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  1. Although the first 6.5 minutes were pretty forgettable, Jayson Ness dropping Daniel Dennis to his back when down by 2 with 10 seconds left was pretty epic.
  2. Please no. McCoy completely gutted the UMD program- the further he stays away from Morgan State, the better.
  3. How about Taylor-Hatchett in 2012. Not for a lack of action- Taylor scored 22 points- but for the complete and utter mismatch/domination. By the second period, Hatchett had completely given up, and Taylor was essentially drilling for the last 2-3 minutes. Just a total joke of a match.
  4. I wasn't aware that was the only criteria- I simply attempted to address the original question using some sort of objective information. Feel free to ignore the national rankings- I have no dog in this fight and really don't care one way or the other.
  5. Or we could try to address the question objectively. Using https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Rankings/US-Senior-Rankings/FS/2018/April/13/TheMat-MFS-April-rankings for rankings, I made up a spread sheet with all 10 ranked guys from every class. I awarded 10 points for a #1 ranking, 9 for #2, etc. This may not be entirely fair, as it underrepresents lower ranked wrestlers, but I'm not a statistician and I don't really know any other way to proceed. Adding everyone up, I came up with the following: Penn State 73 Ohio State 64 Iowa 50 Oklahoma State 28 NC State 26 Cornell 25 Nebraska 25 D3 23 Minnesota 23 Missouri 21 Wisconsin 20 Illinois 17 Iowa State 17 Oklahoma 14 Arizona State 13 Northern Iowa 13 NAIA 11 Bloomsburg 9 No College 9 ND State 8 Rutgers 8 Lehigh 7 VA Tech 7 Northwestern 6 Boise State 5 Loch Haven 5 North Carolina 4 Maryland 3 Penn 3 Rider 3 SD State 3 Army West Point 2 Cal Poly 2 Northern Colorado 2 Michigan 1
  6. Good hire. What the Terps need is a steady and patient hand to start repairing the damage, both inside and outside the room. A great first step would be to issue regular communications about injuries, eligibility, etc.- something that was utter lacking under McCoy, when scholarship wrestlers routinely and inexplicably disappeared from the rotation and/or the roster. UMD will never emphasize wrestling and will never pay the type of salary a "star" coach would command. Furthermore, as a state, Maryland will never grow enough talent to stock a competitive D1 roster (I think the state averages about 5 NCAA qualifications per year). However, if Clemson can effectively sell the program in state, can develop the 2nd-tier guys, and maintain a healthy program that is friendly to fans and alumni, I think he will do well. And considering that Missouri is exactly the type of program I just described, I think he has the tools to do it. Kerry McCoy was a star hire. Kevin Jackson was a star hire. Jim Zalesky was a star hire (granted, Oregon State is nowhere near as dysfunctional as MD is, but I think it's fair to say that the school expected better results). Clemson represents a mature, if unglamorous, solution to the chaos, and this Terps fan is quite happy with the decision.
  7. We said the same thing after the 2014 season. 2014 was, of course, the last season for the "once in a generation talents" Ruth and Taylor, and their projected lineup for the foreseeable future saw only two legitimate national threats, along with numerous holes and questions. After their down year in 2015, they came back stronger than ever. I am not a Penn State fan, and I am gleefully awaiting the day when they falter. But Cael has proven he is the best developer of talent in the sport, and I simply don't see that changing any time soon.
  8. Agree about Snyder. Not only was he focused, he was focused at a young age. As a freshman, Snyder stepped into a high weight class normally dominated by seniors, and just tore the competition apart (when I was 14-15, I was little more than a quivering ball of hormones, instability, anxiety, and eagerness to bow to peer pressure). And he did it with poise: excellent grades, zero shenanigans, no bragging or trash talking like you would expect from a teenager accomplishing so much while so young. His work ethic and determination were the stuff of legends- while he was still an underclassman. Yes, he was/is also a freakishly good athlete (he started on his schools nationally ranked football team as a freshman). But natural athleticism will only take one so far.
