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  1. Folkstyle, Billy, folkstyle.
  2. Unfortunately, no, it wasn't at all a clear implication. Some of us have been spending time in hospitals recently where texting is OK, but videos aren't so much. Rather than get into that, I simply took your comment for it's literal value. No pissing contest here - I'm not into that garbage. As I posted, I believe that the Parris win was deserved, yet doesn't necessarily mean as much going forward as others may interpret. Cass wasn't having his best day, and that may likely swing the other way the next time they meet. The other top heavies don't need to lose any sleep over it. It didn't appear to be a seismic change in the top weight, more of a bad day for Iowa's guy.
  3. I do KNOW the video is in the thread... however, your comment that "I wasn't able to watch it" gave me the impression that - in fact - you hadn't been able to watch it. I'm literal like that. In addition, what I said is that this match doesn't make Parris a "world beater". I don't think it narrows the distance between him and Gable or that he is suddenly yards better than the other top heavies. What I also said - is that "Cass wasn't close to wrestling his best"... he looked like a guy who walked on the mat who wanted to be somewhere else. I, personally, think he'll refocus and be fine going forward. I'll take Cass over Parris next time. I wouldn't argue at all that Parris would be the favorite. I'll still take Cass, even if I had to bet against Jimmy Cinnabon on it.
  4. Clearly you weren't able to watch it... Parris isn't suddenly a world beater. Cass wasn't close to wrestling his best. I'll take Cass the next time they go.
  5. Jimmy Cinnabon, I have to admit it - Your bringing gambling into the equation (although it was gambling at its most simple form and for charity) has gotten this forum jumping. Well done.
  6. Don't forget Zadick's razor: (Oh, wait, I think he may have lost his.)
  7. Two things: 1. The post is about the "true #1" - so my initial point was to disseminate calendar information so everybody is aware of the day/time we see the match up. 2. Entertaining? Although it was not part of my initial point, but since you ask, I absolutely think it will be. Duals often seem to work out differently on the mat than they look on paper. This has the potential to be a great match up. I know I won't miss it, and I recommend all wrestling fans make a point to watch it if they can.
  8. As a Minnesota guy, I am basically obligated to oppose each and every member of the Hawkeye nation. EXCEPT this little cutey... Way to go Vak, you made something truly special here.
  9. Mark your calendars... Saturday, Feb 15th 7:30pm ET - tOSU at PSU (TV: BTN)
  10. Are you sure you are the person letting us know that "it's time to move on" rather than wasting our time "beating a dead horse"? I think you're argument is a repeat of one that was something like 10+ pages back. Not looking to argue it further... just sayin'
  11. That decision must have been made by the 'illegal fist to the back' guy.
  12. I won't speak for Lost, but I'm guessing he was thinking the same thing I was. It was "mysterious" because we had no explanation of what had happened. Zero explanation or justification. I wasn't implying that it didn't actually happen. I was using the dictionary definition of what "mysterious"means.
  13. Not trying to get that same-old argument going again, but at the same time there's the other side of the argument that should be mentioned... In most other sports, the team relies on the full team's abilities. A few football stars on a team with a bunch of scrubs couldn't dream of getting anywhere in a national tournament. In wrestling, it happens every single year. Should a single team member's contribution be worth more than 1/10th of the eventual team score? Good question. Maybe, maybe not. I agree with BigTenFanboy, a separate dual championship, or some other creative idea to solve the team problem would be great.
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