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  1. "Mericans"? Do you mean "Mexicans" and missed a letter, or "Americans" and missed a different letter? I read it quickly and thought I saw "Mexicans"... so, if it's the former, I'd say it'd take 2 Mexicans to beat Cael. <Waiting for punchline from you> If you meant "Americans" - only one is necessary, and there are a quite a few to choose from. But that isn't nearly as interesting as if it were a joke.
  2. Just to clarify - when Flo says "Saturday September 17th" on their web site and in their promotional emails, they really mean "THURSDAY"
  3. DT looked super tough. PD3 is really lucky to have not been out there tonight. Would have been a serious whoopin'
  4. Is it just me, or is anybody else expecting a ring card girl to show up in about 5 minutes. (One that normally works at the strip club they rented for this.) Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  5. Everybody else getting the 'in the club' music and black lights on the mat now? EDIT: Did they rent a strip club? Cool.
  6. ... and, the part about having real problems, we already knew that.
  7. Was getting endless commercials. But a minute ago, Apple TV app prompted me to logout and back in again. Logged out. Now I can't log back in. I miss the endless commercials now. Grrrrrrrrrrrr... UPDATE: Their web site isn't responding at all either. This may well be a massive problem rather than just a password authentication glitch.
  8. It's a stretch, but maybe PD3 and Nomad were looking at a new marketing angle? Sports Illustrated has done quite well with the swimsuit edition that's been around forever. It seems that a lot of teams have put together 'sexy' calendars to promote themselves and as fundraisers. Marketing has proven, again and again, that sexy sells. (Meh - I don't believe this either, but we could consider all perspectives before rushing to judgment.)
  9. Yes, I do realize Vak is at least educated about the law. I'm not certain of his exact status right now. When you say "You" can be punished for voicing your opinion on women's wrestling, you're going to have to be more specific. To be clear - Yes, PD3 can be punished. But, NO, I cannot as long as my affiliations and relationships aren't related in such a way that I'm a potential target. In other words - You are wrong here. I absolutely get to say that I don't enjoy women's wrestling nearly as much as men's wrestling without fear of being punished. (That being said, what you consider punishment vs what I consider punishment may not necessarily align. So there is a gray area there.) I never said or implied that I "get to say whatever I want" per your post. Obviously there are limits but my scope here is limited to my opinion on watching the sports of wrestling and volleyball. This is VERY similar to the Kaepernick vs NFL situation. (Which is one of the reasons I find it so interesting.) From a legal perspective - as an employee of the 49ers/NFL, according to the law he had limited freedom to express his personal opinions and concerns while an employee and while at work. Seems open and shut per your and Vak's logic. ... or is it? That topic got interesting very quickly, and continues to be highly relevant. And here's something for you to think about - my beliefs here are about freedom of speech and being able to communicate with mutual respect. That is my singular point. None of us have a monopoly on determining what is acceptable or hateful. Neither Vak, you, or I. But that's not an excuse to keep us from promoting respect and not condoning hate. I'm a strong advocate of applying the Golden Rule as often as possible. I believe it will help us go further together than any other approach. I post with respect to you and, in turn, hope that you will post with the same level of respect.
  10. You are 100% wrong here. I get to have my opinion and I get to voice it without fear of being punished. This includes my opinions on both women's wrestling and men's volleyball. (To be clear, I'm certainly not claiming the same for PD3 or for those affiliated with USA volleyball.) I agree. And this was my point exactly. I have no problem with PD3 being dropped from the NJRTC. As a team member he had responsibilities he needed to live up to in terms of supporting the program with his comments. He didn't. Calling him out for not being supportive is perfectly fine. That being said, it's OK for me to think, and say, that most wrestling fans don't enjoy women's wrestling. Particularly if the current numbers back it up. Personally hateful posts directed toward me because of this would not be OK. Some of the hateful posts I read today made me cringe, and reminded me of what a cesspool social media has become.
  11. My opinion is that I don't enjoy watching women's wrestling. I wouldn't pay to watch it. Men's wrestling is much more exciting to me, personally. I believe the numbers will show that the majority of fans have a similar opinion. Seems like I should get to have that opinion. It may not be diplomatic, nor politically correct - but it's my opinion. In a free country like the US, shouldn't I get to have that opinion and voice it without retribution? Seems like I should. I agree it won't be well received by some, isn't politically correct, and it isn't in the best interest of wrestling - but it is still my opinion. That being said, I don't enjoy watching men's volleyball at all. I find it boring, too. Women's volleyball is so much more fun to watch - both beach and indoor. Hands down better. As both a collegiate wrestler and collegiate and USVBA volleyball player, it seems like my experience gives my opinion at least some legitimacy. I don't dislike women who wrestle or men who play volleyball... I just wouldn't pay to watch either one. What a terrible world it would be if we couldn't voice our opinions, and instead we all were forced to agree on everything.
  12. Agreed - a good example of this is "the stomp" of Anthony Robles. People freaked out, understandably. But it was born more of frustration than unsportsmanlike behavior, with the sincere apology afterward backing that up. It is also worth noting that the way Robles handled it was 100% pure class.
  13. I want to know who the assistant coach was that whoop'd up on him with 15 cement mixers.
  14. Would not attend a dual, but would watch on Flo! I wear a mask in public always. My plan is to be one of the survivors at the end of this gig - and, more importantly, to not participate in keeping others from reaching that same goal. Per Mad Mardigan, struggle and sacrifice is what wrestlers do to achieve a greater goal. From my perspective - a mask is a very small sacrifice.
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