  9. 1) The start of the finals is pretty crazy. ESPN and the ring announcers do a good job of getting the crowd hyped up; when they go live the arena is simply electric. 2) Loudest moments: Ness taking Dennis to his back in the last 5 seconds, Martin tossing Nickal at MSG, Jenkins sticking Taylor (although I was in the bathroom for this one, thinking Taylor was simply going to major or tech Jenkins). 8) In Philly, we sat in the very, very last row- our backs were resting on the arena wall. Not recommended, as we were just too far away. 9) Good vibes and good conversations were kind of a staple of the weekend. We all have our favorites and we all love to root against certain teams and people, but we're all fans of the same sport. I imagine the same sort of comradery exists at certain comic and film events/conventions. 10) Tears? No. But plenty of goose bumps. Matt Miller receiving a standing O for AAing as a Naval Academy senior was close. So was the Tomasello-Terao consolation match in Cleveland, which was like a fireworks display. And of course Robles winning his title, but that kind of goes without saying.
  10. Jacob Kasper would make a solid light heavyweight, assuming his WWE dreams don't pan out. He's got the personality and mic skills down pat.
  11. I don't think that screaming instructions during matches is necessarily the mark of a good or successful coach. At the college level, and especially D1, wrestlers know what they're doing, and their actions are probably 99% automatic/muscle memory. Frankly, I think one could actually put forth a sound argument that overall program management trumps technical aspects of the sport in many cases (within reason, of course). Cael, for example, has a very low-key personality, and I see no reason to think that changes in the practice room. However, he has proven time and again that he is adept at lineup management, he is able to get his athletes to "peak" at the right time, and he instills a sense of confidence in his wrestlers. In other words, they believe in him and they believe in the product he is selling. Listen to Penn State wrestler interviews- you'd think Cael is the messiah from the way they talk about him. These qualities, while very intangible, are quite powerful.
  12. This is true, and I doubt I'm the only one who watched ISU's implosion with a mix of fascination and horror. However, at the end of the day, Iowa State is still Iowa State, and is one of the truly legendary programs. As bad as things got, there was always the devoted fan base that spanned generations, the generous boosters, the deep roots, and the support of the community. With ISU, it was never a question of if they retuned to form, but when. MD's program isn't nearly as entrenched as ISU's, and the local talent pool isn't nearly as rich or deep. Several years ago, the UMD athletic department axed half a dozen sports as a cost-cutting measure. From what I heard, wrestling wasn't considered- mainly due to the fact that they had just won back to back ACC championships and were averaging 2-3 AA's per year. And I worry that with any sign of success quickly fading in the rearview mirror, the AD may just decide it's not worth the headache to rebuild. Of all the D1 programs, I think that Oregon State serves as a good comparison to MD's woes: old/historical program that has generally been successful, the last college program left in a 2nd tier but still solid wrestling state, fairly big name coach, an occasional hammer that AA's, but otherwise dismal results.
  13. As amusing as this back and forth is, back to the topic. Whoever takes over at MD just saw their job get a bit more difficult: https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6411533-1-lucas-byrd-reopens-recruitment Say what you will about how nice a guy McCoy is, and how great he is for the sport. There is no denying that he absolutely gutted this program. With Bannister, Diehl, and Hemida graduating, they don't have a single NCAA qualifier on the roster. Of the 38 guys listed on the roster, 4 had winning records this season- and 2 of them are Bannister and Hemida. Even more disheartening, of these 38, a grand total of 8 had more than 20 matches this season. Not wins. Matches. I seriously don't think a coach could run a team into the ground any harder if he tried.
  14. I'm sure Foley at Intermat is. He talks about them constantly. Of course this is the same guy who picked Pitt's heavyweight to bust the bracket wide open, so I wouldn't worry about him.
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