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  1. Some real tin-hat wearing situation we got going on. <music from X-Files plays>
  2. It's fine. You don't need to apologize, it's OK if you don't follow. I'll clarify. My post: "ALL combat sports contribute to wrestling because, at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, wrestlers win in MMA. " When wrestlers perform at the highest level and win in MMA, the fans make the connection. Wrestling is a great basis for an MMA future. Other combat sports, where combatants don't necessarily transition as successfully into MMA contribute as examples why wrestling may provide a better path to MMA success. Young folks, when faced with the choice of combat sports - they see that wrestling is a proven choice and tend to choose that path. End result = More young folks choose wrestling = wrestling grows. I believe I've explained it a bit more this time, but if anyone has any trouble following the logic - feel free to either PM me or reply to this post. (I'd prefer the former, but either is OK.)
  3. Those that are ripping what they view as 'lesser' sports, remember... Basketball and football fans all over the country are continually saying the same stupid thing about wrestling.. And one more thing: ALL combat sports contribute to wrestling because, at the end of the day, when it's all said and done, wrestlers win in MMA.
  4. Anybody know if this 'supermatch' is still going to happen? Didn't see it on the 'complete match order breakdown' list posted yesterday, and I've seen zero mention of it, zero hype, on the stream so far tonight (which isn't like Flo not to hype.)
  5. PSU won't get 4 champions. (A lot of "champ lock" mega-stars on the PSU squads in the last few years, but this year there is maybe only one. And even he's not guaranteed to win.)
  6. It's a solid ranking. It's no slam-dunk by any means, but if you weren't wearing any particularly colored glasses when viewing - Iowa has a bit of an edge. Iowa/PSU 125 #1 Lee / Not-ranked PSU 133 #4 DeSanto / Not-ranked PSU 141 #10 Murin / #2 NIck Lee 149 #4 Lugo / #18 Verkleeren 157 #2 Young / #9 Berge 165 #3 Marinelli / #1 Joseph 174 #5 Kemerer / #1 Hall 184 #7 Wilcke / #2 Rasheed 197 #4 Warner / #12 Conel Hwt Not-ranked Iowa / #1 Cassar
  7. "most dominant upset" is the thread title, so: 1. Taylor ranked 3, Bubba ranked 4 - that makes it an upset. 2. By pinfall in the 2nd period - that makes it dominant. Freshman/senior/etc. and prior history of success doesn't really play into the thread subject of dominance in an upset. Given the reaction after this match by most of us on this board, it was a shocker to say the least. So, it may or may not be the 'most' dominant upset. But it clearly was a dominant upset, and IMHO I'd rank it no lower than the top 10.
  8. Let's face it - Cinnabon is a menace for constantly posting junk in the off-season. BUT, to be fair, NFL football is starting up now - so NCAA wrestling is right around the corner. I can avoid this web site and Cinnabon's nonsense posting for another couple months.
  9. And, for completeness, I should add... Damion Hahn vs Jon Trenge That at least deserves mention.
  10. Weird that it didn't make it in more people's posts... Ness vs Dennis was the best pure match of all time (if you want to talk about team deciding matches, that's another matter.)
  11. Only if he requested, in a televised speech, that the Russians get involved and hack the system to get dirt on Yianni - and then proceed to claim he didn't and send his lawyers to fight that battle in court. Then, yes, he'd be obstructing justice. I didn't see Zain make a speech that dumb, so he should be OK.
  12. I like something simple and cool like... J'den It works great as a single name like Cher, Bono, Drake, etc. I'd think people would line up to buy a shoe named "Air J'den"
  13. You may agree or may not agree, but mspart has a legitimate point. The question for me is 'what did the kid say?" - if he used unacceptable racist comments, then he will have learned that actions have consequences and I'm OK with the ref 's reaction. No room in today's world for racist BS, even from a kid. If he simply whined as kids tend to do, then the ref overreacted and should be punished accordingly. Either way, it just isn't that much to get worked up about. Most wrestlers at that age slap themselves that hard either warming up or after a win - if not harder. What goes on in a wrestling practice on a daily basis is way more physical. (Note that I'm taking this incident out of context. The ref may actually be a useless tool. All I'm commenting on is this specific match and the post match slap.)
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