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  1. Some people are calling him Cheech - not sure if I like it or not.
  2. About an hour of the SAME commercial - and at 1.5x the volume of the rest of the stream... brutal.
  3. "Twit"? That's not funny either. C'mon - let's not resort to name calling. We're better than that.
  4. "Quackson" was never, and still isn't funny. Not even in a dad-joke way. But I encourage you to keep at it. Some guys just never know when to quit - and it's nice to know which guys those are.
  5. You have to admit that this is like saying a boxer who is a really great competitor can beat a pretty good wrestler. Unless that boxer has some significant wrestling skills - he's toast against a good wrestler.
  6. Ben looks like Baryshnikov out there! No doubt, I'll be rooting for Askren... but I won't be placing any wagers on it.
  7. I anticipate we'll see a larger advertising presence for the JB/DT match in January than we've seen up until now.
  8. Nelson and Gable both showed up to wrestle HWT for GopherWC. Nelson and Gable each got a match on Friday, and then each got a match on Saturday. There's no ducking going on here - just splitting duty. Same thing happened at 65k with McKee and Lee.
  9. TIFWIWBIUTRDB = Take It For What Its Worth But I see U TuRD Boy Pretty sure I nailed that one.
  10. Not even funny 3 pages ago. But that's OK - take another swing at something else. Comedians don't always hit it big early.
  11. ...and yet, AJ continues to worship the Orange Lying Loser. Couldn't agree more - it is disturbing and silly.
  12. If anyone thinks there was a medal given, then watch the video again... there was NOT. The medal is a quid pro quo for help in winning in Iowa. I actually wouldn't be surprised to see the medal awarding never happen if Trump loses in Iowa in a few weeks. Trump actually said: "PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT I WILL BE AWARDING VERY SHORTLY at the White House at the Oval Office Coach Gable the Presidential Medal of Freedom." See for yourself, go to 1:50 on the video at:
  13. Great for Gable to get the award - too bad he had to shill for that dishonest dolt in return (who claimed repeatedly that he thought he could take Gable.) Made a deal with the devil here. Feels too much like what was happening at Foxcatcher... sometimes things that appear good are better turned down.
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