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  1. Wow, thanks for all the background info guys. Very interesting.
  2. This one has always puzzled me when I look back at it. I checked out of wrestling, I became very resentful after an injury ruined my career, for a few years after high school so I missed a lot of what happened in the years before he went to PSU. A quick perusal on Wiki looks like he turned Iowa state into a legitimate contender for a little bit and obviously it was his alma matter. Can anyone provide context? Was their bad blood? I just find it odd that he would leave Iowa State considering the trajectory he had them on.
  3. No kidding. Weather was the reason Minnesota's basketball missed out on John Wooden. http://articles.latimes.com/1997-03-24/sports/sp-41574_1_san-antoniohttp://articles.latimes.com/1997-03-24/sports/sp-41574_1_san-antonio
  4. This. Back when I was in high school I actually broke my neck in a freak occurrence during practice. Obviously more severe but if your neck is messed up in anyway you should sit.
  5. Tough to say for certain but at minimum he'll have to go undefeated and 4 titles. The fact that he is a true freshman makes it even more impressive. I don't want to definitively say yes or no but he is one of a handful of wrestlers in decades that have the ability and talent to do so. And someone mentioned being adored by fans or counting coaching record which is bollocks. He is a cocky SOB but that doesn't diminish what he is doing/will do on the mat.
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