickal and Jason Nolf whom I'm predicting will earn medals at some point in the future This is a pretty moot argument, though. Achieving success on the world stage isn't something to be attributed to any University. It is extremely difficult to even make a World/Olympic Team because you have multiple time NCAA Champions in your whole bracket. Success on the world stage relies on an individual's work ethic and passion. No university can teach those things to any wrestler.
  5. I think it has more to do with the fact that Cael has the utmost confidence in his wrestlers. All of the preparation leading up to a match has already been done, so the wrestler should know what to do. But it really depends on the match. During Nickal v Martin 2016 NCAA Finals, Cael was shouting a lot at Bo after he got turned
  6. Does anyone know what Mat # it was on? I'd like to watch the replay on the ESPN app
  7. Agreed. Plus it favors his chances at a Hodge
  8. Agreed it should have been 174 where you have two returning national champs in Hall and Valencia. Not complaining though as I'm a Nickal fan
  9. how is zahid a 174'er? he looks so frikken yuuuuge man is it cause hes so lanky? but he looks muscular at the same time
  10. is it just me or do the jordans just wrestle like muscleheads using pure strength instead of wresting with your brain
  11. lol @ mckenna's body, he cuts so much weight looks like a weird alien cyborg
  12. im happy for suriano that he won now he wont shoot up the school
  13. this is why wrestling will neveer go mainstream, boring snoozefests like these they bneed to be more strict with the stalling calls
  14. my god that suriano pre-match interview was so scary.
  15. 125 - Lee over Rivera 133 - Micic over Fix 141 - Yianni D over McKenna 149 - Ashnault over Jordan 157 - Nolf over does it matter? 165 - Marinelli over Wick 174 - Valencia over Hall 184 - Martin over Reenan 197 - Bo over does it matter? HWT - Steveson over White
  16. It was Kyle Conel before he got injured... usually people with a high motor and with more strength than Nickal post the biggest threats. Look at MyMar, Dean
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