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  1. This AD is clearly showing his inability to make a decision. What a freaking issue. Clemsen was the guy in my mind who will make a change and not care about doing it.
  2. Yeah that is why it is not happening... Wake up
  3. Tomorrow. Wildcard hire but a difference maker. I hope what I am predicting indicates they will have a coach by EOB tomorrow.
  4. Nope nope nope nope (4x). Think about # of nopes
  5. Will there be a decision before the weekend?
  6. I heard 3 people have made it to onsite and interviews finished yesterday. Knowing UMD it will take another 2-3 weeks before making a decision.
  7. Was Jason Bryant onto something 5 days ago on twitter? Look it up. He quoted "Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine with a similar picture as below.
  8. A birdie has told me there may be 2 on campus interviews today. Can we guess the schools? One head and one assistant.
  9. Really weird Dr. Hughes got call to interview didn’t hear brad.
  10. That doesn't count the commute. That average is probably equivalent to living North of Rockville, MD with a ~1-1.5 hour commute. I would say to live within 5 miles of campus it is 1.8% more - $172,800 + child care
  11. This isn't going to be a job for someone looking for Dresser money. Public record shows Maryland has 3 coaches on staff who between them has won 15 National Titles as coaches with salaries $210,000 or lower. You have to be driven to win and not driven by money unless the school magically pays. Keep in mind whatever they pay this coach the 3 other coaches will demand more. This is a complete rebuild and they need the right person not the greedy one. Reese (W. Lacrosse) was either a player or coach for 11 or their 13 (5 as the head coach) - $178,500.00 Cirovski (Men's Soccer) has won 3 titles - 2005, 2008, and 2018 - $210,120.00 Meharg ( Field Hockey) has won 7 national titles - $175,404.00
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