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  1. Agree with Swayz, Rulon and some other Wyo and Utah guys are in a good spot right now.
  2. ...or, maybe consider voting for Suni Lee. If you followed the Olympic women's gymnastics team saga - she really stepped up to the challenge. Impressive young woman.
  3. We used to trust the experts - back when we had a pretty good idea who they were. Now, the internet is full of so called 'experts' and its not so easy to figure out who really is an expert vs who is a fake. (Not to mention who is telling the truth vs who is flat out lying to us.) The inconsistent messaging from the experts has not helped their cause, it only made matters worse (and continues to.) So, naturally, we stop trusting experts and decide to "do our own research" armed only with a tiny speck (relatively speaking) of actual expertise. Now - we're stuck. The US's brightest medical minds are the best in the world, and they aren't being listened to. Facebook and TV know-nothing loudmouths are now more popular sources of information than medicine's best and brightest. This is where we remain stuck, as countries who are our military adversaries see the value of having a US population that can't rally together to (literally) save their lives. So they employ cyber bad-guys to jump in on social media, stoke the flames of anger, and do everything possible to keep us ill informed, off-balanced, and divided. (And, yes, the US does this same thing to other countries.) Our population is being played. Not one group, or one party, or certain sets of people - everyone. Approximately 1 out of 500 people have died of Covid in the US and we still can't rally together to end the pandemic (as many have correctly stated, we can't end the virus - but we can end the pandemic) because we're too busy bickering amongst ourselves. There's only one way out. US leadership has to do what they did with seat belts (made them mandatory), drunk driving (made the penalties severe), and other antivirus shots (made them mandatory.) The good news is that our current leadership is doing exactly that. And, one way or another, being drug kicking and screaming or not, we're going to end the pandemic. We have to (doesn't matter if you like or dislike the current leadership, that's an irrelevant distraction to the matter at hand.) The bad news is that we'll continue to bicker, wrestling coaches will continue to quit, wrestlers will continue to transfer, until eventually we get past the pandemic (although the virus will still be with us in a less problematic form) and years later we'll look back on it (like we are now looking back at seat belt laws), and wonder how we could have allowed ourselves to be manipulated into pointless bickering when we should have been rallying together.
  4. jross - you were doing so well but you're taking a turn for the worse with this recent post: Nobody cares if coaches or wrestlers get injured from wrestling - that's part of the choice they made to wrestle and, MOST importantly, isn't going to spread to other people and risk others lives. The Covid safety problem is much worse because it involves potentially spread to other students, a host of others, and contributes to the overall spread. All bad. The public smoking ban is similar in that non-smokers don't want to have to breath that crap, wash it out of their clothes, and potentially get lung cancer because a few individualists think it's OK to make choices that impact others in a negative way. The vast majority, including nearly all the smokers I know, agree with the smoking ban because it generally eliminates the impact the smokers' choice has on non-smokers. In other words, non-smokers don't have to be concerned for their health due to smokers' poor choices. I'll add a 3rd one. Drunk drivers. Some are habitual and multiple time repeat offenders. They believe its their right as individuals to drink as much as they want and drive. The problem is that they can harm and sometimes even kill people. What are the statistics? Actually pretty low. Drunk drivers are all over the roads on late Fri and Sat nights, many can go years without getting pulled over or crashing. But the statistics aren't the issue. Even though the percentages are low, it's the fact that drunk drivers do kill people. If anti-vaxxers weren't negatively impacting others in a clear and obvious way, then they wouldn't be a problem. But the unfortunate fact is that they are. And people die because of it.
  5. That's like saying our efforts to curb crime in Minneapolis have been stepped up, yet crime continues to rise. So let's end the efforts to curb crime and defund the police. And, yes, that is exactly what an alarmingly large number of people actually believe. Ironically, politics have nothing to do with stupid - since defund-police types are generally far left, and anti-vaxxers are generally far right. It appears there is plenty of stupid on both sides. I think JRoss's wife has got it figured out. These people, like the coaches at NU, are only hiding behind dumb excuses. Truth is that they have their own personal agendas.
  6. No, you didn't say anything - but you should have. The death rate is now over 1 in every 500 people in the US and that is absolutely horrific and climbing. Maybe you should pick up the pace and think about contributing to solving rather than denying.
  7. As of last week, 1 out of every 500 people in the US has died from Covid. I'd suggest reviewing your statistics carefully. The actual statistics are stunningly clear - they leave very little to argue.
  8. I agree - and that's my exact point. The fact that the Covid vaccine is a real vaccine is easy to confirm with a few minutes, and a small amount of desire. There is no doubt that misinformation is being spread in abundance: Some may believe this stuff without bothering to make any effort to fact check. They just don't know any better because they don't try. That's unfortunate. Doesn't make them trolls. Others spread this misinformation further, and argue against facts that are clear and readily available. They care zero about the truth, and are only agitators. They are trolls. Antitroll2828 is the 2nd one, a troll.
  9. If anyone needed any more clear evidence that this clown is an insincere troll, it's this quote from his recent post. Anyone with 5 minutes, a little curiosity, and a small desire to know the truth will find out that this "isn't a vaccine" post is 100% BS. Antitroll2828 = Troll
  10. Sooner or later, we all should have known where this thread was going to go... another brainless conspiracy theory.
  11. I'll gladly donate $5 to that cause... you are soliciting donations, right?
  12. No - He's not going professional in his sport. Not even "kind of". Starfish are not fish Guinea pigs are not pigs Koala bears are not bears WWE wrestling is not a pro version of amateur wrestling. Stop being a turd boy.
  13. Now you're just purposely being obtuse. You know that WWE is not a professional sport like professional basketball. "Duh, but they call it professional wrestling, don't they?" ... nobody here, including you, actually believes it's a professional version of amateur wrestling.
  14. That's close... except a rodeo clown's job isn't really entertainment, it's very much about protecting the bull riders. What those dudes do is insanely brave.
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